GoBuyside: A Leader In Technology Aided Employment Recruitment

The landscape of employment has undergone a constant change since the inception of internet usage in the 1990’s. It seems like another lifetime ago when would be employees would have to make calls to agencies that recruited local talent to man positions at local companies.

But not only has there been a change in talent recruitment methods but job functions have also greatly evolved in response to the ease of acquiring information that is provided by the internet.

These developments and more are being carefully monitored by GoBuyside, a firm based in New York City that studies employment trends in the tech industry while facilitating the use of technology in the recruitment of job talent. Read more blogs at gobuysideblog.com.

One of the more noticeable trends in employment within the industry of finance is the ability to now perform job duties from remote locations. A report given by the Bureau of Labor Statics showed that nearly one-fourth of employed individuals performed at least some of their job-related duties from the comfort of their home with the use of the internet in the year 2015.

This benefits both employers and employees alike as the consideration of a job applicant’s location becoming a non-factor for employers leads to a much larger base of potential talent while also increasing the job search options for those needing employment.

GoBuyside has been able to use this increase in the number of available job applicants to exercise increased selectivity when evaluating the merits of job applicants and assuring that the cream of the crop is working for the company.

GoBuyside identifies these stellar hirings by utilizing information provided by a number of sites online including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. In past times, it was the applicants themselves that were solely able to record, and when needed, produce information for employers pertaining to themselves. Today, employers have full access to many aspects of an applicant’s life in real time. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The fact that many jobs now are either part-time or for a single project has also precipitated the use on the part of GoBuyside of online job boards, artificial intelligence, and applicant tracking systems to satisfy short-term hiring requirements.

GoBuyside has used their modern approach to hiring talent to benefit many in the finance industry such as private equity firms, fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, and more. Job applicants are also discovering that GoBuyside benefits them by making employment available to them throughout the globe.

As a hiring platform, GoBuyside sets itself apart from the competition by collecting much more data about the companies with which they work which affords potential recruits to arms themselves with actionable information regarding potential employers.

One associate working at a private equity firm credits GoBuyside with the job he now has. The associate says that the updates provided by GoBuyside along with helpful reviews and connections made caused the job search journey to become much less strenuous even while working more than 80 hours per week. The associate is now managing more than $12 billion worth of assets at his present job.

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