Fortress Investment Group' Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a titan in the finance world. He is among the Forbes’400 elite business professionals in the world. At the moment, Peter is Fortress Investment Group’s board of directors’ president and the co-chairman. Peter was formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs & Co. He is well known for assisting Fortress to go public.

Peter Briger started working with Fortress Group in 2002. This was after serving Goldman Sachs for 15 years. Currently, Peter is the head of the credit fund and real estate business divisions of Fortress Investment Group. Primarily, he is concerned with distressed debt and illiquid investments.

Peter Briger holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he majored in Business Administration. He acquired his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. His professional career started after he joined Gold Sachs to work at various management, operational, and leadership positions.

A dedicated and skilled professional, Peter achieved vast experience while working at the investment banking organization. His specializations are in the areas of the real state, foreign investments, trading, and loaning. His business skills and financial acumen soon made him become a reputable bank’s partner before leaving and joining Fortress in 2002 as a co-CEO.

The vast knowledge he had gained while working with Goldman Sachs made him take Fortress to higher levels. He received credit for making Fortress to become the first investment organization that was privately held to go public in the United States. Presently, Fortress Investment Group is a significant investment management firm that controls assets over $65 billion.

The organization caters to both private and institutional investors. Of the various divisions of the organization, Peter Briger enjoys a notable position in the company, helping change distressed financial assets into cash. Considering the current economic crisis taking place internationally, the role of Peter has come into the attention of media as he assists debt-laden foreign markets to raise resources. Outside of his professional career, Peter Briger also serves several other positions. He is a board member in various organizations as well as engaging in philanthropic activities. Briger has invested over 4600 million to aid for the conservation and maintenance of the Central Park in New York. Peter Briger’s: Twitter.