End Citizens United And Their Fantastic Grassroots Supporters

There is always tension in politics, especially when discussing the authenticity of a political stand. In the case of the man who received bullying laughter inside a courtroom for defending the small nonprofit Citizens United, this fixed issue is evident.

Citizens United is a small non-profit in the United States that wanted to air a movie that diminishes the character of Hillary Clinton, which is entitled Hillary: The Movie. It is an on-demand TV movie during the Democratic presidential primaries and was a political propaganda to destroy Hillary’s campaign. End Citizens United is the counterpart of the non-profit and wants to fight for the disempowerment of wealthy corporations from funding into campaigns that use the power of money to advance shady causes.

The Power of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is the political association established in 2015 that empowers their political stance against Citizens United and what they stand for, with the help of funds from grassroots groups and individuals. It wants to stop wealthy people from using the power of money. It wants for its objective the end of financing campaigns with donations from moneyed politicians. It also hopes that the elected officials and the voters will help in expanding the scope of the fight against politicians purchasing their way to power.

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According to a trusted report from USA Today, End Citizens United was able to raise more than $4M worth of donations from different individuals during the first few months of 2017. With such rate, the nonprofit is confident they can raise more funds that might reach 35 Million dollars before the Congressional elections mid-2018.

The power of End Citizens United also came from the 10,000 and more people who contributed a lot of money and effort for the group’s aim. The average contribution of these individuals reached $12 each, and they were able to rally around this kind of support because of their purpose in fighting against the trend of pitting the less fortunate against themselves with paid elections.

Those who can always pay to get the upper hand in the elections should stop, and the fight of End Citizens United makes it all worth it that grassroots groups donate to them.

Right now, the nonprofit still has no list of Congressmen and women that they will support for the 2018 elections, but they indicated an inclination of support for Sherrod Brown, the Democratic senator from Ohio and Montana’s Jon Tester.

The group will support these two candidates with the help of their operations that come from a business model that uses a traditional PAC system, which only accepts donations not more than $5,000 from one person. The contribution gap will prove wonders in making sure that End Citizens United will not become the enemy that they are trying to fight with the same kind of large-scale donations that harms the electoral system.

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