Duda Melzer RBS Group Leader

Managing a significant business is difficult. There are few people have the work ethic or the passion for working long hours each day. Duda Melzer has worked in the business world his entire life. He enjoys taking over struggling companies and improving them. Duda Melzer graduated from college with a degree in business. He worked in several industries before settling into the marketing industry.

Duda Melzer Founder is the CEO of RBS Group. RBS Group is a marketing agency that works with businesses to improve sales. Digital marketing is a growing trend. Many business leaders want to improve their digital marketing options for clients.

Going to Harvard

After several years of working in the marketing industry, Duda Melzer decided to invest in his career. He applied to Harvard Business School and was accepted. He learned helpful information about business strategies. Duda Melzer graduated from the school in 2002 with an MBA. He believes that his degree helped improve his career in numerous ways. For more details visit clicrbs.

When he returned to the workforce, he advanced quickly at his company. He was offered the CEO position at RBS Group and decided to accept it. He has improved RBS Group tremendously since he took over. Duda Melzer is excited about the current trajectory of RBS Group. He believes the company can become a leader in the marketing industry. You can follow his Twitter page.

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