Crosby and Matthews: The Top Two


In an era of fast-paced, relatively high-scoring hockey, two players stand above the rest in the world right now. And it isn’t even close.


These two players score loads of goals for their respective teams, but they are also pretty good on the defensive end. So, who are the best NHL players?


  1. Sidney Crosby, C-Pittsburgh Penguins


Sidney Crosby is the best player on the planet. Let me explain why. In 63 games so far this season, Crosby already has 35 goals and 39 assists for a total of 74 points. Look at those numbers again though. He has more assists than goals. He is a scoring distributor. He knows he can score almost at-will, but he gives the puck up for teammates. He can score from on his knees, but he will also make the smart play.


  1. Auston Matthews, C-Toronto Maple Leafs


It is hard to believe this kid is a rookie. In his NHL debut, Matthews scored four (4) goals. That is utterly ridiculous. Much like Crosby, Matthews will dish the puck out to his teammates in order to make a smart play. In 68 games this season, Matthews has a whopping 55 points. Not only does he score, but he rarely spends time in the penalty box.

When looking at these two players, you can see a little bit of Crosby in Matthews. And it is awesome. They have such a similar style. When you watch these guys play, it’s easy to see why they are the two best in the world right now.

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