Cloud Inventory for your supply chain needs

Salesforce has launched cloud inventory a cloud-based supply chain management system that offer several key features crucial to the seamless operation of the supply chain. The organization has ensured that there is the integration of the field inventory application to its salesforce users.

There are several services that are being offered by this new platform. For one, Field Inventory Management services, this is as the name suggests is where it offers a seamless means of accessing the field inventory that entails getting all readings from the inventory into a report. The system also offers visibility into the products that are in stock and pending orders across the supply chain.

Secondly, manufacturing materials management. Recently the platform launched a new website dedicated to manufacturing material management. Manufacturing Materials offers several solutions for production planning, order management and sourcing which are all included in the manufacturing material management services.

Manufacturing material management is one of the key areas where any company needs to focus to ensure effective management of inventory. Specifically, with cloud inventory supply chain system, you will get a seamless means of managing the flow of logistics process.

Lastly, Warehouse Inventory management services, cloud inventory can be also used for optimizing warehouse management. In this context, Warehouse Inventory ensures a centralized location for storing the supplies which are being transported from the field to the warehouses. As such, you will always have an overview of the stocks that are present in the warehouses, and also get timely alerts whenever orders for anything that needs to be done is placed into any of the warehouses.

Generally, Cloud Inventory products offers conclusive management of inventory in the supply chain and hence the key to effective management of the supply chain. This is especially true since the new cloud inventory supply chain application will give you a comprehensive view of the whole inventory across the supply chain.

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