Clay Siegall Further Injects Supports To Find Solutions To Cancer Treatment


Clay Siegall is one of the clinical experts who have heavily invested their time and energy to cancer research and the development of options of treatment that are focused on reducing and eliminating the ravages of the disease. Over the past one decade, many companies have ventured into this industry and have helped to reveal vital details about the disease. Coupled with modern technology, the ideas raised through research have led to the development of innovative ways of treating cancer. Seattle Genetics, which was founded by Clay Siegall, has been on the forefront offering new technologies and drug pipelines that are focused on supporting the treatment of cancer.

Since inception, Seattle Genetics has maintained focus on developing cancer solutions. Although the company also makes other types of drugs, its investment in cancer research has been intense over the past 10 years. Clay Siegall describes this shift as a result of the great support they have been receiving from the industry. His team has been working on the ADC Technology, which was tested and proved to work seamlessly while treating cancer. One uniqueness about the ADC Technology is that it treats cancer by focusing only on the harmful cells while ignoring healthy cells. This assures the patient of a solution that will not interfere with other parts of the body.

More about Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has been serving as a clinical scientist for over three decades and his influence in the cancer research industry saw the birth of Seattle Genetics, a company that has been delivering solutions for many years. Through the company, he has championed research to introduce new technologies and products aimed at supporting cancer treatment.

One of the products that were introduced through the company is ADCETRIS, a drug pipeline that has seen high rates of adoption and approval across many countries. The ADC Technology is also a milestone that allowed Seattle Genetics to get partnerships and new members to support the company in the cancer research programs. Clay Siegall is an accomplished clinical scientist and he founded Seattle Genetics on the idea of research and innovation of ideas to deliver solutions for cancer treatment.

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