Clay Siegall – A Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is an entrepreneur and a medical specialist who is actively taking part in the fight against cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall is an owner of a wee-established medical research company which is based in Seattle – Seattle Genetics. It was formed in 1998 and has made many contributions to the medical community in its years of operation.

Seattle Genetics was created out of the desire of Dr. Clay Siegall to save or at least improve the lives of patients who have any type of cancer. His own father had died of cancer which made Dr. Clay Siegall very aware of the little oncologists can do for people like his father. The company of Seattle Genetics was established in order to develop medication as well as technology which oncologists will be able to use.

One of the contributions made by Seattle Genetics is the brentuximab vedotin drug with the name of ADCETRIS®. This medication had been approved in 2011 and had been distributed all around the world. Up to date, ADCETRIS® is a medication that is available to cancer patients in more than seventy countries. The are a total of 15 patents that Dr. Clay Siegall is the owner of. Some of them have also been approved by the FDA, and some are pending.

Dr. Clay Siegall majored in Zoology from the University of Maryland, and after that, he pursued a degree in Genetics. He earned his Ph. D. in genetics from the George Washington University. After he had completed his education, Dr. Clay Siegall made the first steps towards joining the fight against cancer. He began to do research at the esteemed Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he worked at two positions. After a few years, he moved on and started living in new York City. In New York City, Dr. Clay Siegall continued his research further as a part of the nation Institute of health.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been striving to contribute to the medical community his whole career, and he is most proud of his company Seatle Genetics which has been very successful so far.

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