ClassDojo: Connecting Working Parents and Teachers

Being a parent is a full time job frequently on top of other jobs. Specifically, working parents often struggle to stay on top of their child’s school work assignments and it shouldn’t end up being another difficult task added on to the never ending to-do list.

Thankfully, ClassDojo takes away that stress by providing a simple and secure way for teachers to stay connected with their student’s parents. ClassDojo is a classroom app that teachers can use to communicate directly to parents, share important announcements and even photos of their child.

Using a convenient user friendly app like ClassDojo even makes parent teacher conferences a breeze. When working parents are able to keep up with their child’s work in the classroom by easily opening an app, it leaves more time for those meetings to cover more important conversations to help the child excel at school.

One of the many great features of ClassDojo is the digital portfolio. This feature allows teachers to upload photos of student’s artwork, videos completing tasks and any other assignments they may be working on to showcase their progress. When working on skills in the classroom such as reading, having a log of videos of the student reading aloud can be helpful for parents and teachers to reflect on the child’s achievements. The portfolio creates an instant connection for parents to the classroom and can have wonderful impacts on their relationship and conversations with the child.

With so many benefits leading directly back to the student’s growth and development at school, ClassDojo is definitely a tool that should be utilized in all classrooms.