ClassDojo Changes the Classroom Setting

ClassDojo is an app that works with iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire that enhances the communications between teachers, parents and students. It allows real-time classroom monitoring by parents, messaging from teacher to parents and parent to teacher, and sharing by students of their work by photos, messages, and video.

In essence, it brings all of these three parties into the same room in order to form a better system of communication and collaboration. In the morning the teacher can check the parental messenger for any students who will be absent that day due to illness or any other reason. Parents can leave a message for the teacher if their child has any needs for that day. Students can share their latest math problem or project with their parents.

Grades for quizzes and projects are available in real time and schedules and upcoming events are made available digitally. Teachers can give out points for good behavior and take points away if a student misbehaves. By giving a “ping” for “Excellent Attention” or “Good Class Participation” the ping is heard by the other students which prompt students to be more alert and pay attention.

ClassDojo is actively in use in over 180 countries and is translated into more than 35 different languages. In the United States it is being used in 90 percent of the K-8 schools. Teachers rave about it and parents are excited that they can play a very foundational role in helping their children excel in the classroom.

ClassDojo works on the “soft skills’ that are difficult to measure, such as focus, empathy, and perseverance. A student’s will to learn and drive to succeed is enhanced by the subtle, yet powerful skills that come by gentle and persistent guidance from the app.

Parents can be aware of the homework assignments so they can be in the loop and be there to help if a snag occurs. When students know that their parents are aware of what happened in school that day, there is more accountability since everyone is on the same page.

ClassDojo takes a bottom-up approach, starting with the fundamentals of learning using a gamification that the students understand and the results speak for themselves.

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