ClassDojo-An Advancement in Educational Connectivity

ClassDojo is an entirely new way to get teachers, students, and parents on the same page. It is an app that is compatible with iOS devices, Androids, Kindle Fire, and any computer. ClassDojo is free for teachers and is being used in 90% percent of K-8 schools currently and in over 180 countries.

ClassDojo has been recognized by any awards including the S=Education Innovation Award in 2011, the Crunchie Award for Best Education Startup in 2015 and the Innovation by Design Awards in 2106, just to name a few.

ClassDojo is giving students more of a voice and is helping to create a very positive culture. it is also making it possible for teacher and students to share special moments with parents.

ClassDojo has a Messages center that lets teachers and students build their classroom culture and they can choose skills or values such as creativity and teamwork can they can share feedback and progress with one another. Classroom makes it simple for teachers and students to build an incredible classroom together.

The Messages center allows parents, school leaders, and teachers to message each other without the need for phone calls and they can even be translated into 35 different languages. Teachers also have the option to set “Quiet Hours” s that they will not be disturbed during active classroom hours.

Stories makes it possible to update pictures and videos from the school day. School Story is where school leaders can share information with families who are connected to the school and Class Story is where teachers can share with families connected to the class. Student Stories lets students create their own story-a portfolio or timeline of what they have learned and Big Ideas lets teachers and parents gain access to content that will help students learn important concepts.

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