Chris Burch’s Advice on the Fashion and Technology Industry

Fashion and technology over the years have been proven to have so much in common and as well growing together each day determining what their future will entail. Their past and present is a clear way of showing what the future of the work will be about. These industries help each other to become better.


Some of the good examples of the past and present are the following; the boom box was popular during the 70s since people would have their best songs in it then came the two cassette decks which had both the music playing and a place for recording. Later on in the 1990s the Walkman was invented which was more advanced. Right now there is the iPod which has more space and is small in size.


Technology and fashion also link together to take care of people. For instance the airbag for cyclists was created by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt, the airbag is able to snap from the neckwear to protect cyclists from any danger. On the other hand there are the frontline gloves for firefighters invented by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, the firefighters pass information through hand gestures when they want to communicate.Technology and fashion also fall in the recycling of supplies in order of making fashion, SegraSegra is a designer who made t-shirts and jackets out of inner tubes of bicycles.


Technology needs fashion to continue as fashion needs technology to also move on. Google Glass is a very famous technology that is well understood by the computer professionals, but where else could these gorgeous glasses apply. The models of Diane Vo Furstenberg a well-known fashion designer were able to wear them during a catwalk. Therefore fashion and technology work together in becoming the best industries.


Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor and has helped develop over 50 organizations. The organization has excelled due to the entrepreneurship skills of Burch. Some of the working values of the company are applying imagination, support and scale the good eye of market opportunities


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