Highland Capital Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is a finance executive who currently oversees the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. As of today, James is the co founder and President of the firm. During his career, he has helped build the firm into one of the leading investment firms in the financial services industry. One of the reasons why it is among the top firms is because of James’ specialization in credit backed securities. His firm helps a number of different clients ranging from high net worth individuals to corporations. Dondero distinguished his firm from many others by offering collateralized loan obligations. Before he started up his own investment firm, James worked as a credit analyst. He also participates in a number of charitable activities in his spare time.

Dondero’s career began when he worked at an investment firm as a trainee. At this position, he provided analysis of credit based securities. When he was a credit analyst, James evaluated numerous securities and helped determine if they were good ones for both the firm and its clients to invest in. Within a span of several years, James would move on to other positions where he would oversee more assets for clients. His last job was as a chief investment officer where he managed billions of dollars worth of assets for major companies. These experiences helped give James the expertise to start up a firm of his own.

In 1990, James and Mark Okada co founded Highland Capital Management. When they first started up the firm, James offered life insurance products to consumers. Within the first few years, his firm was among the most trusted life insurance companies in the Untied States. By the year 1993, James wanted to expand the firm in terms of services offered. As a result he began offering services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management. In the late 1990’s, James began to offer collateralized loan obligations which gave his firm an advantage over the competitions. As of today, Dondero’s firm is among the most recognized in the financial services industry as it provides both institutional investors and individuals with the help they need to better manage their finances.

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Visit Sushi Itto and meet Omar Yunes

World of food and business has changed a lot over the last decade. People like to experience food from different parts of the world. New experience and interest are one of the reasons why the first Sushi Itto restaurant opened in Mexico. The response couldn’t have been better.


As a franchise, the relationship was always significant between them and the mother ship. Omar Yunes, the owner of the Mexican locations of this Japanese chain, knows it best. He now counts on a small army of 400 people. They bring in revenue, but also guarantee great customer experience.


The Best of the Best


High-quality standards, great location, and excellent customer service are the pillars of success in the restaurant business. All the hard work people put in is exactly why this franchise has won the best franchise award. It was first recognized as the best franchise in Mexico regional competition. After they had come out victorious, they were able to participate in the next level of the contest.


The Best Franchisee of the World honors franchises who stand out in their right. Omar Yunes and his Sushi Itto fit the category and now can proudly add this achievement to the already long list.


Nobody enjoys business with grace the way Omar Yunes enjoys his. Although his father is known in politics, this Mexican businessman created his future. He bought one franchise, spruced it up, and invested his time and effort. That allowed the restaurant to grow and become more and more loved. People in Mexico appreciated the new Japanese eatery and kept coming back.


A Self-Made Man


Omar Yunes was able to slow his chain of restaurants. Now he is a proud franchise holder and owner of 13 Sushi Itto places. Only 13 but it already makes up 10% of a Sushi Itto restaurants worldwide.


Omar Yunes didn’t rely on the family but carved out his heritage and fortune with hard work and smart marketing. His methods might be aggressive, but they work.


He knows how to grow the capital and invest in new business ventures when the time is right. There is a sense of pride in his life and his restaurants. He inspires people to do the same.

Highland Capital Management’s Healthcare Fund in the Asian Market

Highland Capital Management is investment banking firm founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. HCM head office is based in Dallas, TX, but has other offices in Sao Paolo, Seoul, Singapore and New York. The firm offers a variety of credit strategies such as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, separate accounts, private equity fund and long-only funds. HCM also specializes in alternative investment options including long/short equities, natural resources and emerging markets. Highland Capital Management has a diverse network of clients that include government agencies, endowments, banking institutions, foundations, funds of funds, high net worth individuals and pension plans.

Highland Expanding Investment in South Korean Market

The Seoul based affiliate of HCM recently concluded a healthcare-focused fund worth $147 million, where the anchor investor is National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea. Apart from earning investment returns, investors who participated in this fund were offered the opportunity to co-invest and advance their interest in the United States, China and Korea. In the entire Asian region, a Korean based venture capitalist, Stonebridge Capital was assigned the responsibility of co-managing this fund.

It was the first time Highland Capital Management invested in healthcare fund in the Asian market. In the past two years, investors in this region have shown interest in the healthcare sector, majority going for multi-purpose and direct funds. According to the MD and co-head of HCM’s private equity group, Carl Moore, the Korean fund is perfectly aligned with the firm’s deep expertise and capabilities within the healthcare sector. The fund targets mid-level healthcare firms in Asian and North American market.

HCM’s Corporate Social Responsibilities

Highland and its affiliate control about $15.4 billion AUM. As a result of this success, the firm has invested not only in the financial industry, but also in the neighboring communities where employees live with the aim making life better for residents. They engage in volunteering work, top executives serving in various advisory boards, and financial donations to charitable organizations. For a period of about 12 years now, Highland Capital Management has donated over $10 million to charitable institutions all over the world.

James Dondero Helped People With Business and Philanthropy

James Dondero is a philanthropist in every sense of the word. It was something that he knew he wanted to be able to do to make people’s lives better and it was also something that he knew would make his own life better. There have been many different ways that James Dondero has been able to make things better without trying to make the business suffer. He knows that his business has been doing better and growing in the time that he has had it. Because of the opportunities that he has in the business, James Dondero also knows that philanthropic efforts are the right way to handle different things. James Dondero has always done what he can for those who are less fortunate. Because of the way that he is able to provide his expertise in different areas, it has allowed him to make good decisions for the people who are in different situations.

While James Dondero did want to make things better for people who were going through difficult times, he also knew that he was going to have to make a living. Because charity efforts don’t allow people to truly make a livable salary, James Dondero set about doing different things that would help him to make money and enjoy the life that he had. He decided that working in capital management would be the best way for him to profit and truly make a good salary for himself.

While the idea of charity work still appealed to James Dondero, he tried to use it so that he would make things better for other people. It was not a part of his main business but, rather, something that he chose to do in a different way so that he would be able to help others. He has seen charity as one of the best ways to give himself and other people a chance at a positive experience no matter what they are going through or what they are into at the time. He also does things to provide people with the best opportunities for their own lives.

Talos Energy Wins A tender To Drill Fuel in the Sureste Basin

For over 80 years now, there has never been a privately owned company that had had the green light to sink an offshore oil well in Mexican waters until recently when Mexico allowed foreign competitors into its energy markets.

The tender won by a combination of three foreign companies, namely, Premier Oil PLC based in London, The Talos Energy LLC from Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas from Mexico started the drilling process on May 21 according to Premier during a statement last week.

To complete the process of drilling, they will need a total cost of up to $16 million, in a process that is likely to take them at most 90 days to complete.Mexico waters opened in 2005, and the government invited bids from private firms. The project, however, is the first to be awarded to the privately owned company in Mexico’s water.

He expressed optimism of a successful completion of the project after seeing the structure of the basin, which he terms as “a high geological chance of success.” Charlie Sharp, a specialist, alleged in a note that Zama would be the most exciting exploration wells drilled this year. The three operators hold stakes in the venture, Talos, Sierra, and Premier each holding 35%, 40%, and 25% respectively.

About Talos

The privately owned oil and gas company deals with the offshore exploration and production. The firm acquires assets in and around the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The company depends on various other affiliated companies for its investment funds. They include with Apollo Global Management, (NYSE: APO), Riverstone Holdings LLC and Talos Management.

The company has over 33,000 square miles of new age 3D seismic data, which in essence covers all of the acreages in its portfolio. The company has this data reprocessed for the optimization of the drilling inventory, better evaluate acquisition and joint venture prospects.


NuoDB Cloud Services

NuoDB was founded in 2008, and originally called NimbusDB, and changed to NuoDB in 2011. NuoDB is a database for cloud database applications. More specifically, it is an elastic SQL database. It has an architecture system that has a distributed object in the cloud, which means when new servers are added to it, it performs faster. This object allows the database to distribute the different tasks amongst several processors. By distributing the tasks the way it does, it allows the database to stay fluid by not having everything be pushed through the same processor, which would normally cause a blockage effecting the speeds.

The company is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s technology is recognized as being innovative, and is compliant with SQL. It is used with companies such as UAE Exchange, Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, and Alfa Systems. The firm patented it’s elastically scalable database. The patent was filed in early 2011, and accepted in mid 2012. The patent lists the inventor of this technology as Jim Starkey. In the year 2012, the same year the patent was accepted, the firm was documented receiving $12 million in venture capital revenue. The firm continues to update it’s technology, and is coming up on it’s 10 year anniversary.

Avaaz Fighting for your Health

For many people, they are quite unaware of the negative effects of consuming GMO’s. GMOs are foods that have been genetically created to offer the consumer the ultimate levels of taste as possible. In order to enhance the taste of certain foods, a scientist conducts these experiments that not only allow the foods taste to reach a whole other level but the foods also have the ability to cause addiction.

There have been many campaigns and protest against the use of GMOs and Avazz has been one of the leading voice and the most powerful voice out there that has been sharing how dangerous some of the chemicals, if not all, are to the human body.

Avazz has been wildly popular in the E.U and has even been recognized by the EU parliamentarian Pavel Poc. Pavel Poc would say that Avaaz was,“Avaaz is indisputably the driving force of the fight for glyphosate discontinuance.”

This chemical glyphosate is a very dangerous chemical for human beings. According to the U.N study glyphosate probably causes cancer. Cancer has been a very prevalent disease that has to seem to have risen over the years.

There has been sufficient amounts of research as well as study findings that have shown the negative effects of consuming foods that have been created with GMOs. The world health organization has even stated on numerous occasions of the negative effects.

Avaaz has really been a great voice in the activist world and is really informing the masses of the negative effects of these foods. If you are interested in learning more about the organization and what else they offer than you can visit their site and learn about all the activist issues they fight for.

You will be pleasantly surprised as they cover almost all activist issues. Give them a look if you would like to help move the world into a progressive and brighter future.

Honey Birdette Likes to Make Your Bedroom a Happy Place

Australian-based beauty company Honey Birdette has launched a new US e-commerce and plans to open more UK stores to bring their entire portfolio up to having 40 stores open by the end of 2018. The brand has seen a 376% increase in sales in the last 12 months (year), and their new platform will enhance the customer experience. Honey Birdette has plans and ambitions to rapidly up its UK store count and also aggressively market its online presence in the US and to expand the range of the experiences available to the US customer. There are 10 new stores slated to open in the UK including locations in Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool to name a few. It is targeting to have 40 stores open in the UK by the end of 2018, up from 3 in 2016. There will be 55 other stores that open their doors across Europe in prime locations the company has selected as well.

Honey Birdette is an Australia-based lingerie company that has products available throughout Europe, the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia either through brick-and-mortar stores in the UK and Europe as well as Australia or online in the US, Canada, and New Zealand. They offer quality lingerie sets as well as other things like stockings and robes. They also offer a wide range of sex playthings and some toys like bondage equipment and fetish toys. Their line includes toys for him, toys for her, couples’ toys, various novelty toys, a wide variety of lubricants, and also toy chargers.

The company of Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 and their goal is to make “your bedroom a happier place”. Their goal is that every customer finds the perfect thing to make their “evening” happier than it would have been before, no matter what their “playing style” happens to be. They are always out developing a new line of lingerie or a new set of toys for their adult customers to enjoy.

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Cassio Audi Early Music Career

The legendary Cassio Audi had a music career in the past. He was a member of a rock band called the Viper. Hailing from Sao Paulo Brazil, Cassio went to the Pontifical University from 1989 to 1994. He advanced his studies by joining the University of Sao Paulo for masters in business administration. Before Audi joined college, he was an active member of the Viper music band. That was in 1985. He explored his music interests by creating close friends in Brazil. Cassio was known by many.


Viper was established by Yves and Passarell who are brothers. Joined by Felipe and Andre Matos, Cassio Audi was the drummer. The friends had a great music band going on with massive support from Brazilians. As a talented musician, Cassio used the music platform to establish strong working relationships. He was persistent with his ideas on pitching songs. He also presented several music ideas that played a key role in growing his music career. Cassio’s talent attracted many Brazilians.


Through his extraordinary talent in music, Viper was able to produce quality songs. His participation won the group of many. Viper reached top charts across Europe, Japan, and the United States. Audi then observed the Brazilian financial industry and decided to assist by investing in firms that can help Brazilians to help people. In the stagnating economy of Brazil, he took it upon himself to develop portfolios that can help not only the old retirees but also the youth.


With more than 23 years experience in finance management, Cassio Audi has been able to handle several management accounts. He works as a financial adviser in business administration. He has managed public, private accounts and equity funds in addition to growth and strategy. As a qualified accountant and financial manager, he has the expertise to handle growth strategy, resource management, controllership, IPO, investor relationships as well as business planning.

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“Honey Birdette” Hot new ligerie trend

Man of many is known to spend countless hours researching to find the best gear for men looking on the net and beyond. They state that they are known to have one of the best jobs in the world but that there is one setback. Writing about the same stuff for them can get a little boring and they love to shake things up a little time to time. They state that it feels great to be able to give back to the fairer sex but more then anything love to be able to keep everybody happy. In 2006 two friends were talking over a glass of wine about how they were tired of not being able to find provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories. So they set out to bring a sense of sensuality into Australian bedrooms and thus Honey Birdette was born. Honey Birdette is able to guide you through everything you would need for the bedroom from high-end toys to carefully detailed lingerie. All of the Honey Birdette’s boutiques are known for their playfulnes, flirtyness and have champhange served to every guest. Their Honeys have the kind of exaggerated playfulness that alot of the fashion brands are lacking. Eloise Monaghan is the founder and Creative Director of Honey Birdette. Everything they create is designed in house at the Honey Birdettes headquarters also known as (Honey HQ). Honey Birdette finds a thrill with the development of every collection, each ranging from their softer textures to their hot n heavy textures. Regardless of the type of lingerie you are looking for Honey Birdette is there to please.

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