OneLogin: Highlights from the Past Year

OneLogin has had a year of growth and progress: releasing new products, upgrades, and gaining big name customers. Their newest release of Adaptive Authentication uses exciting new machine learning technology to monitor the security. If a user seems suspicious, this technology will automatically issue an MFA request before allowing the user to continue. This technology analyzes a wide range of information from location to login time to device in use to detect potential fraud. The company has used this same machine learning to update the OneLogin portal and increase the speed of use for important apps. The program learns the top used apps, and places those at the forefront of the portal. The search option has also been optimized, making it easier for user to use keywords to find a needed app.

Recently, Airbus joined the over 2000 customers looking to digitally transform decision making processes. Effective security and management of digital information allows any company to react more swiftly to the ever changing market. It is the ease of access while still maintaining high levels of security that make OneLogin the choice of many companies when accessing cloud content.

Brad Brooks, who joined the OneLogin team as CEO in August, has made it a priority to focus on this digital transformation and to drive innovation in companies everywhere. He fully recognizes the importance of this technology not just for companies today, but for the decade to come. It has the ability to improve productivity by making access both easy and secure.

In the past, OneLogin has been recognized by Glassdoor, San Francisco Business Times, and Fortune as one of the top small companies to work for in the San Francisco Bay area. After winning it’s first two awards, OneLogin worked to empower employees increasing transparency and trust in the company.

With all the exciting changes, improvements, and challenges of the last year, OneLogin will certainly be a company to continue watching not only in this new year, but for years to come.