Securus Technologies – Offering Game Changer Technology to the Correctional Industry

Many companies are trying to make it big in the field of inmate communications and prison technology, but one of the companies that have performed consistently and delivered great results is Securus Technologies. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, which helps the end users to use it without second thoughts. There are many other companies in the correctional industry that offer inmate communications and other associated products and services for the communications sectors, but at a much higher price than Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies believe that it is essential to use modern technology to provide better and more advanced services to the end users. Apart from the inmate communication services, the company also provides crime prevention and investigative technology and services that the law enforcement agencies rely up on. Securus Technologies understand that technology is going to play a significant role in reducing crime in the society going forward. It is where the company has been focusing all its research and development initiatives as well. The company has its technology center where all the research happens on how to develop new technologies and better the ones that are already in use.

The end users love Securus Technologies, and it continues to receive letters of admiration from the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers on a regular basis. The company showcased parts of these letters to the world in a press release recently. It was done for the world to know what the law enforcement officers and the correctional facility, in general, feel about the company’s products and services. The law enforcement officers believe that the investigative technology offered by Securus is one of the best in the industry, and is a game changer. It would help in reducing crime and keep the crime rate low in the communities.


How Securus Technologies Keeps Officers Safe

One of the biggest issues me and my fellow corrections officers have inside the jail is staying safe. There are many inmates serving lengthy sentences that would like nothing more than to take out their frustrations on the law. When these inmates have access to weapons or drugs, they become extremely dangerous to themselves and to those around them. We are constantly looking for ways to make the prison safer for anyone behind these walls.


To try and lessen the chances of the inmates getting weapons or drugs, we have to really tighten security at the visitor center. This is where people from the outside are in close contact with our inmates, and also the place where things can quickly change hands. We take things up a notch and even do cell inspections during different times of the day to find anything that could have slipped by us in the visitor center.


Securus Technologies installed the call monitoring system we have been using to listen to inmates on the phone, and it has really yielded some amazing results. The company is based out of Dallas Texas, and all 1,000 employees are dedicated to the objective of making the world safe for all. The CEO, Richard Smith, says his call monitoring system is already in 2,600 prison systems around the world.


Once my team understood how to use the LBS software, we discovered that the inmates would be trying to disguise their conversations about contraband. It wasn’t long before we discovered conversations about smuggling in drugs, who was bringing in those drugs, where they were hidden, and exactly what they were doing with the contraband. In only a few months, we really have put a serious crimp in the efforts of the inmates to get things into the jail they can use to hurt my staff.


Securus Technologies Helps Jail Officials

I am aware of how the products and services that are being provided by Securus Technologies are helping jail official to nab criminals. This makes the community a safe place. I know of an incidence when the prison officials who were doing some investigation called up Securus Technologies. They wanted to know about the covert alert feature. Next, they made use of this feature to issue a search warrant and catch the suspect and take him into their custody.


There are other mails that I have seen. These are about jail officials listening to inmates talking to inmates. These calls help them to resolve many criminal cases.


There was one mail regarding a call between two siblings. The older sibling was instructing, the younger one about what exactly to answer when he gets questioned about some shooting which had taken place recently. This conversation was instrumental in solving that case.


Clients have appreciated Securus Technologies for the LBS software. It is used in conjunction with several other resources to aid in law enforcement. This way jail official has been able to recover millions in drugs, cash as well as other illegal assets. The software aids jail officials by making their job easier. In fact, just the LBS software is enough to make these prison officials come back to Securus Technologies again and again. Once this technology is used along with the Investigator Pro, it makes Securus Technologies as the best among the jail phone providers.


This is why Securus Technologies has extended an open invitation to all its facility customers and even the prospective investors. The company wants them to visit their Technology Center located in Dallas, Texas to check out their new products and services. Securus Technologies gives a presentation here on all their innovative features that can be used to solve and prevent crimes.