Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Getting Noticed and Read

Sean Penn is well-known as an actor, director, and political activist. He’s not as well-known as an author-until now. After completing his book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn has gotten plenty feedback-some good and some bad. But Penn is not letting the critics get to him. Instead, he has decided that writing the book has been surprisingly enjoyable and is thinking of doing it again.

The book is formed around a man who has many jobs and even kills form a living and is strange at times, but quite entertaining. It is a descriptive and colorful book and is sure to take the reader away from reality to a far-off land of fiction.

Penn’s less-demanding lifestyle has made it possible for him to get more creative. Penn has tried his hand at writing in the past but never got past the first few pages due to other obligations that tended to take up all his free time. Now, however, at the age of 57, he is able to devote much more time to his writing endeavors and is finding it to be a nice change of pace. His book has gotten a lot of attention, and it has become a topic of controversy due to the similarities that many people seem to think that there are between the book and reality even though it is a fictitious book. But publicity is publicity, and it has proven to be a book that has gotten plenty of attention.

Writing the novel has been very freeing for Penn which was a welcome escape from reality. Not all aspects of writing the novel were fun such a the gruesome patches of editing, but overall, it wasn’t so bad that he is not willing to try his hand at novel writing again. The novel can be said to mirror the way that the world is today, but it is all a matter of opinion, and the reader can perceive the book in many different ways. That is what makes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff such a complex and at times, controversial, read.

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