Clay Hutson’s presence at the soul2soul tour will fuel its success to even higher levels than round one

Country music lovers now have a reason to smile after their favorite music duo, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently announced that their final series of Soul2soul world tour will kick off at the end of May 2018. It’s been a while now since the two did a tour together which is what makes Soul2Soul even more exhilarating for their fans. The entire tour has been a complete success with the first round having sold out on all seventy concerts that had been planned. Having been apart musically since 2007, the two say that the reception was surprisingly overwhelming and they expect to serve their fans even more great performances during the second leg. To make this possible they’ve added bigwigs like Clay Hutson a household name in the world of entertainment to the list and high profile artists like NEEDTOBREATHE and Caitlyn Smith.

Clay Hutson’s view on the matter and more about him


While commenting on the subject, Clay says that it is such an honor to work with such an excellent duo as the professional tour rigger and that he is champing at the bit to begin the tour. Clay is a big deal in the industry thanks to his top of the shelf skills in a diverse range of live performance areas such as stage management, sound engineering, and tour production.


His journey to the apex of success in the sector began two decades ago while he was working as sound engineer for the famed Billy Graham’s crew. His role here equipped him with the much-needed skills to set the ball rolling for his career, and his encounters with various artists have made him an even better tour rigger. Prior to that Clay Hutson had worked with different entertainment companies and even went to college to study theatre design. He then combined his entrepreneurial skills with his passion and established his own live entertainment company which has been seeing massive growth with each wake.


All these factors have helped mold him into a tour manager that every artist wants on board. He boasts a list of preeminent clients such as one Republic Gun n Roses, Kid Rock, Pink and many others which is sufficient proof that his work often meets and surpasses the set standards. Clay Hutson is no average sound engineer and tour rigger because his has been a journey of following his passion a factor that makes him a rare gem in this highly populated industry.


Even with all this success, Clay Hutson understands the value of family and appreciates the fact that he wouldn’t be where he is today without them. This explains why he is always with his family when he is not working. He also enjoys DIY woodwork and craft projects, and his presence at Soul2Soul will undoubtedly be felt throughout the tour. Learn more: