USHEALTH Advisors: Helping Other People Everyday

USHEALTH Advisors is a company which markets a wide range of health insurance plans for individuals and businesses. Founded 35 years ago, the company is USHEALTH Group’s marketing arm. At USHEALTH Advisors they specializes in offering a portfolio of quality health coverage plans that are insured and underwritten by the family of insurance companies that make up the USHEALTH Group. The plans target small business owners, self-employed entrepreneurs. individuals, employees and their dependents.


USHEALTH Advisors specialize in offering an array of plans to meet the diverse needs of people seeking health insurance. Those insurance plans are affordable and makes it possible for customers to avoid rising health care costs even as their needs grow. USHEALTH have been designing quality health care insurance plans for over three decades. They offer the customer the opportunity to choose the insurance plan that best suits their changing coverage needs and their budget. The insurance plans USHEALTH Advisors offer are flexible, secure and affordable.


The insurance experts at USHEALTH Advisors can tailor innovative coverage plans that offer unparalleled value and give the customer peace of mind. Some of the insurance plans the company offers include:



Essential Health Benefit


Secure Advantage


Income Protector


Life Protector

Accident Protector

PPO Networks


The company also offers their clients Specified Disease/Sickness coverage as well as Life and supplemental products. The health insurance policies available in America today can be complex. USHEALTH Advisors assures their customers they will receive an easy to understand, exceptional, buying experience. The policies are offered with guidance from licensed and trusted agents of USHEALTH Advisors. These agents have specific product training and must meet high certification standards before they are authorized to market USHEALTH Advisors products.


USHEALTH Advisors is known for their commitment to personal attention. That has helped them to be recognized as a world leader in innovation and customer care. Their diverse team of professionals are able to fulfill the insurance coverage needs of their customers while guided by the mantra:‘Helping Other People Everyday’. It’s a commitment to service that guides the actions of the staff every day.

Vincent Parascandola: A Scion of Knowledge-Based Financial Practice

Success within the financial management industry calls for more than qualifications. Having years of experience operating in the industry gives financial advisor a deep insight into the industry operations and market trades. These are important tenets of an effective financial advice. This is why many clients prefer experienced financial advisors such as Vincent Parascandola: am industry veteran with over three decades of experience working for some of the largest financial advisory companies in the country.


Education Background


Vincent Parascandola’s reputation as a reliable and stable financial advisor is not solely built on his experience in the industry and wide industry knowledge base. He is also a well educated individual. He acquired his analytical skills, which have been important pillars of his success, from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. At the university, Parascandola specialized in computer analytics, an important tool for financial analysis.


Career Profile


Vincent Parascandola, one of the leading financial advisors in the Greater New York Area began his career as a system analyst in 1986 at Irving Trust Company. After two years at the company, he was hired in 1988 by Prudential Insurance Company to serve as an insurance agent. However, it was at The MONY Group that Vincent Parascandola made himself as a financial advisor to reckon with in the industry. Additionally, it was during his tenure at the company, which began in 1990 that he established his management skills. Joining as a financial professional, Mr. Parascandola gradually climbed the corporate ladder to become its field vice president. He served in the position from 1998 and 2005 having also served a sales manager then managing director of the company.


He ended his 16-year association with The MONY Group and joined AXA Equitable. At the company, he first served as the executive vice president before being appointed to head Advantage Group as its president. Advantage is an affiliate of AXA Equitable, which he joined in 2008. He was moved to the AXA’s northern and continental divisions as president on different occasions. Up to 2014, Parascandola served as chief sales officer for AXA’s Continental Division. He is currently serving as AXA US senior executive vice president following his appointment in 2014.