Talos Energy: Artical Recap and General Information

This will give information around “Talos Energy”. An article by Christopher Helman will be recapped from the “Forbes” website”. This article is called “Deepwater Wildcatter: MeetTalos Energy, The New Gulf Of Mexico Pure Play”. Two days passed of the disaster of Tropical Storm Harvey. The streets of the suburban enclave of Tim Duncan the Talos Energy chief executive had been unnavigable. It was during the night when it was declared there was more floodwaters coming. Also, the power had been out. Duncan put his six year old son, Christy (wife), and their two dogs into a FEMA rescue boat.

For four months Duncan age forty-five had for four months been balancing the merger of Stone Energy for $2.5 billion. This was bankrupt and traded publicly. The acquiring of an outfit that was troubled it was almost big as his would contain risk. The main thing was this would make Talos a public entity minus public offering expense.

In May, Talos upon the merger’s completion will overtake the listing of Stone. Also, Duncan will be presiding over an oil company that has $900 million in an annual revenue. About all of the assets of Talos will be in the Gulf of Mexico. The low-risk balance sheet of $700 million in debt over $2.3 billion in assets will be scarcely offering the huge operating risk. This is that water, where a drilling platform would cost dollars in the hundreds of millions this is while the idea of a catastrophic spill would be present.

Talos can be thought of as a “classic wildcatter”. This takes on a chance on wells that aren’t just in the waters of America but also in Mexico. The new company is able now to make barrels amounting to 48.000 each day. However, it aiming to completing more than that.

Now, some general information on the company. TELOS has been active since 1971. It supplies advanced technology solutions protecting tactical and strategic systems for businesses. It’s located in Ashburn, Virginia. Some customers they have include agencies of the federal government that are civilian, military, and intelligence.