Heal And Soothe: A Safer Way To Pain Relief

When it comes to living life, pain is a part of the game. The very things that you do on a daily basis can cause your body to wear down. The very things that you don’t do can also cause your body to wear down. Physical pain can come from a host of issues such as injury, surgery or inactivity. As the old saying goes, “a body in motion stays in motion.” Over-the-counter drugs are very popular in today’s society. These drugs are fairly cheap, and they can be purchased without a prescription. Tylenol, Aspirin, Motrin and Aleve are just a few of the top competitors. Unfortunately, these drugs can cause issues with the your body because they’re made from chemicals. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


When talking over-the-counter drugs for a consistent basis, these drugs can cause ulcers, can cause irritability and can cause a host of other uncomfortable issues. For those who are seeking a safer approach, mother nature provides the perfect solution. This solution is known as Heal And Soothe, and this supplement can therapeutically relive the symptoms with regular use. Heal And Soothe is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. This particular company has a solid resume of producing progressive natural medicines. The key formula for Heal And Soothe’s success comes from its 12 natural ingredients, including:



  • Rutin


  • Papain


  • Ginger Extract


  • Citrus Bioflavonoids


  • Vitamin E


  • Turmeric Extract


  • And more



When these powerful ingredients are absorbed by your body, they’ll immediately go to work by targeting the body’s inflammation. Heal And Soothe achieves this by neutralizing the biochemicals that are present in your system. This progressive action is known as systemic-enzyme therapy. The vital nutrients will actually flood your system as well as flood your organs. When this happens, the body’s soft tissue will start to experience gradual regeneration and repairing effects. View Related Info Here.


Heal And Sooth has hit the ball out of the park and there are numerous studies that provide rock-solid evidence of it doing so.


Visit http://www.progressivehealth.com/heal-n-soothe.htm for more information about the product.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Emergency Specialist

In the world of health and medicine, there are numerous specialists that are in dire need. From surgery specialist to cardiologists and many more, the medical industry would be so chaotic without this specialist. Worth noting, it takes more knowledge and talent to become a medical specialist that just a regular medical expert. Not that being a medical expert is easy, but there is no denying that medical specialist is more highly-regarded throughout the entire field. Well, the reason we need to understand the significance of this specialist in the medical industry is that we can learn to appreciate their amazing work. Having said that, one such specialist that has made a name for himself is the successful Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. As for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and his specialty, he has been successful as an emergency medicine specialist. Without getting too technical on what he does, just know the fact that emergency patience sees more of him than any other specialist. With that said, here is more on Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and the importance of his profession.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel & The Importance Of His Profession

In many ways, being an emergency specialist is more demanding than any other specialty. Given the fact that he has to be on the tips of his toes for every hour of his shift, it is no wonder Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is so respected for what he does. Furthermore, it’s not that easy to see how he has built such a distinguished reputation as professional considering he has put in over a decade worth of experience. In addition, having earned his educational experience in the field from the distinguished University of Louisville, his career can only get better as he continues to succeed in his career. Also, there is no doubt that his educational experience prepared him for his career as a professional. As a specialist, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of only 26 emergency experts in the entire health industry. If that does not show how special he is, there is not much more Dr. Eric Forsthoefel can accomplish that will show that.

Dr. David Samadi Revolutionizes Prostate Surgery The “SMART” Way

The story has been told thousands of times, poor immigrant arrives in USA, works hard, studies hard and finds success and as cliche as it may sound in the beginning, these stories never get old. This similar story is no exception and certainly not if you are one of the thousands of lives that have been saved because of this successful individuals accomplishments.

Dr. David Samadi is a now famous urologist who’s practice specializes in diagnosing and treating urological disease, prostate, kidney and bladder cancer with pioneering and unique least invasive techniques that have been revolutionary against the battle of these terrible diseases. Revolution is nothing new to Dr. David Samadi as he was born in Iran and raised in a Persian Jewish community that he was forced to flee with his brother at the age of 15 following the Iranian Revolution.

The two young teenagers fled to Belgium and were separated from their family leaving them on their own. Eventually they found their way to America where David began his educational pursuit to become a doctor. His journey through medical education saw him through successful completion at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College.

During his tenure of medical practice in the fields of Urology and Proctology, Dr. David Samadi has many major accomplishments, awards and recognitions but one that stands out in particular is his work and development of what is known as “SMART” surgery for urinary continence and sex after prostate cancer.

The SMART technique for prostate cancer has become very popular around the world. The technique reverses the way a normal prostate operation is performed. Instead of removing the nerves and mobilizing them away from the prostate he removes the prostate away from the nerves so that they nerves are not touched in the procedure, so the continence and sexual function are not effected.

Dr. David Samadi explains that it is not just what you remove when performing prostate surgery, the cancer, but also just as important is what you leave behind, in this case the nerves that control continence and sexual functions. This work has brought awareness to the fact that not just men are affected by prostate cancer but wives and girlfriends are as well because of the sexual dysfunction that was a result of old prostate removal techniques prior to his revolutionary SMART techniques that are changing the way surgeons approach prostate cancer.

Learn More: www.roboticoncology.com/

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: A Committment To Excellence

Depression is one of the worse feelings an individual can have. Depression is very detrimental to your health. It’s basically mental anguish to the highest degree, which can cause the person to physically hurt him/herself or others. There are many factors that can cause this debilitating state of sadness. Participating in the many activities that you once loved can be a thing of the past. It seems to zap away the person’s energy and interest levels. One of the most common ways of fighting depression is by anti-depressant medications. These medications can be of some benefit, but the medications can cause the individual to act out in certain cases. Mind-altering drugs isn’t the way to go, and they should be used as a last resort. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are changing the game thanks their revolutionary affects. This center has been around since its inception back in 2004. Thanks to its grand success, it now has numerous locations in Michigan and in Florida. Neurocore is basically a series of advanced brain tests that can be tailored to the actual individual. The first step of the program is to undergo a neuro assessment. With its innovative eEEG Technology, medical personnel will get a better understanding of how the brain is operating. Electrical activity is the key and this technology thoroughly measure and evaluates the brain’s activity. You won’t find another program that is this advanced and forward-thinking. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

For optimal benefit, the program recommends up to three sessions per week. This helps to get past the adaptive stage neuroplasticity. All of the brain’s data is gathered thanks to the cutting-edge technology that maps the brain. Clinical reports show that 84 percent of patients experience a decrease in depressive symptoms and up to 51 percent no longer meet the depression threshold. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are leading by example and are changing the status quo.

Read: http://fox17online.com/2015/11/23/its-not-a-lifetime-of-paying-for-meds-neurofeedback-therapy-at-neurocore/

A Review of Dr. Cameron Clokie, a Toronto-Based Surgeon

Dr. Cameron Clokie is renown in the medical field as a devoted oral and maxillofacial surgeon as well as a scientist. His specialty is in bone regeneration and reconstruction. Dr. Cameron Clokie has dedicated his career in development, improvement and easier accessibility of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BPM) to the patients. Read more: Toronto Dentist Cameron Clokie Talks Up New Technology Available to Oral Surgeons

Educational Background

Cameron Clokie graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 1985 and later extensively trained in medicine till 1990. He joined McGill University for a doctorate in bone regeneration about development interface of the dental implant in 1992.


Dr. Cameron has served as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Also, he has worked as a professor and teaching in the same field until he retired from academics in 2017.

Dr. Cameron worked for four years under Dr. Marshall Urist, a famous orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Urist had developed BMP that nurture regrowth of limb bones. In 1999, Dr. Cameron became the first doctor to repair jawbone using BMP. He was able to collect just three milligrams of protein from grinding 40 cadavers arms and legs bone.

In 2008, Dr. Cameron Clokie founded Induce Biologics Inc.in Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in researching and developing of bio-implants for bone regeneration. Induce Inc. extends URIST, a new technology of implants and multi-phasic delivery of BMP. He maintains an active clinical practice in facial reconstruction and bone regeneration. Currently, Dr. Cameron is the CEO of Induce Inc.

Outreach Work

Due to his unique approach to jaw surgery, Dr. Cameron Clokie has been sought after as tutor as well as a clinician. His many publications and presentations have been used as the source of knowledge and references in the medical field. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/1215496/Dr-Cameron-Clokie-Toronto-ON.html and http://www.ideacity.ca/speaker/cameron-clokie/

He has lectured in local as well as internationally on matters relating to oral health care. His topics related to oral and maxillofacial, bone regeneration, future of dentistry, and technological transfer in BPM.

Dr. Cameron has over 25 globally recognized patents concerning bone healing. His entrepreneurial skills have enabled him to successfully establish a strategic business alliance and utilize his sizeable knowledge for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, he has held scientific advisory board positions of several companies.

Learn More about Life Line Screening Today

Most of you do not know what Life Line Screening is and how to prepare for it. If that is the condition, you are at the right place.

To start, Life Line Screening is a simple process that aims at detecting and identifying disease-causing symptoms before they manifest and spread to other parts of the body. The universal screening done today involves screening of cancerous cells.

Due to the improvement in technology, most procedures are simple and quick. This is because; the Ultrasound machines used are made with high-level technology. That is why you need very little preparation.

NOTE: It is always advisable that you ask your doctor what type of testing will be conducted so that you get prepared.

Depending on the kind of diseases being screened, you will need different procedures preparation. But there are common preparations for all illness.

1. For all screens that involve the chest and upper abdomen, you should wear a loose two-piece cloth that is easy to open. That means that, if you have a pantyhose, never wear one. During some tests like Carotid artery testing, dressed in a turtle necked shirt is not allowed.

2. In case of atrial fibrillation, avoid smearing your body with any oil or lotion. You are also required to leave your watch at home and turn off your phone if you have one.

3. If you are going for an aortic aneurysm, fast for about four hours. This means that you eat just a half of what you have been eating. Drink some water or tea if you become thirsty. Do not leave your medicine if you are taking some. For diabetic patients, please stick to your meals.

4. If you are going for any blood pressure testing, wear a short sleeved shirt. This will allow secure attachment of blood pressure cuffs. Some fasting is required too. Fast 7 hours if that is possible.

5. Some conditions like elevated C-reactive protein and ALT/AST need no preparation. Some like osteoporosis risk and type 2 diabetes need about eight hours of fasting.

Results depend on the type of testing which is being conducted. Some results are instant while others need some waiting.

Life Line Screening Social Media: twitter.com/Life_Line