Perry Mandera: The Man That Doesn’t Sleep

Perry Mandera is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, inc., which is an all-purpose transportation company based in Illinois. This company has over 200 employees and generates sales of about 200 million dollars a year. During his time in this field, he has gained a reputation for excellence, and has become known by his catchphrase: Do it right the first time.

Perry Mandera got his start in the transportation business during his time with the Marines. He was in charge of logistics, which means moving large quantities of men and materials to and from wherever they are needed. Needless to say, he learned a lot about the role that good transportation plays in any operation. In 1984, after leaving the military, he decided to continue his public service by running for public office as a Republican. He ran for and won a seat as a Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th ward.

Perry Mandera has also been known for his participation in numerous charitable activities. Mr. Mandera has created an entire wing of his company, called Custom Cares Charities, to oversee philanthropic activity of all sorts. For instance, they sponsor over 100 sports teams around the state. Between 2010 and 2013 alone, he received the ISCC Citizen of the Year award, the Bishop Sheils award and the President’s award for his charity work. He even does a yearly survey of his employees, asking them to name someone they know who is in need of financial help. Certainly, he has gone above and beyond what is expected in the area of philanthropy.

A hard work ethic has contributed to the success of Mr. Mandera as well. He stated in a recent interview ( that he only sleeps four hours a night because he is always in constant communication with others regarding business. In this same interview, he elaborates on the importance of doing things right the first time. As he explains it, when someone makes a mistake, they not only waste their own time, but also the time of whoever has to correct the mistake.

Without any doubt, Perry Mandera will continue to be one of the best in the business.