The RealReal is Popping in 2018

Man or woman, if you are into fashion at all, you probably already know about The RealReal. Just in case you don’t, it is the most popular luxury consignor online, on app, and now, with a flagship store in New York City.

The RealReal was started by industry visionary, Julie Wainwright, at her kitchen table in 2011. Now, it has over 600 employees, the number one spot in the luxury consignment marketplace, a brick and mortar store, and soon, pop-up shops in select markets across the US.

On the heels of The RealReal’s success with their flagship store in NYC, they are smartly testing the waters in other cities with pop-up shops. Their first pop-up was in New York’s, SoHo, in 2016. It generated 2 million dollars in revenue. According to Allison Sommer, Director of Marketing for The RealReal, the average in-store sale is 6 times that of an online purchase. That is huge for a company that previously only had a digital presence.

Sommer says they are calling 2018, “the year of the pop-up.” The shopping experience is much different in store with the brand and its value becoming tangible. Sommer believes the value of a physical location will create greater brand recognition and loyalty. The RealReal has seen proof of this loyalty and brand awareness after the end of their pop-up in San Francisco, with growth of 500% in the area since.

The next pop-up is slated for Las Vegas, with more stores popping up around the US throughout the year. They are hoping to bring the pop-up energy from markets like New York, and LA, that are familiar with the concept, to new markets around the US, as other digital retailers have previously shown their worth in building brand recognition and creating a broader customer base.

While The RealReal wants to create the most dynamic and new shopping experiences for customers in new areas, they probably will not be able to provide cafes, or flower shops, in all of the pop-ups, like they did in NYC. However, they will have authentication, and gem experts, on staff at all of the shops. They have carefully curated a staff of experts to create a most unique and professional experience for their customers.

Every Female Figure Looks Better in Fabletics Althletic Gear Sold at Amazon

What if someone told you that every female figure would look better wearing Fabletics althletic gear sold now at Amazon? Likely, you would want proof. This amazing fashion company designed to make women feel terrific about themselves has a fun Lifestyle Quiz that takes short minutes to complete. The results will astound any woman that tries this. The information gleaned from this short quiz reveals mistakes that most women make when out shopping for new clothing. The quiz reveals the right size, cut, design, color hues, fabric preferences and what the woman wants to wear the clothing for. Fabletics makes varying forms of athleisure wear that work for different activity levels. Some fabrics are more suited for vigorous activity, while other materials are better for lighter types of activities. Also, some fabrics are made to hide those figure flaws that women feel embarrassed by.


This enlightening Lifestyle Quiz is not just informative, it is actually fun to do. Ladies learn more about their real fashion favorites. How many times have some women shopped for something a bit different thinking it would look stunning. Once home, the outfit might not fit well, it could be scratchy or it could look hideous when regular light shows the real effect. Fabletics has all of this covered. They have outfits that are geared for certain figures, specific complexions, varied cut versions and more. Taking the quiz simplifies the shopping experience. It actually makes it such a rewarding experience that women will wonder why it never seemed this way before. Fabletics has a reversed showroom format that really takes their special customer’s opinions to heart. They save these comments, anonymous quiz results, customer purchase penchants and customer reviews. This enables a fluid-like showroom that can be adapted if customers are changing their shopping habits.


Kate Hudson is famous in her mostly comedic roles as a beloved actress. When she co-founded this athletic fashion company in 2015, she was not laughing about what she had in mind for her new style of athleisure wear. She purposed to only turn out fashions that would sell in high fashion shops due to the high quality materials and workmanship that she demanded. While there were some delays when styles didn’t meet her strict standards, the wait paid off because now women trust Kate’s intuitive fashion sense and determination to keep styles affordable. Look for Fabletics on Amazon for proof.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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A Closer Look at the Blossoming Brown Modeling Agency

Austin has been the hot spot for many businesses, including the Brown Agency that some consider to be a leader in the industry. The company began its empire in Austin back in 2010, and its growth was almost unstoppable. People who want to break into the modeling world or those with talent know the Brown Agency is the agency to go to. Part of what made the Brown Agency what it is today is high expectations. The company demanded perfection and expected all talent to rise to the occasion.


The company makes sure that all talent is given the opportunity of lucrative opportunities, the kind that would make young talent work hard. For example, some of their models and talents have booked work with Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota just to name a few. Some of their fashion models have also worked in prestigious runways all over the country, such as the New York Fashion Week and the Miami Swim Week.


The Brown Agency wants to make sure that those who aspire to be great models or talent get their chance. There is no doubt that those in Austin seeking these types of careers are ectatic that the Brown Agency decided to make this city their home. The company is part of the renown Brown Agency Family, which means the agency is in good hands.


According to Market Wired, the President of the company, Justin Brown, knows a thing or two about running a successful business. Brown trusts people, which has given the business the foundation of success. Brown ensures that those who are given the chance to work with the agency always have the support they need. Training, education, and the refinement of their talents are the kind of support Brown knows will be helpful to the talent hired by his agency.


Furthermore, Brown also instills the values of the company into the agency’s talent. Those values include professionalism and dependability. These are the kinds of values that make large brands come back to the Brown Agency. There are a lot of talent and modeling agencies out there, but Justin Brown has made sure his agency stands out from the pack. His company has also helped the city of Austin become the go-to city for models and talent.


It should be noted that the company has not only relied on its ability to spot talent and get large brands to trust their talent-finding abilities because it has also become a major social media player. Many companies have a hard time cracking the social media code, but the Brown Agency has gathered enough fans on social media to ensure that people are always excited to see who this agency introduces next.



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Have You Seen Lime Crime’s Newest Collection For Mermaids? Amazing!

If you have ever wished that you could step into an alternate universe and become a mermaid, then you are in luck! The newest fun makeup collection offered by cosmetic company Lime Crime is called “Mermaids: A Collection For Real Mermaids”. It includes sparkling highlighters, and juicy colorful lipsticks.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that is known for shaking up the makeup industry. Doe Deere, is a rebellious spirit who loves self expression and bright color. Her leadership and vision for the brand has taken it well beyond the boundaries of conventional makeup. The products that her company offers are colorful and unique, unlike any others currently in the cosmetics space. The newest collection, Mermaids, is yet another example of how her vision leads the company.

Because Doe Deere loves colors and defying conventional norms, the Mermaid collection is full of unexpected but amazing hues. All Lime Crime products are completely vegan and certified cruelty free. The newest collection includes “Velvetine” lipsticks in pastel tones with metallic sparkle. The lipsticks can be brushed on over a base color, or can be worn on their own. They are juicy and smooth with the first application, but when dry have a solid, “liquid metal” appearance. The lipsticks are offered individually, but also come in a great bundle that includes soft pink, lavender, and light blue.

The Mermaid highlights palate is a set of highlighting shadows in three colors: “seashell” which is soft pink, “pearl” which is a shimmering ivory tone, and “mermaid” which is pastel bluish aquamarine. These three highlighters can be used on the cheeks, eyes, or even the tip of the nose!

The Mermaids Collection even includes hair dye that contributes to the under the sea theme. The dyes are magical in themselves. Unicorn Dye is a recent hit that they company has released to enthusiastic followers. The Unicorn Dye can be used as a highlight for one streak of hair, or can be worn in full! The Mermaid Collection includes Unicorn Dye in colors like “Dirty Mermaid” and “Blue Smoke”. For the full mermaid look, you could combine a few of these looks!

Fearless Unicorns at Lime Crime

Jane, Susan, and Alex have one thing in common they all want to have a fantastic appearance. In this new era of innovation, beauty is a factor that affects almost everyone despite the fact that aging has no reverse. With various technologies coming up to solve problems related to vision, methods such as cell regeneration are being accepted by the society. However, cosmetics are considered to have a vital role to play in beauty.


How can success be defined? Lime brand have the answer to that. Based in Los Angles, California- USA. With success in venturing into the health and beauty industry, they define success as having clients who are proud to wear Lime Crime. Products from Crime are set to blow your mind leaving you with a smile and need for more. Say goodbye to having no particular brand to go for when searching the shelves of shops for a cosmetics that will suit your preference. As red defines love, Lime brand represents beauty. Do not say I wish I knew but say now I know, lime home to colorful, magical and cruelty-free makeup. Furthermore, makeup from this brand suit one word so bright.


Highly pigmented shades that appear real and bright on all skin tone, environmentally friendly and magical as a brand, it is known for;Crime Lipstick, Lime Crime Velvetines, and Lime brand Liquid Lipstick. However, free shipping is available on eligible orders on cosmetics. Partnering with other firms such as where you can find the best cosmetic for yourself and experience the world of makeup with Lime brand on their site.


Doe Deere founded Lime crime in 2008. As the current CEO of Lime Brand, the idea of starting lime sprouted in her mind in 2004. With an effort of registering an eBay account, ‘limecrime’ was the name that popped up in her mind. With the internet offering Crime, she settled for that. Based on the web business, immediate feedback from social media is necessary for the brand. Put in mind that advantages and challenges on the web the brand are aware of rumors since the internet is an anonymous place. Lime brand is a leader of fearless unicorns.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand Is Going Strong

Fabletics is an athletic wear line that has fabulous designs that are inexpensive to shoppers. They have done well in a world of retail that is dominated by the Amazon. Amazon is estimated to control about 20% of online fashion sales in the United States alone. Fabletics has still pulled through to be a top selling online fashion company. How have they done it? Fabletics achieved success in online fashion sales by creating a solid plan. They sell products for less than some athletic brands. They asked the big name actress Kate Hudson to be a co-founder and an ambassador of sorts of the athletic fashion brand. It also helped them to create a repeat business model by offering a VIP membership program.


Athletic brands have begun to sell products for perhaps more than what it is really worth. Fabletics dumped out that idea. The founders decided to create products with high-quality fabrics. They were able to grow the company by selling online. This way they didn’t have to pay for rent or pay retail workers. Fabletics is now in the process of opening a few brick and mortar stores across the country.


Kate Hudson is an actress who is well known for her iconic roles in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She was asked to be a co-founder by the other Fabletics co-founders: Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. She heartedly agreed because she liked that the company had affordable and beautiful active wear for women of all sizes. Kate Hudson is additionally really into her fitness routine.


Repeat business is the desire of every store in the world. The method of creating repeat business used to rely on excellent customer service and perfect products. In today’s world where people can shop for products from any store. The Fabletics company realized they had to up their repeat business game to get long term customers. They decided to create a VIP membership option. This VIP membership allows customers to buy a full outfit for $49.95 a month. The membership is always able to be canceled. The helpful customer service will help you cancel your membership easily. Consumers may even skip a month if they so wish. Shoppers may shop as a guest first. This way they can wear the Fabletics clothing and decide if they wish to join as a member. Shopping as a guest means you have to buy an outfit for the regular price though.