Milan Kordestani, The Modern Day Farmer

With the recent and exponential developments of technology, there has been a rapid increase in information and knowledge and the availability of it to the general public. For this reason, much of the population is now well informed and well suited in self learned knowledge. With the capacity of free learning, the masses have now become exposed and aware of the facts about the process of the food distribution and their atrocious methods of providing nutrition to the masses and charge money for it. The mechanical and inhumane ways in which many of the major distributors of foods such as eggs raise and feed their poultry is detrimental not only to the animals, but to the people who consume them.

A Niche Market For Milan

Many people would find out about this, complain, and leave it at that. This is not the case for the young entrepreneur, Milan Kordestani. Milan was able to spot an opportunity to provide a service of value to the general population while increasing quality. The use of chemicals and inhumane ways of treating and raising animals allowed Milan to provide something better, more efficient, and beneficial for his fellow humans. While only in high school, Milan started his company, Milan Farms. His company consists of offering saffron, mint, and free range and organic eggs. This method of raising and producing chickens and eggs has been proven to be significantly more nutritious and beneficial to a persons health than that of the major corporations. Part of the mission of Milan Farms is to provide and honest and organic option for their consumers. Milan’s company is set on transparency and always is ready to provide the methods in which they use to raise the chickens, distribute the eggs, and everything in between and after.

A Bit About The Farm

Milan Farms’ dedication to providing quality products is a staple of any successful and honest business. Milan Kordestani sees his community as his family and in doing so, places a great importance on each individual. Milan also believes in constant improvement and innovation and for those reasons, he continues his research into hydroponics and aquaponic systems.