Andrew Rolfe Lead the Expansion of Ubuntu Education Fund’s Charity Activities in Africa

More than £600,000 was raised in the recently concluded Ubuntu Education Fund Gala that was held in London. This amount will improve the Fund’s charity activities in Africa. It will specifically boost operations of Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus. Some projects that will benefit from the raised amount include the school’s education, nutrition, and health programs. The campus helps underprivileged children from the local community until they are ready to start their careers. Ubuntu Education Fund has supported more than 400,000 children since it started operations in 1999.

Andrew Rolfe welcomed the guest on behalf of the Fund during the event. Most of them were London’s philanthropists and socialites. Xhosa Choir entertained the guests. The most interesting part of the event was the speeches by different invitees. The most inspiring speeches were from two students who are beneficiaries of the program. Sinesipho’s story stole the show. She narrated her ordeal living with her drunkard father and how Ubuntu Education Fund came to her rescue. The guest took part in an auction before the closing speech. Charlie Ross is a renowned British Auctioneer. He presided over the auctioning. Some of the auctioned items include two painting by Dom Pattinson, a paid trip to South Africa, and a portrait of Nelson Makamo. These items contributed more than £30,000. The event ended with a speech from Jacob Lief who is the CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund. He highlighted the impact of the Fund on children’s lives in Africa.

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. He is also the head of TowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford. Mr. Rolfe oversaw the operation and growth in the hospitality, retail, and foodservice acquisition at TowerBook Capital Partners. He was the President of The Gap, Inc. before this role. Andrew is one of the strongest assets of Ubuntu Education Fund. He has strong leadership and expansion skills that he gained from several high-level positions that he held in several large corporations. The fund has expanded opportunities to benefit more underprivileged children through his leadership.