NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Software is Time-Saving and Inclusive

NGP VAN is enabling more people to organize politically and bringing down the organization that is required, thanks to their new app. MiniVAN is a canvassing software that cuts and distributes turf for campaigners, so no one has to spend time figuring out who needs to go to what areas. It’s especially helpful in areas with limited resources, or areas where an organizer has physically located away from those who will be doing the campaigning.

Before software like MiniVAN existed, turf would manually have to be cut by organizers and different sections would be distributed to different campaigners. Sometimes, going to get your individual list of voters could be time-consuming. The first version of MiniVAN was Knock 10, a similar app that gave campaigners information on the 10 closest voters from their current location, however, people needed more customization. MiniVAN is more customized, and users can pick specific campaigns as opposed to being limited to one set campaign of ten voters. The flexibility of MiniVAN has been very helpful to many people working on campaigning, and although there is a learning curve when it comes to using the app it is a huge time saver.

As a company, NGP VAN focuses on providing technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns, including nonprofits. It provides its clients with many different products to make their lives easier and succeed in their campaigning, such as fundraising, organizing, and social networking products along with organizing and field products such as MiniVAN. NGP VAN’s software has been used by major campaigns such as President Barack Obama’s campaign, and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns. NGP VAN believes that “it shouldn’t break the bank to change the world”, and strives to make its products accessible to everyone, regardless of how big or small their nonprofit is. Recently, it hosted a “Day Without a Woman” celebration, to acknowledge the huge value that women have and their importance in the workplace. In general, NGP VAN finds it very important to emphasize equality in their workplace and has progressive beliefs. They have also recently added the option of non-binary identification labels to voter records within their app.

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