Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff New Novel

Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is not your typical celebrity novel. It is not an autobiography nor is it based on one of the characters Sean Penn has played over the years. Exactly what this novel intends to communicate can be hard to fathom for the reader.

The novel concerns a millennial named Bob Honey who takes on a variety of jobs to make a living. None of these jobs are the kind that most of us would want to undertake. They include selling portable toilets and being an assassin. Mr. Honey is quite disturbed that the United States is no longer the great country he expected from his childhood.

Mr. Penn has given up acting and turned to writing to make his living. This is his first book and he clearly takes aim at everything that is wrong with society. Bob Honey comments in depth on the current president although he never names President Trump. However, to quote from the text, “the violently immature seventy-year-old man with money and … cotton candy hair” seems to be clearly pointing to the president. He describes this character as permanently injured by the demonstrating women after his inauguration and then challenges him to a twitter dual.

Honey continues to comment on all aspects of the current political scene. He comments on Russia’s interference in the election, the increasing gun violence in the country, blames the media for increasing the hysteria about black lives and brings up false new quite a lot. He thinks the “Me Too” movement is reducing women’s issues to infantilism. He complains about the lack of proof and proper procedures before someone is fired. He wonders, “Did we really need to fire Charlie Rose?”

In the end, Bob is more than just a complainer. He goes to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He goes to help Puerto Rico recover from its storms. He even winds up in Bagdad at the beginning of the Iraq War and helps the refugees and survivors recover from the war. After all this, Bob heads to Miami to investigate his employee who hires him to tear down society as a hit man with a mallet. Bob is looking for why.

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Where did you come from Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

There is a reason for everything. That has been my belief for as long as I can remember. Even if it (the reason) does not make sense to others, there is a reason for everything. That is the exact thought that comes to mind with Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The tactical misuse of proper grammar is a peek into this almost Alice in Wonderland like experience of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff! At first glance it is a loose fitting comedian worthy joke of extreme proportions regarding the somewhat dysfunctional image of current American life. Penn pokes wicked fun at the fact many people have to take on multiple jobs, sometimes severely unrelated to one another, to make ends meet. Bob Honey has quite a few odd jobs including assassin to the elderly! He also puts relationships, married relationships to be exact, on the roast as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has experienced the ending of his own marriage and the bitter aftertaste left by his ex wife.

Penn’s sly style of world view venting, is on display thru Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Complete with disdain for the person holding the highest office in the land, Penn’s heartfelt emotions show through the actions of our protagonist in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In an attempt to laugh instead of crying about the state of everyday life in these here states, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff provides if nothing else, a reason to laugh. Though the laughter may be with out true mirth, the stark profundity of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff may have a real message or two lurking between the lines. Penn’s reason for writing the novel may simply be to provide several painfully comical views of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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