Cassio Audi Early Music Career

The legendary Cassio Audi had a music career in the past. He was a member of a rock band called the Viper. Hailing from Sao Paulo Brazil, Cassio went to the Pontifical University from 1989 to 1994. He advanced his studies by joining the University of Sao Paulo for masters in business administration. Before Audi joined college, he was an active member of the Viper music band. That was in 1985. He explored his music interests by creating close friends in Brazil. Cassio was known by many.


Viper was established by Yves and Passarell who are brothers. Joined by Felipe and Andre Matos, Cassio Audi was the drummer. The friends had a great music band going on with massive support from Brazilians. As a talented musician, Cassio used the music platform to establish strong working relationships. He was persistent with his ideas on pitching songs. He also presented several music ideas that played a key role in growing his music career. Cassio’s talent attracted many Brazilians.


Through his extraordinary talent in music, Viper was able to produce quality songs. His participation won the group of many. Viper reached top charts across Europe, Japan, and the United States. Audi then observed the Brazilian financial industry and decided to assist by investing in firms that can help Brazilians to help people. In the stagnating economy of Brazil, he took it upon himself to develop portfolios that can help not only the old retirees but also the youth.


With more than 23 years experience in finance management, Cassio Audi has been able to handle several management accounts. He works as a financial adviser in business administration. He has managed public, private accounts and equity funds in addition to growth and strategy. As a qualified accountant and financial manager, he has the expertise to handle growth strategy, resource management, controllership, IPO, investor relationships as well as business planning.

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