Can’t Envy The Wengie

Youtube star Wengie is someone every youtuber should look up to. Her videos are entertaining and garner millions of views. Her hard work paid off and she is an esteemed personality. However, her success story did not occur overnight. Like many of us, Wengie came from humble beginnings.


She was born in China to working class parents, who did everything to support her. Her grandparents also played a significant role in her life. They looked after her when her parents moved to Australia. At the age of four, she moved Australia as well. Her parents requested for her to come and stay with them. From a young age, Wengie knew she was creative thinker and oftentimes had vivid dreams. In addition, she would create toys out of some of the most unconventional things.


An example would be a princess made out of a tennis ball. Growing up, Wengie was heavily into anime. After her parents got new jobs, they packed their bags and moved the family to Sydney, Australia. As an introvert, Wengie faced several struggles she would eventually overcome. This included building up social skills and networking with the right people. As she grew older, Wengie’s brilliance began to show even more.


She began developing websites showcasing her love for anime. She also began refining her notorious work ethic. After graduating high school, Wengie attended college and studied in Accounting. However, being an accountant was something not for her. In fact, Accounting was something she dreaded to the extreme. Therefore, she left her accounting in favor of becoming a social media consultant.


Even with relatively no experience, Wengie found her niche. Wengie was naturally gifted in acquiring clients. They flocked to her. Shortly after, Wengie started up a blog and became the success story she is today. Her success has privileged her the opportunity of traveling the world while promoting her makeup line in several countries. Today, Wengie and all of her greatness can be found Youtube with hundreds of videos to show for it. These videos have millions of views and Wengie also has millions of subscribers.


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