Bustle.Com Article Shows How One Woman Proves The Wen Difference

Commercials can cause a person to desire to try products of every type. These products (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) can be a success or failure depending on their advertisement. Another type of advertisement is word of mouth or sight. A person can draw a conclusion by witnessing the transformation themselves like many people do when someone tries Wen hair for the first time. Wen has many different products that can transform dead lifeless hair into hair with health and bounce in just one week. Using Wen products will increase the strength and decrease split ends of hair. Chaz Dean hit the mark when he founded Wen products in his salon.

Chaz Dean began working in a salon in Los Angeles. After shampooing heads he began to notice a pattern. Women were using entirely too many products on their heads. The results were sometimes damaging the hair. He found to boost hair and increase the health of hair, he needed to create a product that was nutritionally sound and easy to use. Wen by Chaz not only conditions but it also cleans. While working in the salon his clientele increased. He moved his location to Bel Air and on to Hollywood.

Like most people know, it is better to try a product yourself than to believe what anyone else says. A woman can conclude her own findings by using a product. A recent Bustle.com article explains how one woman took on the Wen challenge. She purchased the cleansing conditioning product from Sephora and went home to read about using it. She found she would be using 10-16 pumps of product each time she washed her hair. The one thing she likes is knowing she can leave the other products she was using in the store.

This remarkable young lady was diligent in keeping a good journal about her hair, how it looked, how it felt, and how long it lasted. Each day the quality of her hair improved. Each morning she found herself washing her hair due to all of the excess oils. Everyone began commenting on the health and shine of her hair. In conclusion, she states she will continue to use Wen but not every time she washes. The product will make a change in the overall look and health of hair. Commercials were right with the Wen Claims.

Source: Wikipedia.org

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