Bringing The Darker Side To Light

Thumbing through the pictures on “The Greyhound Diaries” takes you on a trip across America that you probably thought you would never take. Most of us, at one time or another, have viewed the people in those snapshots as “wanderers, vagabonds, misfits, marginalized and the forgotten. Some of them may be, while others are not. Some people go to visit relatives. Some people “live on the lines” because settling down just isn’t in their blood. Some may be relocating because of better employment opportunities. They may not have a vehicle of their own and the trip may be short enough not to warrant a plane ticket. Some of them probably couldn’t afford a plane ticket anyway. In those pictures you see a wide array of people of different shapes, sizes and colors which are just as varied as the stories of how they got on a Greyhound in the first place.


This is America. This is the America that corporate America does not want to talk about or acknowledge, and this is the America that Doug Levitt chronicles. He does so in a tactful and professional way while staying approachable and friendly. He is as down to earth as down to earth can be, yet he has talents that help bring this part of America in view. This view is not made in order to shame people. On the contrary. What Doug Levitt does is allow everyone to see the whole picture of America. Without websites like “The Greyhound Diaries” and the people like Doug Levitt who make them, we would all be left with a 2D image of America in a 3D generation. Mr. Levitt is doing us all a service by bringing the darker side of America to light and putting faces to the labels that some of us put on them.


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