Avaaz Is Uniting The World Towards More Awareness

Avaaz is an organization that helps to bring awareness to issues like climate change, animal rights, human rights, poverty, corruption, and conflicts. The name Avaaz comes from a Persian word that means “word” or “song”. Former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, Executive Director for MoveOn Eli Pariser, Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Australian entrepreneur David Madden, Purpose.com’s co founder Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse are the individual co-founders of Avaaz and have contributed to its creation and success.

One of their most well known stunts included a human handshake from the Dalai Llama to the doors of the Chinese Embassy in London encouraging dialogue and discussion. The World Health Organization was greeted by Avaaz carrying herds of cardboard pigs asking them to investigate further into the swine flu.

Avaaz has successfully raised money to help with multiple global issues, the civil uprising in Syria before the civil war began, smuggle healthcare needs into Syria as well as 24 journalists from around the globe. They also created a software during the 2016 election making it easier for overseas Americans to vote, hoping it would help turn the tides towards a different President Elect. Avaaz brings together practical idealists from all over the globe to come together and make our world a better place for our future generations. They produce technologies that simplify communication between nations to avoid exclusions.

Avaaz also works hard to help refugees that are in need of a home. They petition and call for more participation in helping refugees find solace in a safe place. They have also worked hard against Monsanto and what its doing to our environment and future.

Much of their support comes from online activism. Signing petitions, sending emails, obtaining letters, and being knowledgeable about what’s happening in our world. Avaaz refuses to sugar coat the hard truth and the reality for millions of people around the globe. The only way to produce positive and effective change is to actively participate in the change you hope for.

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