Stephen Murray’s Contribution to the Finance Industry

Stephen Murray is an individual who is a well respected legacy for not only being an innovative and caring CEO of CCMP Capital, but also for being a philanthropist who gave many generous donations to the community in order to help others live a better life.

Stephen Murray has always had a passion for not only economics, but also for investment and dedicated his career to helping other individuals find the best possible investment opportunities.

As a young leader and CEO of the investment industry, Mr. Murray’s legacy will continue to be remembered by those looking to follow in his large footsteps.

As an investor, Mr. Murray was able to make his mark in the world at an early age. For college, Mr. Murray attended Boston College and eventually graduated from college with a degree in economics as well as a drive to join the investment industry. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

After earning his master’s degree in business administration, Mr. Murray continues on to join an analyst training program that was particularly geared for those individuals who were looking for a career in becoming or learning the skills of a credit analyst.

Ever since this first opportunity within the investment industry, Mr. Murray has been able to climb his way up to eventually become a CEO of an investment firm that specifically handles buyout and growth equity transactions.

By 1989, five years after graduating from college, Mr. Murray joined MH Corporation, a private equity group that was prominent within the finance industry. By 1991, Chemical Banks bought out MH Corporation and eventually continued on to become Chase Capital Partners by 1996.

After slowly climbing up the ladder to success, Mr. Murray eventually proved himself to be worthy enough for a leadership position and to lead a buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. By 2006, Murray was officially named to be the CEO of CCMP Capital, a firm that grew immensely under the wing of Stephen Murray.

In addition to his success in the business and the finance industry, Mr. Murray was also an avid donator within the New York City Community.

One of the organizations that received some of his most generous donations was the Make-A-Wish Foundation which is a foundation that grants children with chronic illnesses some of their childhood wishes.

Duda Melzer Comes To RBS For The Long Haul


At a meeting with a group of 20 journalists the latest member of the Sirotsky family to head the RBS Group as President, Eduardo Sirotsky Meltzer, answered a series of questions about his life, the RBS Group, and the future of the media industry as a whole. Better known as Duda Melzer, the new RBS President has been looking to create a more transparent leadership for the company in the mold of the world’s leading technology companies, such as Google.

The founder of the RBS Group had not permitted any of his descendants to simply embark on a career at RBS without gathering some form of life experiences; in the interview of Duda Meltzer the new RBS President revealed his grandfather had insisted any child in the family study and work outside Brazil if they wished to one day hold a major position with the RBS Group.

One area of great interest for Duda Meltzer has been the issues the media industry around the world has been facing as the new media options of social media and Websites has made it difficult for traditional media companies to continue to be a success. The problems facing the media industry in Brazil and around the world are not unknown by Duda Meltzer, but the Harvard School of Business graduate believes the new technologies available in the world offer an opportunity for success to be brought to the RBS Group in the future.

Read More About Duda:

Why Does Duda Melzer And Family Invest In Startups?

Duda Melzer and family invest in startups with their side company known as e.Bricks Ventures. There are new companies in Brazil that need money to operate, and Duda Melzer’s family owns one off the largest communications companies in South America. They clearly have the money needed to help these companies, and that is why they started e.Bricks Ventures.

RBS Group is unique in that it is owned by a large family that already has a business. These venture capital firms are usually started by people who are out of the public eye, but Duda Melzer has been right in the public eye because he just became the CEO of RBS Group. RBS Group is one of the larger communications companies on the continent, and it connects people all over Brazil.

Someone who uses a phone, cell phone or the Internet in Brazil is familiar with the Melzer family because they are using products the Melzers created. Duda Melzer has made some public appearances to talk about how he plans to make his company more modern. He has been asked time and again about how the communications business is changing, and he is taking a more relaxed approach to the industry. He is confident in the investments his family will make with e.Bricks Ventures, and he knows that more customers will appear as Brazil modernizes.

The beauty of e.Bricks Ventures and RBS Group as partners is that one creates customer for the other. There are technology products that could be created by startups, and e.Bricks can help pay for these companies to work. RBS Group will keep people talking to each other while they are working on their ideas, and Duda Melzer will keep both companies afloat. He has prepared his whole life for this moment, and now he takes over the pride of the Melzer family.

Duda Melzer assume posição de Nelson Sirotsky na direção do Grupo RBS

How Securus Is Protecting and Safeguarding Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies recently did an audit of Global Tel Link system. Global Tel Link, is an inmate and prison communications provider. The audit revealed that GTL had committed serious acts of violation of inmate privacy. The acts done by GTL went against the principles envisaged when the provision of inmate communications by private companies was permitted. The alleged breach by GTL was among others increasing the call duration by almost 15 or 36 seconds. The provider also added the call charges and subsequently inmates were paying more than the normally allowed rates.

The report compiled by Securus also revealed that the company was double charging one inmate call. When making the announcement, Securus Chief Executive Officer, expressed his disappointment in GTL. He intimated that the actions by GTL were not a reflection of the inmate communications provider industry.  I also believe that regular audits of the inmate communications providers should be done to avoid an extra burden to the taxpayer as was demonstrated in the GTL audit.

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of technology solutions for the civil and criminal systems. The company which is based in Dallas, Texas has been providing inmate communication services for quite a long time. Securus is preferred due to the different services it provides. In addition to the investigation services that it provides, it also offers information management, inmate self-service and biometric analysis. Securus has the vision and mission of ensuring that families and friends of inmates do not lose touch with them while they are in incarceration. Technologies offers one Securus company profile, its specialties, website, offices and its size.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Not Thriving In The Work Place? Maybe Consider A Coworking Space

Most people who think about a coworking or share working space , they envision the cubicles that most people refer to as their offices. However, it actually they are not coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are places that you go to work that are shared by other people that are going to work. The catch is that most of the time, these people do not do what you do for a living. In a coworking environment, you can have writers, tradesmen of all sorts, professional people, and the list goes on. There are several theories on why most people thrive in this type of environment.

The first one being that there is no competition. You are not competing with people from your own office for the highest sales of the month. This helps to reduce your overall stress level. There are no interoffice politics to be concerned about. It also gives you the freedom to be yourself and to work on something that truly matters to you.

It is also second nature to give or receive help in this type of environment and most people willing do so. The work space is made up with talented people with a larger variety of knowledge and skills. There are plenty of opportunities to seek out someone for help and advice. The workplace is a community and functions as one. However, that does not mean you need to spend your day chatting away at the water cooler. Getting alone time to concentrate or to make an important deadline is well respected in this type of environment.

In New York City, it is not surprising, people can find a variety of these shared working spaces. One such place in Workville. Workville’s NYC coworking space provides a large, clean space for people to come to work. There are areas for people to get out and get fresh air while working. Spaces for collaboration are available as well as private spaces for the times when you need to work alone Workville provides coffee around the clock. There are printers to use as well as phones and other things that are needed to get the job done. If your current working environment is not working for you, try something new.


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