Vijay Eswaran Explains How Servant Leadership Powers His Success

Vijay Eswaran a philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, and motivational speaker explains how servant leadership powers his success both and life and in his business. Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies which has various interests in direct selling, retail and hospitality, education and real estate in more than 30 countries around the world.

Vijay Eswaran’s success has occurred as a result of keen insight into life and business with congruent ideas that translated into a very profitable and transcendent career in the corporate arena. In fact, his management style consists of patterns of leadership coined by some of the greatest leaders of our time like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.

Servant leadership requires selfless actions by the leader in regards to leading not by just giving orders and commands, but by rolling up your sleeves and actually leading by example. Also, the thought behind servant leadership is to serve the ones who are actually serving you. By serving the best interest and promoting the well-being of their followers both professionally and personally, servant leaders elicit the best quality efforts from their followers. Servant leaders are some of the easiest types of leaders to actually follow because they are not self-seeking.

In fact, they are seeking the progression and advancement of the collective versus the personal ego driven desires of themselves and their own personal ambitions. Servant leaders care more about the people that they actually led than they do themselves. That level of sacrifice and self-denial provides them with a clear vision and purpose in of where the organization or nation should strive to become. Vijay Eswaran throughout his life and career has shown a commitment to grow individuals and sacrifice his own personal ego and goals for the greater good of the organization and the employees that work for him. In this way, Vijay Eswaran explains how servant leadership has empowered his success both as a businessman and entrepreneur and also as an empowering example of success in society.Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

OSI Food solutions — The Care in Creating Chicken

OSI Food Solutions takes the consumer safety and health regulations into consideration when they are producing their food. Their consumers are their number one priority, so it only makes sense that they have expanded their operations to include a new facility in Spain. The new facility will include a larger break room for employees, a larger area for chicken production, and a larger area for processing meat. The expansion comes as a result of higher demand for chicken in Spain and other European countries. The president of OSI Food Solutions in Spain was adamant on having the safest facility possible when presented with the country’s demand for more chicken.

The people in Spain have been updating their dietary habits to include more meat and poultry products over the last ten years. The number has skyrocketed within the lat three. The analysts at OSI Food Solutions knew their clients and consumers would soon want more food so they acted ahead of time and began drawing up plans for the updated facility. In the marketplace, you are either ahead of the competition or behind the curve. OSI Food Solutions has done an excellent job by positioning themselves ahead of the competition. The facility can increase chicken production by a factor of two and continue to fill the grocery stores and local markets with the products that the country loves.

OSI Food Solutions has done their proper diligence by ensuring the animal enclosures are sanitary and safe. Their main priority is providing their consumers with the products they love, so when they upgraded the facility n Spain they took the modern precautions. The animals are cared for by farmers before being processed and once they are processed for consumption they are thoroughly checked by professional inspectors. Everything is done in a humane manner to ensure the animals receive the most care for their lives. The dietary changes come amidst a new wave of concerns that animals must be cared for in a humane manner prior to consumption. OSI Food solutions has made sure that all of their animals get the best treatment possible for the best products. This is their dedication and promise. They will not fail.

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The RealReal is Popping in 2018

Man or woman, if you are into fashion at all, you probably already know about The RealReal. Just in case you don’t, it is the most popular luxury consignor online, on app, and now, with a flagship store in New York City.

The RealReal was started by industry visionary, Julie Wainwright, at her kitchen table in 2011. Now, it has over 600 employees, the number one spot in the luxury consignment marketplace, a brick and mortar store, and soon, pop-up shops in select markets across the US.

On the heels of The RealReal’s success with their flagship store in NYC, they are smartly testing the waters in other cities with pop-up shops. Their first pop-up was in New York’s, SoHo, in 2016. It generated 2 million dollars in revenue. According to Allison Sommer, Director of Marketing for The RealReal, the average in-store sale is 6 times that of an online purchase. That is huge for a company that previously only had a digital presence.

Sommer says they are calling 2018, “the year of the pop-up.” The shopping experience is much different in store with the brand and its value becoming tangible. Sommer believes the value of a physical location will create greater brand recognition and loyalty. The RealReal has seen proof of this loyalty and brand awareness after the end of their pop-up in San Francisco, with growth of 500% in the area since.

The next pop-up is slated for Las Vegas, with more stores popping up around the US throughout the year. They are hoping to bring the pop-up energy from markets like New York, and LA, that are familiar with the concept, to new markets around the US, as other digital retailers have previously shown their worth in building brand recognition and creating a broader customer base.

While The RealReal wants to create the most dynamic and new shopping experiences for customers in new areas, they probably will not be able to provide cafes, or flower shops, in all of the pop-ups, like they did in NYC. However, they will have authentication, and gem experts, on staff at all of the shops. They have carefully curated a staff of experts to create a most unique and professional experience for their customers.

Dr. Mark Mofid Stresses Safety

Dr. Mark Mofid has been working with Dr. Gonzales from Brazil to create a better, safer implant for use in gluteal augmentation. Brazil is currently the most popular country to get the procedure done and is a destination for patients around the world who are looking to get a larger derriere. This is proven by the statistics of 20,000 surgeries in Brazil in 2012 compared to the 1,000 or so completed in the United States that year. This small number could explain why the procedure has only made the news in the United States because of celebrities who had the surgery and malpractice. Incidentally, Dr. Mark Mofid believes this could be changed with his invention that will make the lives of the patients better.

Based out of San Diego, Dr. Mark Mofid founded the M. Mofid M.D. FAC Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery practice in July of 2004. Additionally, he is also affiliated with multiple hospitals in San Diego and the surrounding areas including Palomar Health Downtown Campus and Scripps Memorial Hospital. He not only performs gluteal augmentations, but a wide variety of other surgeries such as liposuction, face lifts, breast implants, and many more. He received a world-class education through the prestigious Harvard University as well as the Johns Hopkins University for his residency. At Harvard, he was a magna cum laude graduate when he completed his undergraduate degree. Impressively, during his time at Johns Hopkins, he completed a fellowship in advanced craniofacial surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid is board-certified to practice plastic surgery in the United States and was the leader of the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation’s (ASERF) task force for Gluteal Fat Grafting.

Above all else, Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to the safety of his patients and will only perform surgeries that he knows their body can handle that will produce the best looking results. Unfortunately, many doctors in the field do not abide by these same practices and will perform whatever procedures the patients requests without stressing the risks involved in order to charge higher rates. Thankfully, Dr. Mark Mofid looks out for his patients instead of the bottom line.

Daniel Taub and Iran’s Nuclear Threats Today

We have so many admirable people serving the government, but there’s not many of them that could show the same passion as Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the UK.

In a recent article from Independent, there’s a lot of practical and expert wisdom from Daniel Taub that we can read about. Let’s recap some of them here.

The Nuclear Bomb That May Come From Iran

Mr. Daniel Taub shared his expert knowledge that the Jewish state of Iran may be in a lot of turbulence because of the threat of nuclear weapons in their midst. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

However, Mr. Taub still insists that the relationship of UK with Israel is still going to be healthy despite the signs that Iran is going for a slightly hostile position.

However, the newly signed agreement in Geneva would not be a big help in assuaging the threats posed by Iran, according to Mr. Taub’s assessment.

He even added that the most troubling part of it all is that despite the arrangments in the Geneva agreement, there’s still a lot of misinterpretation between Iran and the different negotiators involved in the situation.

Many in Israel have reacted negatively to the agreement, but Mr. Taub is hopeful that there will be a lot of changes and resolutions that could still be done to prevent the issues from escalating.

Another problem that Mr. Taub found in this entire Iran situation is that Iran is a country that just came in from the cold. There’s been a lot of issues happening in Iran lately, and it still needs some time to recover.

Despite that, Mr. Taub is hopeful that the nations can come together and agree on some middle grounds to prevent Iran from pursuing the nuclear threats that the stakeholders suspected them to do potentially.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is formerly Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011-2015. He’s an Israeli diplomat, an international lawyer and a writer with British origins.

He’s right now the director of strategy and planning at the renowned Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. Mr. Taub also served in the Israel Defense Forces.


Adam Milstein and The Philanthropy Approach

Different people have different approaches to philanthropy. While many people do seem to prefer the casual approach where they make a donation every now and then, there are some people like Adam Milstein who show a lot more dedication and commitment to their philanthropy. For one thing, philanthropy is one of the ways that people can make the world a better place. Adam Milstein has approached philanthropy in a way that is helpful to people in the long term as well as the short term. He helps build certain character traits in them that is going to help them break free of any unfavorable circumstance that they are in. Get details on Adam Milstein at

One of the best things about active philanthropy is that this is the type of philanthropy that is going to inspire people. With active philanthropy, Adam Milstein actually takes the time to talk to people as if they are equals with him. As a matter of fact, he sees people as equals in that they have potential for improving their lives. At the same time, he does not attach himself to any kind of outcome. Instead, he gives them understanding and encouragement with the hopes that they will get it together. Learn more about Adam Milstein at

Among the things that Adam Milstein does is help keep the people he is helping connecting with their Jewish roots. He wants people to recognize who they are as a people and be empowered by it. He does everything to teach his people about the rich history of Israel. One of the ways he is able to do this is by learning all he can about his history as well as all of the most influential figures of his culture. He also strives to be among the most influential Jews of his generation. He also wants to inspire people to become influential as well.

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Entrepreneurship & Jose Hawilla

Being an entrepreneur means to be the owner or manager of a business, startup or a company. It includes the series of actions like designing, running or launching a new business. It also includes risk as business is full ups and down. Many businesses fail due to wrong decisions, economic crisis and lack of capital. Sometimes business not as per the market demands. Entrepreneur means inventor, he finds something new and creative which grows the economy and provides employment opportunities. An entrepreneur should have the quality of making business plans, be aware which type of human resources should be hired. He should have proper capital or funds and his ability to lead the team or group. He should be prepared for the risks in business.

If they have the unique plan then the government also helps them. Some types of entrepreneurs are ethnic, institutional, cultural, project-based and social.

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He was born in the Sao Paulo in Sao Jose Do Rio Preto. He completed his graduation in law. He is married and has children. Earlier he used to work as a journalist. For ten years he worked as a reporter in radio and television. He covered many international events like Formula 1, Olympics, World Cup and many other shows. He was the head of sports department of Rede Globo. After that, he left the job. You can search on Google for more.

In Brazil, he holds Rede Globo Affiliates and the network of newspaper in Sao Paulo in Rede Bom Dia. Jose Hawilla obtained the Dairio De Sao Paulo on 15th October in 2009. It was founded in 1884 and was known as Old Dairo Popular. Till 2001 it was owned by Infoglobo. With the help of his three friends, he launched Traffic. At first, they used vehicles for advertising. Within a small period of time the company grew up and its products started selling.And soon was sponsored by many companies. At present he responsible for Copa America and World cup Qualifiers. At present he is the owner of Traffic. It is a Brazilian Sports Marketing Company. He is working to make it to the top.

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Real Estate with Nick Vertucci

Real estate investing is a business that many people step into with extreme trepidation. However, Nick Vertucci and his team at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy are making it look easy and demonstrating how lucrative the industry can be. Nick faced hardship while growing up, losing his father at age ten and watching his mother provide for the household alone with working arduous hours. When Nick fell on hard times during the dot com crash, hope was slim. He persevered to overcome the obstacles he faced and created a real estate empire by starting from square one. Vertucci finally became a millionaire, and in 2013 he started the NV Real Estate Academy in order to help people like himself be successful in the industry.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has prided itself on its ability to educate potential investors and give a blueprint on how the industry works and what it takes to be successful in real estate. In addition to providing solutions for the obstacles of the industry, Vertucci has developed a network of successful real estate minds that help you find success. Whether it’s resources, networking, or education, the real estate academy is dedicated to creating and sustaining successful real estate investors.

There is no real estate experience or formal training needed to start at the academy. Also, the NV Real Estate Academy offers a free workshop in your area so you can experience the training and benefits first hand before enrolling. With the high volume of success stories tied to Nick Vertucci’ s training and guidance, any individual that is interested in a career in real estate should lean on Nick and his team to pilot you in the right direction. For more information, visit the academy’s website at or call directly at 714-538-3400.

Duda Melzer RBS Group Leader

Managing a significant business is difficult. There are few people have the work ethic or the passion for working long hours each day. Duda Melzer has worked in the business world his entire life. He enjoys taking over struggling companies and improving them. Duda Melzer graduated from college with a degree in business. He worked in several industries before settling into the marketing industry.

Duda Melzer Founder is the CEO of RBS Group. RBS Group is a marketing agency that works with businesses to improve sales. Digital marketing is a growing trend. Many business leaders want to improve their digital marketing options for clients.

Going to Harvard

After several years of working in the marketing industry, Duda Melzer decided to invest in his career. He applied to Harvard Business School and was accepted. He learned helpful information about business strategies. Duda Melzer graduated from the school in 2002 with an MBA. He believes that his degree helped improve his career in numerous ways. For more details visit clicrbs.

When he returned to the workforce, he advanced quickly at his company. He was offered the CEO position at RBS Group and decided to accept it. He has improved RBS Group tremendously since he took over. Duda Melzer is excited about the current trajectory of RBS Group. He believes the company can become a leader in the marketing industry. You can follow his Twitter page.

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Morning Beauty Rituals, Doe Deere And Lime Crime.

Anyone who knows the name Lime Crime may already know that cosmetic unicorn queen Doe Deere is a fashion Goddess and Icon in the industry of cosmatics. There is no doubt that Doe marches to the beat of a differant drum and inspires other people to do the same thing. Doe is a true inspiration to many people from all walks of life. She was born in Russia in a section known as Izhevsk and came to New York in her teen years. She was a unique child for sure, Doe was full of everything that a child should posess, dreams, imagination and an entrepreneurial spirit. As a child she played dress up with her friends and they got to play with lots of makeup. She was also known for selling temporary tattoos in her school. At the age of 17 she moved to NYC to start a career in music. This is where she met her husband Mark. Learn more:


Does has a morning routine that she does everyday without fail. Wakes up at 8:30 a.m. with no alarm. Starting her day with a glass of water, exercises and breakfast. After that it’s all Lime Crime business and to her that’s fun. Anyone who follows Lime Crime on social media like Instagram already knows about the amazing beauty products they are bringing to the make up world. Well, I guess you know that at some point before or between the Lime Crime business bits, Doe does take time out to do her face and make it look pretty, get dressed and all the other normal stuff. She might pet her cat or she might call the Lime Crime team and talk about the next product that she has dreamed up overnight. You can never totally plot the things that Doe Deere will do on a daily basis but, most of them are normal things just like everything you and I would do.


Have no doubt about the brand of make up that Doe Deere uses to decorate her pretty face, it is all Lime Crime from the various products that they offer, everything from lipstick to eye products to something more colorful. You never know if Doe will make a choice to match her make up to her clothes colors or if she will make it clash. It doesn’t matter which she does because it will look amazing regardless, that’s the Lime Crime way.