Bustle.Com Article Shows How One Woman Proves The Wen Difference

Commercials can cause a person to desire to try products of every type. These products (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care) can be a success or failure depending on their advertisement. Another type of advertisement is word of mouth or sight. A person can draw a conclusion by witnessing the transformation themselves like many people do when someone tries Wen hair for the first time. Wen has many different products that can transform dead lifeless hair into hair with health and bounce in just one week. Using Wen products will increase the strength and decrease split ends of hair. Chaz Dean hit the mark when he founded Wen products in his salon.

Chaz Dean began working in a salon in Los Angeles. After shampooing heads he began to notice a pattern. Women were using entirely too many products on their heads. The results were sometimes damaging the hair. He found to boost hair and increase the health of hair, he needed to create a product that was nutritionally sound and easy to use. Wen by Chaz not only conditions but it also cleans. While working in the salon his clientele increased. He moved his location to Bel Air and on to Hollywood.

Like most people know, it is better to try a product yourself than to believe what anyone else says. A woman can conclude her own findings by using a product. A recent Bustle.com article explains how one woman took on the Wen challenge. She purchased the cleansing conditioning product from Sephora and went home to read about using it. She found she would be using 10-16 pumps of product each time she washed her hair. The one thing she likes is knowing she can leave the other products she was using in the store.

This remarkable young lady was diligent in keeping a good journal about her hair, how it looked, how it felt, and how long it lasted. Each day the quality of her hair improved. Each morning she found herself washing her hair due to all of the excess oils. Everyone began commenting on the health and shine of her hair. In conclusion, she states she will continue to use Wen but not every time she washes. The product will make a change in the overall look and health of hair. Commercials were right with the Wen Claims.

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End Citizens United Reaches Its Supporters

The voters for End Citizens United are reached with online ads. In fact, this is why End Citizens United has been one of the highest spending groups during 2016 Elections. It has also been among the top ones in the Senate races in Hampshire, Nevada, besides Missouri along with North Carolina. End Citizens United needed to cut through all this and reach the persuadable voters. For this, it required a perfect advertising strategy that could grab attention. This is where Mothership Strategies stepped in to help in creating an advertising program online that was driven by data. This enabled End Citizens United to play effectively in such a competitive race in America.


This led to over 26 million voters having watched an End Citizens United ad online before the Election Day. These were spread over 6 states. This is a strategy that worked as it reached selected voting audiences all across screens and various other devices. It made history. Catherine Cortez Masto became the first Latina to get elected to U.S. Senate. She won in Nevada.


This also helped Maggie Hassan to unseat Kelly Ayotte. This was in New Hampshire. Basically End Citizens United was able to take out the guesswork and engage voters in all these states. This is done through better targeting as well as innovative placements. Hence content is created while keeping this kind of digital audience in focus. This is about looking past the television model and be able to grab the voter’s attention. This is done with a view to delivering messages that would make an impact on them.


It is this success of Mothership Strategies led program that propelled End Citizens United to raise another $600,000 for all its endorsed candidates. It is these totally committed candidates who work towards meaningful finance reform.


And Mothership Strategies has helped End Citizens United to launch Fight For Reforms. This is a new project that is at state-level. It works toward meaningful finance reform which is done at local level. It was through the support of End Citizens United that ballot initiatives related to finance have been passed in 2 states.


It took only 16 months for End Citizens United to create an impact at the local as well as federal levels. This helped to build up a broader as well as a deeper coalition of activists who worked together towards meaningful finance reform. And Mothership Strategies helped them all along as the digital partner.


Hence they have made use of technology in a big way to reach their objective of contacting their target audience. The impact of this effort is clearly visible to all. It is obvious that such scales were impossible to reach otherwise.

Crosby and Matthews: The Top Two


In an era of fast-paced, relatively high-scoring hockey, two players stand above the rest in the world right now. And it isn’t even close.


These two players score loads of goals for their respective teams, but they are also pretty good on the defensive end. So, who are the best NHL players?


  1. Sidney Crosby, C-Pittsburgh Penguins


Sidney Crosby is the best player on the planet. Let me explain why. In 63 games so far this season, Crosby already has 35 goals and 39 assists for a total of 74 points. Look at those numbers again though. He has more assists than goals. He is a scoring distributor. He knows he can score almost at-will, but he gives the puck up for teammates. He can score from on his knees, but he will also make the smart play.


  1. Auston Matthews, C-Toronto Maple Leafs


It is hard to believe this kid is a rookie. In his NHL debut, Matthews scored four (4) goals. That is utterly ridiculous. Much like Crosby, Matthews will dish the puck out to his teammates in order to make a smart play. In 68 games this season, Matthews has a whopping 55 points. Not only does he score, but he rarely spends time in the penalty box.

When looking at these two players, you can see a little bit of Crosby in Matthews. And it is awesome. They have such a similar style. When you watch these guys play, it’s easy to see why they are the two best in the world right now.

Josh Verne’s Tips on Healthy Living

Josh Verne is the chief executive director of FlockU. He is regarded as the founder of Workpays.me. Workpays is a firm that makes available to people zero percent financing. The people who have been financed make the payments in installments.


The core mandate of the firm is to ensure that people realize financial well-being. This is achieved through the provision of high-quality products that are made available to the clients at reasonable rates. The company is well-known for its honesty, and it does not charge high-interest rates or hidden fees.


To make sure other people achieve success the same way he has done, Josh Verne has provided numerous success tips. Those who follow the success tips are assured of healthy lives. Verne thinks that to be successful, a person must first develop the qualities of a good leader. Being a leader does not necessarily mean that a person must be authoritative. Good leaders do put the interests of the workers first. This motivates the staff of the company to work hard to achieve goals that they have set as an organization.

Successful people are good listeners. Good listeners try to understand what other people are talking about. Individuals who do not speak a lot have powerful words that are respected by all the persons who are listening.


According to a podcast he released recently, Verne says that success in life comes from doing something that an individual is genuinely passionate about. When a person is passionate about his work, he spends a lot of time honing his skills. This makes the person an expert, something that eventually leads to prosperity.


Why Ricardo Tosto is Viewed as the People’s Attorney in Brazil

In many parts of the world, lawyers are considered as beings that help in implementing and interpreting the law to the general public. The reason behind this duty is the mere fact that they have undergone mentorship on all matter law and they are well learned on the issue. For an average person, it’s very hard to interpret the law as not everybody has been mentored on matters dealing with the law. A good example is in Brazil as the law in Brazil is a combination of the Portuguese, Italian and French civil law. It becomes hard for someone to be in a position of saying he/she can practice law if he/she has no idea on what to do or what to follow click here.

This is why the government in Brazil has taken it upon itself to establish numerous law facilities where people who aspire to become lawyers can go and gain the required theoretical knowledge for five consecutive years. After gaining this knowledge, the next step is getting enrolled in the Brazilian bar where an examination is taken, and if one passes, he/she becomes a certified attorney. This proves that being a lawyer is not easy as people think and one individual who has shown that regardless of how hard it can be you can still become a lawyer is Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo gained his mentor-ship from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he acquired his law degree but furthered his studies from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation for his Degree in Business Administration. He was determined to become a lawyer and a successful one for that matter. Mr. Tosto undertook the bar exam and passed to become a certified attorney. For him to succeed, he had to start from a humble background for him to rise the ladder gradually.

His wordpress.com,Tosto began his career working in a small office where he dedicated all his time to serving his clients who were also few. He slowly rose to one day become a managing partner in one of Brazil’s largest law firm that now handles more cases. He has defended various personalities from all walks of life, and every time he is able to help a person facing legal problems, he reminds himself he was born to practice law.

Sujit Choudhry and His Contributions to Comparative Law

Comparative law refers to a study that compares legal systems by looking at their similarities and differences. The comparison derived from comparative law helps one understand the different legal cultures in different jurisdictions. Comparative law is essential in understanding the legal systems of foreign nations. In the era of globalization, and the use of both private and public law, comparative law is important in the unification and harmonization of laws. It contributes to international cooperation. Legislators rely on foreign law when enacting new legislation and in many countries; courts arrive at rulings based on the precedence set in foreign courts, or the laws of foreign nations.


About Sujit Choudhry

Choudhry grew up in New Delhi in the year 1970. He graduated from the University of Toronto Schools, before pursuing biological studies at McGill University. Later, at the University of Oxford he got his B.A. in law, at the University of Toronto he got his LL.B. He later went to Harvard Law School for his LL.M.



Sujit Choudhry is a popular authority in comparative law. Choudhry has used his expertise in comparative law to help many nations draft laws that reflect their society. Choudhry has contributed to constitutional building in Tunisia, South Africa, Ukraine, Libya, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Research by Choudhry covers different areas in comparative law such as decentralization, federalism, constitutional courts, management of transitions from violent to democratic politics, designing constitutions for communities that are divided ethnically, and constitutions for states that transition from authoritarianism to democratic rule.


Click  https://twitter.com/sujit_choudhry  and be more knowledgeable about his works and interest.


Choudhry’s Publications

Many of Professor Choudhry’s publications talk about constitutional law in Canada. Sujit Choudhry has written over ninety books, articles, reports, and papers addressing constitutional law. Some of the popular collections by Choudhry are: Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, Oxford’s Handbook of the Indian Constitution, and Migration of Constitutional Ideas. Towards the end of 2016, Choudhry released a new book, Constitution Making. This new edition provides examples of different constitution-making scenarios and their results. The book covers a series of constitution-making choices by struggling democracies in South Africa, Arab Springs, and Spain. The book also reiterates that even stable countries such as Chile, require new constitutions that are free from their agonizing past.


More of his postings on sujitchoudhry.com


Sujit Choudhry’s Professional Profile

Choudhry is a member of many committees including the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and the International Society of Public Law. He is on the board of directors at the Centre for Constitutional Transitions.


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Jeffry Schneider – A Life Filled with Prosperity

Ascendant Capital LLC is one of the most leading Alternative Investment Companies worldwide which gives diverse options for a wide investor base. The success of this company is credited to its founder, Jeffry Schneider, the man behind it all.

Schneider is from New York, and finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Amherst at the University of Massachusetts. Right after graduation, Jeffrey entered first as a rookie in prestigious financial institutions such as Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. Working in these reputable firms gained a lot of expertise and knowledge which help him establish his company now with expertise about alternative investments.

In 2002, he became part of the Axiom Capital Management team wherein he is ensuring that fund managers were the proper fit for the job. In addition, he also gives great advice about the best structure for the investment vehicles. Two years thereafter, he became one of the best advisers of Paradigm Global.

Then, Ascendant Capital in 2009 was born. His leadership was superb because, in just six years of existence, the company’s workforce reached more than thirty employees, and resulted to more than a billion dollars revenue. The culture of Ascendant Capital is primarily based on hard work, open communication, respect, and trust which is made the basis for their success.

Aside from being a busy professional man, Schneider is up to an active physical lifestyle. He has been participating in various Ironman competitions which made him tour around the globe. In total, he has completed around 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bicycle ride, and 13.1-mile run. Eating right and staying fit is also his main advocacies. Aside from this, traveling is his interests. He finds the traditional Thailand and Budapest his favorites. Jeffry Schneider is also a man with a big heart; he has philanthropy work too in organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver which is one of the many benevolent groups he is part of.

Clay Siegall Further Injects Supports To Find Solutions To Cancer Treatment


Clay Siegall is one of the clinical experts who have heavily invested their time and energy to cancer research and the development of options of treatment that are focused on reducing and eliminating the ravages of the disease. Over the past one decade, many companies have ventured into this industry and have helped to reveal vital details about the disease. Coupled with modern technology, the ideas raised through research have led to the development of innovative ways of treating cancer. Seattle Genetics, which was founded by Clay Siegall, has been on the forefront offering new technologies and drug pipelines that are focused on supporting the treatment of cancer.

Since inception, Seattle Genetics has maintained focus on developing cancer solutions. Although the company also makes other types of drugs, its investment in cancer research has been intense over the past 10 years. Clay Siegall describes this shift as a result of the great support they have been receiving from the industry. His team has been working on the ADC Technology, which was tested and proved to work seamlessly while treating cancer. One uniqueness about the ADC Technology is that it treats cancer by focusing only on the harmful cells while ignoring healthy cells. This assures the patient of a solution that will not interfere with other parts of the body.

More about Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall has been serving as a clinical scientist for over three decades and his influence in the cancer research industry saw the birth of Seattle Genetics, a company that has been delivering solutions for many years. Through the company, he has championed research to introduce new technologies and products aimed at supporting cancer treatment.

One of the products that were introduced through the company is ADCETRIS, a drug pipeline that has seen high rates of adoption and approval across many countries. The ADC Technology is also a milestone that allowed Seattle Genetics to get partnerships and new members to support the company in the cancer research programs. Clay Siegall is an accomplished clinical scientist and he founded Seattle Genetics on the idea of research and innovation of ideas to deliver solutions for cancer treatment.

Finding Talent with Brown Modeling Agency

If you feel you have great talent or have always wanted to be seen on a screen, pack your bags and make your way to Austin Texas! The Brown Modeling Agency has found some great talent that has been used in popular, big name brands. Some of those brands include Loreal, Toyota, Lucky Brand and Dell.

The Brown Modeling Agency enjoys working across all media platforms with a focus on film, television, and fashion. The goal of the agency is to create successful models by promoting them on the company social media pages.

The agency updates their personal company page with opportunities for open auditions and pictures of their current models with their success. If you are considering it, stop by the website to get more information along with some position requirements. This very successful company lives by the words “we are only as good as our talent” so you won’t feel like you are being left behind. They want to see you become something big!

Maggie Gill Great Contribution and Expertise in Neuroscience

Maggie Gill education level is very high. Maggie acquired her first degree from Florida State University after which she proceeded to Saint Leo University for her master’s degree. Apart from her bachelor’s and master’s degree, she has a doctorate in Neuroscience from Kansas State University. Besides, she attended the Medical University of South Carolina while conducting her postdoctoral fellowship. Her qualification and expertise in neuroscience secured her a lecturing position in the north central college. He taught Psychology and Neuroscience since 2013. Maggie’s research in the colleges mostly involves rearing-induced neurobiological, which helps to improve the behavior of taking medicines through a self-administrative procedure.

Maggie is the current president and CEO of Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC). This is one of the biggest and most reliable hospitals in Ontario. She has been working with this organization for last 13 years. She entered the organization as a vice president. She has been providing exemplary leadership and in the medical facility. She was appointed the chief executive officer of MUMC a year after joining the hospital. She played this position for six years before her appointment as the president of MUMC.

Before joining MUMC, Maggie worked for various medical facilities around Canada. She kicked off her career by working for Tenet South health between 1999 and 2004. She demonstrated diligence and commitment to her work thus emerging Tenet Outstanding Chief Financial Officer for three times. Besides, she offered her expertise to other organizations that include Palmetto General and Coral Gables hospitals as well as North Shore Medical Center among others. Due to her success as the CEO of MUMC, she is listed among the biggest and most successful CEOs by Beckers Hospital review.

As the head of MUMC, she has led the organization to offer excellent health services, which have resulted to enhancing the well-being of the whole community. MUMC won seven awards from George Medical Heroes Awards. Some of the categories they MUMC had been nominated was health care education and innovation where they scooped all the awards.