Improving Education with Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education launched its first school in San Jose, California over a decade ago. Despite Rocketship having made great moves in the community they tend to, Rocketship Education is still in its early stages of growth. They are still finding new and better means of serving their communities as well as their students, and they have learnt great ways of doing this. Rocketship Education has gained a lot of attention for being one of the leaders when it comes down to learning that is personalized. They are strong believers in bringing technology on board to further support the learning of their students and to also promote student agency. This is intended to understand the needs of their students better.

Rocketship Education is focused on elementary education, and despite this, their partners, funders and numerous parents have requested for them to make a K-12 system. This has always been a challenge due to the attempt of the building of a parallel system and transforming the public school system. Rocketship Education believes that the K-12 system undermines the capability to engage parents past the classroom and create equity demand from parents in the public education system, just as John King, the former US Secretary of Education, stated. Their next step was to build a parent leadership program which would in turn aid numerous families to exert their power to hold leaders accountable, avail top tier education and demand political attention to help the public school system to excel.

The school avails education to all kids regardless of their background, ethnicity, creed, class nor their race. Rocketship does not share in the belief that coloured students need to leave their community to have an opportunity for the school. They see that new pathways need to be made him comes to teaching to make sure that the students acquire the advantages of teacher diversity. They also believe that actions speak louder than words and the owner of Rocketship, having two children, both of his children attend Rocketship Fuerza Community Preparatory. Other than this, they also struggled to make up a quality program for challenged and disabled children.

Rocketship Education is a national non-profit network that handles public elementary charter schools which strive to serve communities challenged with a low income and with limited access to good schooling. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it strives to cut out the gap by building a scalable school model propelling the achievement of students.


Learn More about Life Line Screening Today

Most of you do not know what Life Line Screening is and how to prepare for it. If that is the condition, you are at the right place.

To start, Life Line Screening is a simple process that aims at detecting and identifying disease-causing symptoms before they manifest and spread to other parts of the body. The universal screening done today involves screening of cancerous cells.

Due to the improvement in technology, most procedures are simple and quick. This is because; the Ultrasound machines used are made with high-level technology. That is why you need very little preparation.

NOTE: It is always advisable that you ask your doctor what type of testing will be conducted so that you get prepared.

Depending on the kind of diseases being screened, you will need different procedures preparation. But there are common preparations for all illness.

1. For all screens that involve the chest and upper abdomen, you should wear a loose two-piece cloth that is easy to open. That means that, if you have a pantyhose, never wear one. During some tests like Carotid artery testing, dressed in a turtle necked shirt is not allowed.

2. In case of atrial fibrillation, avoid smearing your body with any oil or lotion. You are also required to leave your watch at home and turn off your phone if you have one.

3. If you are going for an aortic aneurysm, fast for about four hours. This means that you eat just a half of what you have been eating. Drink some water or tea if you become thirsty. Do not leave your medicine if you are taking some. For diabetic patients, please stick to your meals.

4. If you are going for any blood pressure testing, wear a short sleeved shirt. This will allow secure attachment of blood pressure cuffs. Some fasting is required too. Fast 7 hours if that is possible.

5. Some conditions like elevated C-reactive protein and ALT/AST need no preparation. Some like osteoporosis risk and type 2 diabetes need about eight hours of fasting.

Results depend on the type of testing which is being conducted. Some results are instant while others need some waiting.

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End Citizens United And Their Fantastic Grassroots Supporters

There is always tension in politics, especially when discussing the authenticity of a political stand. In the case of the man who received bullying laughter inside a courtroom for defending the small nonprofit Citizens United, this fixed issue is evident.

Citizens United is a small non-profit in the United States that wanted to air a movie that diminishes the character of Hillary Clinton, which is entitled Hillary: The Movie. It is an on-demand TV movie during the Democratic presidential primaries and was a political propaganda to destroy Hillary’s campaign. End Citizens United is the counterpart of the non-profit and wants to fight for the disempowerment of wealthy corporations from funding into campaigns that use the power of money to advance shady causes.

The Power of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is the political association established in 2015 that empowers their political stance against Citizens United and what they stand for, with the help of funds from grassroots groups and individuals. It wants to stop wealthy people from using the power of money. It wants for its objective the end of financing campaigns with donations from moneyed politicians. It also hopes that the elected officials and the voters will help in expanding the scope of the fight against politicians purchasing their way to power.


According to a trusted report from USA Today, End Citizens United was able to raise more than $4M worth of donations from different individuals during the first few months of 2017. With such rate, the nonprofit is confident they can raise more funds that might reach 35 Million dollars before the Congressional elections mid-2018.

The power of End Citizens United also came from the 10,000 and more people who contributed a lot of money and effort for the group’s aim. The average contribution of these individuals reached $12 each, and they were able to rally around this kind of support because of their purpose in fighting against the trend of pitting the less fortunate against themselves with paid elections.

Those who can always pay to get the upper hand in the elections should stop, and the fight of End Citizens United makes it all worth it that grassroots groups donate to them.

Right now, the nonprofit still has no list of Congressmen and women that they will support for the 2018 elections, but they indicated an inclination of support for Sherrod Brown, the Democratic senator from Ohio and Montana’s Jon Tester.

The group will support these two candidates with the help of their operations that come from a business model that uses a traditional PAC system, which only accepts donations not more than $5,000 from one person. The contribution gap will prove wonders in making sure that End Citizens United will not become the enemy that they are trying to fight with the same kind of large-scale donations that harms the electoral system.

Why Matthew Autterson is a Respected Business Leader in Denver

Matthew Autterson is the current President, CEO, and a board member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company was started in 2013 by Scott Falci, M.D. Matthew is one of the revered business minds available in Denver. He is an experienced wealth management professional who has held different positions in many companies. Matthew is a graduate of Finance from Michigan State University, and he also attended Graduate Tax Program offered by the same institution.

After graduating from college, Matthew began his career with First Trust Corporation—a subordinate company of Fiserv. He then jumped shipped and joined Resources Trust, a little-known subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc. Matthew’s professional performance impressed the owners of Resources Trust who appointed him the president of the trust. In 1998, the parent company of Resources Trust was sold to Broad Inc. Matthew at the helm of Resources Trust had managed to progress the fund to over $20 billion in assets and $1 billion in direct deposits.

Matthew’s 25 years in the financial service industry has earned him a place in many Denver based businesses. The businesses are well aware of the resourcefulness of Matthew in matters business management. Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) appointed him to their board, a role he associates with the philanthropic duty to the community. Matthew is passionate about philanthropic duties to the community and has often offered his services free of charge to organizations such as the Denver Zoo, Denver Zoological Foundation, Webb-Waring, and Denver Hospice. In 2000, he was lauded for using his financial industry connections to bring in sponsors to an event meant to raise money for the construction of children’s carousel at Denver Zoo. Matthew managed to convince Dreyfus and other corporate entities to make donations in support of the event. The sponsors offered over $70,000.

Matthew is married to Lori Autterson. The two have children among them is Madison Autterson. Matthew enjoys spending time with his family. In 2007, Matthew and his daughter, Madison Autterson alongside others took part in the Baja 1000 race. Matthew’s team, led by a high profile socialite Holly Kylberg, performed exceptionally well at the event.


Logan Stout Making Remarkable Steps In The Sports And Fitness Field

Logan Stout is the chair and CEO of IDLife. He has an unparalleled record of accomplishment in health and wellness industry that dates back many decades. Stout is also a sought-after keynote motivational speaker and author of best-selling books. With his skills, he was able to launch a multilevel company in 2014 and have it listed among top 100 firms.

Early Life

Stout was raised in Richardson, Texas and graduated from J.J Pearce H.S. He was the Student Athletic Council in college due to his excellence in sports, leadership, and academics. He played for Pearce Mustang Basketball Club and played both baseball and varsity basketball. The talented executive enrolled for a business degree from Panola before joining the University of Dallas for a psychology degree.

Professional Life

After college, Stout played professionally with the Fort Worth Cats. His passion to coach baseball contributed to the establishment of the Dallas Patriots. The former baseball player started Premier Baseball Academy that was the home for indoor baseball training center. Apart from pro baseball and playing college, Stout worked as a coach at Dallas Baptist University.

The skillful business leader, speaker, author, philanthropist, and success coach has toured the world motivating youths and seniors. In his book, stout highlights the secrets to building yourself, teams, and people. His positions as a leader of reputable companies in the region, a World Series coach and player, and founder of known baseball organization inspire individuals, companies, and groups.


Logan Stout opened IDLife in January 2014 to sell health care products. The company supplies nutritional supplements to satisfy specific individual preference. Professionals working at the firm provide necessary information about the fitness programs to avoid confusing the clients. IDLife uses three simple steps to lose weight, boost energy levels, lower disease risk, reduce the medication need, and live a satisfying and happy life. Stout has led the enterprise in forming treaties with other expert companies to improve its commodities and services.

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The Face of Plastic Surgery; Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a licensed Plastic Surgeon based in Austin Texas. She was brought up in Austin, and that’s why she moved Walden’s practice from New York and set up shop in Austin

Jennifer Walden acquired her training at the University of Texas medical branch where she graduated as the salutatorian of her class with a bachelor’s degree in Arts of Biology. She was also elected president of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She did her externship at the prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami.

After her externships, she received an invitation to work in Manhattan at the world renowned fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital where she grew in knowledge and stature. She greatly benefited from the many of the world’s best doctors who practice within the center.

Jennifer then established a reputed practice in New York City but later moved to Austin in 2011 so that her children would be closer to their extended family. Being one of only 12 women who practice cosmetic surgery in Texas, places her in a class of her own. She considers herself a “rarity” when it comes to plastic surgeons. She credits this to the number of years it takes to study for the profession, making hard choices that women in her line of work find difficulty dealing with like raising a family.

Dr. Walden is a published author and respected expert in the field of plastic surgery. She has received many accolades and is a regular on most news and entertainment TV networks where she gives expert advice on the advancement of the cosmetic industry. She also is a consultant to various aesthetic companies that deal in manufacturing products used by plastic surgeons. She also has an “inventor” developing tools for breast augmentation.

Dr. Walden is clearly the face of plastic surgery in Texas and beyond.

Securus Technologies – Offering Game Changer Technology to the Correctional Industry

Many companies are trying to make it big in the field of inmate communications and prison technology, but one of the companies that have performed consistently and delivered great results is Securus Technologies. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, which helps the end users to use it without second thoughts. There are many other companies in the correctional industry that offer inmate communications and other associated products and services for the communications sectors, but at a much higher price than Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies believe that it is essential to use modern technology to provide better and more advanced services to the end users. Apart from the inmate communication services, the company also provides crime prevention and investigative technology and services that the law enforcement agencies rely up on. Securus Technologies understand that technology is going to play a significant role in reducing crime in the society going forward. It is where the company has been focusing all its research and development initiatives as well. The company has its technology center where all the research happens on how to develop new technologies and better the ones that are already in use.

The end users love Securus Technologies, and it continues to receive letters of admiration from the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers on a regular basis. The company showcased parts of these letters to the world in a press release recently. It was done for the world to know what the law enforcement officers and the correctional facility, in general, feel about the company’s products and services. The law enforcement officers believe that the investigative technology offered by Securus is one of the best in the industry, and is a game changer. It would help in reducing crime and keep the crime rate low in the communities.


The USHEALTH Group making positive changes in the community

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Texas and it has subsidiaries which focus on providing insurance solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and their own employees. Its subsidiaries are National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The USHEALTH Group has over fifteen million clients with which it provides personalized insurance covers to through its insurance companies. The USHEALTH Group has been in the industry for more than 5 decades.

The Group offers accident, disease, disability and life insurance. When it comes to insurance, they work on the basis of individual needs to provide a solution using a broad spectrum of tailor made services for their clients. Their products are very innovative, flexible, reliable and affordable which makes them keep their existing customers and attract potential clients.

They cover low and high budget plans depending on your type of income to ensure that all their customers are satisfied. USHEALTH Group insurance companies have gained customer loyalty through maintenance of long and good relationships through providing quality and dependable services. All the agents of the USHEALTH Group are trained and certified before engaging in any representation of the Group’s products.

The USHEALTH Group subsidiaries have worked with the notion that a generic product is not satisfactory for everyone and this is what makes them unique in the market. They also offer an exemplary service for their customers and an easy and straight forward procedure of processing of claims. They were one of the Top 50 companies in Call Centre ranks in North America in 2013 and also have been awarded a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Everyone working under and for the USHEALTH Group, work with a mission of Helping Other People Everyday, HOPE. This is a positive endeavor to bring out positive outcomes in other people’s lives. This mission, HOPE was founded in 2010 and later partnered with Phoenix of New Orleans, to rebuild homes in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina.

Bloomberg revealed that The USHEALTH Group through HOPE also donated 45 thousand dollars towards HopeKids in Arizona, a support initiative for families who have children with cancer and other chronic diseases.

Any member of the USHEALTH Group has an access to their online platform where they carry out research in order to make proper decisions. USHEALTH Group also offers dental insurance, premier covers, and income protectors.

Any cover offered by the Group will vary in price and one only gets covered for what was agreed upon when signing the contract. The income protector is particularly useful especially for people with a family or a team. This cover protects one’s bills in case of an accident that causes one not to be able to cater to them.

Ricardo Tosto – Personal and Professional Background

Ricardo Tosto’s father was a lawyer for more than 32 years and, as such, Ricardo has been privileged to travel the world with him on his assignments. He has taught Ricardo much in the field as well – everything from personal terms to practical applications – and so much more. Ricardo also has an B.A. degree in Communication and Media Law Studies and dominates AP style, one client at a time.


Ricardo Tosto – Story Written About Him

There was once a man named Ricardo Tosto. He worked from his press agency of Oliveira Carvalho every day; one day, though, the office’s HVAC and AC systems broke down for the day, and there was no one in the building who was qualified or skilled enough to do anything about it. After having had quite a few experiences in writing and editing numerous pieces for his legal firm, Ricardo came up with an idea: He would call The HVAC Experts. Indeed, he had seen the commercials and billboards all around town – and had even brainstormed and written a few pieces of his own on this unique business. So, why not give it a shot and see what it can do? and more information click here.

Ricardo Tosto lived in Brazil, after all – a place known for its raging outdoor temperatures, especially in the mid-summertime. Since he was in such a season, he knew that he’d need to act quickly if he wanted to save himself and his co-workers from indoor heat and the uncomfortable working environments that this would case in a matter of minutes. He then picked up the phone, called The HVAC Experts and explained the problem. In less than an hour, qualified experts were at the building. In two hours, the issue was fixed and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Past “Personal” Blog Titles Written by Ricardo Tosto

  1. Summer Season AC Prep. – What You Can Do Well Ahead of Time
  2. HVAC for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Heating and Cooling for Residents of Beautiful Canada – A Business Directory and resume him.

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ClassDojo: Closing Gaps and Buiding Bridges

Early childhood and elementary education are both extremely important times in a child’s life. These moments, and the knowledge children gain during these times, will help lay the framework for who they will be in their adult lives. This August, schools and educators all over are taking a new approach to the traditional classroom environment. Connecting with parents with the classroom and their student, no matter where they are.

Thanks to education enthusiast Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the bridge between parents and families has been closed. Inspired by their love for early education, the dynamic duo set out on a journey to forever change how parents and teachers communicate. Focusing their efforts on family involvement, and full support for students, both academic and professional, they built a social platform that connects parents with their children, and teachers. Much like the most commonly used social media apps today, ClassDojo is an interactive playground for students, teachers and parents.

Through the app, parents and teachers can quickly and easily communicate regarding their student’s’ academic progress, achievements and activities. In today’s busy world, it is easy to overlook the simple things, but being involved in your student’s school day is important. ClassDojo provides an opportunity for parents to be there, when their work schedule says they can’t. Students can earn points through the ClassDojo point system, and post their work and accomplishments for friends and parents to view, both boosting their confidence and allowing them to set examples for their fellow classmates.

Of all the amazing contributions ClassDojo and its makers have made to the world of education, the commitment to increase parental involvement in the classroom is something that should never go unrecognized.