All about Richard Dwayne Blair and the Investment Advisory Firm

Richard Dwayne Blair provides wealth management and retirement planning tips to his clients in Texas, and the greater Austin. His believe is that for each and every person to achieve a financial target, planning is mandatory. Richard deals with his community members and helps them by arming them with a monetary roadmap that they should follow for a better tomorrow.

So as to come up with this kind of comprehensive financial plan, Richard Dwayne uses three basic pillars. These pillars enable him to comprehend the client’s current financial status and the needs that come hand in hand with retirement, so as to come up with a convenient and holistic plan. The first pillar lays out the financial roadmap for a particular client.

Richard Dwayne Blair comes up with the route that the client should follow through identifying his risk tolerance, strengths, goals and the client’s opportunities of growth. At this first pillar, this is where Blair takes that opportunity to create a good, strong and a long lasting relationship with his clients. At pillar 2, development of effective and durable investment strategies that are totally in line with the client’s goals and needs takes place. Also at this pillar, general performance is monitored and compared to both the company’s and the client’s expectations.

When it comes to the third pillar, Richard together with the client reviews the final pillar-insurance needs. No one can predict the future but one can prepare for it through adequate coverage. The clients are covered by long-term care insurance, life insurance, and annuities.

Richard Dwayne Blair founded the Wealth Solutions his main agenda being to help small business owners, families and even individuals live a better life. Richard’s grandmother, mother and even wife were teachers. As a result, Richard received firsthand teaching and can attest to the impact of education on one’s knowledge and confidence.


Dwayne entered the financial service industry in 1993 immediately after graduating from college. He decided to come up with the Wealth Solution so as to provide professional and personalized advice to his clients. Over the years he has been in this industry, Richard has gained a wide experience in retirement planning.


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