About Car Capital and the Credit Facility from Fortress Investment Group

Car Capital is a revolutionary automotive industry financing company owned by Car Capital Technologies. The company provides financial assistance to car dealerships to help them stock up on the cars that they want. In addition to this, it has a proprietary technology platform to help customers’ figure out the vehicle they need.

Car Capital’s mission is to make the car buying experience easier for every entity involved. It seems that many other business players believe in this company’s mission, vision, and potential. This was made clear recently after Fortress Investment Group, a high-flying American alternative asset manager based in New York, agreed to offer it a $150 million credit facility and make a $6.1 equity investment.

How Car Capital works

According to the Car Capital management, its DEALS (Dealer Electronic Auto Loan System) platform, dealers can partner with the company to instantly accept all of their customers’ car purchase requests regardless of their credit history. The round-the-clock approval of decisions is based on the unique economics of each car and consumer.

The dealer partners are rewarded with back-end profits based on their performance regardless of their portfolio size. Justin Tisler, the CEO of Car Capital and also its co-founder, mentioned that the credit facility from Fortress Investment Group would allow it to rapidly grow its business to meet increasing demand.

He pointed out that as the economy is opening up after the pandemic, more dealers are looking for the company’s help to boost their businesses.

What makes Car Capital stand out?

Dominick Ruggiero, a Fortress Investment Group managing director, mentioned that Car Capital is unique due to its business model. Firstly, the company has already shown that its business model is bulletproof. In addition to this, it owns proprietary technology that might take possible competitors years to develop. The Fortress Investment Group executive based in New York mentioned that the management at Car Capital has proven to be competent to drive the company to success. To learn more visit: here.