A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Illustrative Career

Eric Pulier is a renowned public speaker, author, technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and published author. He is credited for founding more than 15 companies. Over the years, he has been raising capital for the companies that he has founded or helped in co-founding. The father of four children lives in Los Angeles.

As a venture capitalist, he has invested in various firms, including eCompanies, Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures. In addition, he has injected capital to some seed level startups in both the technology and media industries. Eric Pulier is an alumnus of the Harvard University where he pursued Computer Science, English & American Literature and Visual & Environmental Studies. In 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. While at the university, he authored the PulierLeg. He made weekly contribution to the Harvard Crimson Weekly where he was also an editor.

Eric Pulier has vast experience on government projects. He played an instrumental role in building and running the “Bridge to the 21st Century.” This multi-day event sought to commemorate Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. Members of the US Supreme Court, Senate and Congress attended the ceremony, which was held at the Mall in Washington DC. Eric featured in almost all the news stations in the USA talking about the event and showing the public the various exhibit tents. After the success of the project, Pulier worked with Al Gore and his team on technology and healthcare. For four years, Eric served on the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management (CTM) at the prestigious USC Marshall School.

In addition, during a live-feed from the renowned Space Shuttle, Eric Pulier was heavily involved in enabling the real-time interactions with the astronauts. Over the years, he has engaged in different charitable activities. Most of the initiatives have involved the use of technology to help underprivileged communities or physically challenged children in the United States and around the globe (More Info). Notably, Eric is affiliated with the ACE Foundation. This 501C3 entity has dedicated its time and resources towards reshaping the development of software and its application to various challenges faced by humans. Eric donated capital to the Starlight Foundation with the objective of enhancing interactions between children having chronic illness. He is also a financial donor to a 501C3 charitable entity, XPRIZE Foundation.

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