A Comprehensive Interaction With Yves Mirabaud

Mirabaud Bank is a private bank in Geneva that prioritizes consumer interests. It is about to introduce another technology platform to upgrade its operations. Yves Mirabaud was asked why the 2020 fiscal report looked more disappointing because the profits had flopped marginally.

Mirabaud said that2020 was ranked among the best years in the bank’s two-century history. Compared to the previous two years, 2020 registered extraordinary revenue even with the troublesome coronavirus pandemic. In the same year, Mirabaud had an eight per cent revenue fall, but more investors and customers came on board.

Some issues triggered this decline. The business sensed a weakened American dollar, and in March, the bank started securing the customer portfolios before the market became more turbulent. This phase has recoveries and flops, but the clients still invested even though the revenue dropped drastically.

Some friends of Yves Mirabaud enjoyed the hedging approach, and even though they might appear conservative and old-fashioned, their culture was still relevant in the operations. The customers were never alarmed, even if their less volatile portfolios were not stable.

Yves Mirabaud confirmed that Mirabaud witnessed some outliers who only needed the bank for execution, so they enacted whatever the customers needed. Customers experienced portfolio leverage, so some margin was called during the turbulence that later hit revenue.

Yves Mirabaud was also cutting costs because they were careful in their spending. Therefore, the novel coronavirus pandemic triggered some savings in sponsoring events, entertainment and travel. Yves said they convinced some bankers to join their businesses and strengthen operations across the seven active markets.

Yves Mirabaud’s Profile

Yves is Mirabaud, SCA’s managing partner. He also chairs different Mirabaud boards and committees. He holds an international studies degree from a Geneva-based university. Yves leads a financial center initiative in Geneva and is also a board member of Geneva’s Industry, Commerce, and Services chamber. See this article for more information.


Additional information about Yves can be found on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirabaud_Group