Perry Mandera: The Man That Doesn’t Sleep

Perry Mandera is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, inc., which is an all-purpose transportation company based in Illinois. This company has over 200 employees and generates sales of about 200 million dollars a year. During his time in this field, he has gained a reputation for excellence, and has become known by his catchphrase: Do it right the first time.

Perry Mandera got his start in the transportation business during his time with the Marines. He was in charge of logistics, which means moving large quantities of men and materials to and from wherever they are needed. Needless to say, he learned a lot about the role that good transportation plays in any operation. In 1984, after leaving the military, he decided to continue his public service by running for public office as a Republican. He ran for and won a seat as a Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th ward.

Perry Mandera has also been known for his participation in numerous charitable activities. Mr. Mandera has created an entire wing of his company, called Custom Cares Charities, to oversee philanthropic activity of all sorts. For instance, they sponsor over 100 sports teams around the state. Between 2010 and 2013 alone, he received the ISCC Citizen of the Year award, the Bishop Sheils award and the President’s award for his charity work. He even does a yearly survey of his employees, asking them to name someone they know who is in need of financial help. Certainly, he has gone above and beyond what is expected in the area of philanthropy.

A hard work ethic has contributed to the success of Mr. Mandera as well. He stated in a recent interview ( that he only sleeps four hours a night because he is always in constant communication with others regarding business. In this same interview, he elaborates on the importance of doing things right the first time. As he explains it, when someone makes a mistake, they not only waste their own time, but also the time of whoever has to correct the mistake.

Without any doubt, Perry Mandera will continue to be one of the best in the business.


Could Empathy Be a Learned Behavior?

Can empathy be taught? A number of scientists are using a combination of biofeedback and brain scans as evidence that there is a way to improve mental feelings and boost feelings of empathy.

Scientists hope to take information on these studies and approach the research in a way that will effectively treat people who suffer from conditions like postpartum depression and mental illness. It is also believed that the study of empathy may assist people who have conditions ranging from mild autism to psychopaths. These scientists state that this is the first study that sites the complicated emotions that are connected to empathy.

Jorge Moll from the Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Unit at Rio de Janeiro’s D’Or Institute for Research and Education utters that other scientific groups have been monitoring the regions of the brain that are tied to emotions. However, since empathy is such a complex emotion, it’s essential to explore several components of the brain simultaneously.

In an interview with NBC News, Moll states that he and other scientists are interested in emotions that motivate humans to perform unselfish acts for others, right their wrongs and try to improve overall. He shares that the purpose of the study was to map the emotions that led to these actions and to allow people to train themselves to feel these emotions.

The concept is one that has been studied for quite some time, and was even explained in ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep,’ a novel by Philip Dick published in 1968. ‘Blade Runner,’ a film by Ridley Scott also explored the concept of empathy, according to Moll’s research team ( The movie featured an “empathy box,” which of course if a figment of the science fiction imagination, but the principle of this device has opened up a world of possibility for researchers and inventors.

Jorge Moll has had years of experienced in the neurosciences and continues to study the effects that empathy has on the brain and body. He is the president and director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education, and is also a senior researcher for the institution. He also has the distinction of being the Education Head of the Neuroinformatics Workgroup and Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (Crunchbase). He received the Research Fellow NIH award for 2004-2007 and was chosen to be an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2008.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Sustains Frontera Fund

Presidential pardons have often been given through the history of the United States.

The latest one, which was given by President Donald Trump, his very first one actually, is the pardon he issued for Joe Arpaio – who was once considered the toughest Sheriff of Maricopa County in the State of Arizona. Read more:

News of his heinous wrongdoings has certainly been circulated in the media, which includes the illegal arrests and detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

One night time a decade ago, under the directive of Joe Arpaio, the agents of Maricopa County’s Selective Enforcement Unit knocked on the doors of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The agents lugged the two men away from their homes and confined them in prison since they have been charged with divulging some information about an investigation being conducted by a grand jury.

During that time, Lacey and Larkin were connected with the Village Voice Media, as executive editor and CEO, respectively. The newspaper recently published a news article that highlighted a grand jury’s probe on the Village Voice Media’s Phoenix New Times. But Lacey and Larkin did not know was that the grand jury has been conducting an investigation on them.

At the same time, Joe Arpaio was feeling aggravated in those times due to the growing exposure the local media is doing on his excessive and belligerent tactics on law enforcement that the Sheriff’s office has been doing ever since he took his seat in 1992.

His notorious tent city, and unlawful orders against inmates and women (particularly if they have immigrant statuses) have been broadcasted numerous times be several newspapers.

Joe Arpaio’s term in office witnessed countless cases where the said Sheriff was told many times over what was legally acceptable and what was not. And in 2011, US District Judge Murray Snow informed Sheriff Joe Arpaio that the detention of immigrants because of mere suspicion is not adequate grounds for being imprisoned. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

And because there was no proper proof that the prisoners either did not have or did have appropriate status, it was unconstitutional to detain that person.

That instance and many others like it have been discussed privately numerous times before 2011. Afterwards, the cases were brought to the surface when a legal complaint was filed versus Joe Arpaio a decade ago.

The complaint bared the situations inmates coped up with in Arpaio’s tent city. And due to that evidence, Arpaio was indicted for violating the human rights of other immigrants and Latinos.

Lacey and Larkin began to expose Arpaio’s misconducts head-on, which ultimately resulted into their illegal arrests.

But the two media men fought back, and after 24 days in jail they file a lawsuit against Joe Arapio, divulging his malpractices all the more. The case was settled after more than five years for a sum of $3.7 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used the money they got from the settlement to launch Frontera Fund, a non-profit organization that helps Latinos and other immigrants in fighting for their rights and needs all over the State of Arizona.

Matt Badiali: Benefits Of Investing In Master Limited Partnerships

Matt Badiali is a well-known author for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he writes investment advice columns related to the mining, energy, and agricultural industries. The one thing that all of these investment categories sharing common is profitable investments in natural resources. Over the course of his career, Matt Badiali has been able to travel around the world in search of unique investment opportunities. He strongly believes that in order to make the best investments you need to see firsthand how a corporation or operation is run. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

While he has significant experience in the finance industry, he has had an equally industrious career and academics. In fact, originally he was not destined to go into the finance industry at all but was instead on his path towards becoming a career academic. He originally received his bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences. He later went to Florida Atlantic University and completed his Master’s degree in geology. At the time of his recruitment into the finance industry, he was pursuing his Ph.D. while teaching classes at the University of North Carolina in geology. He was contacted by an expert in the financial literature industry who was putting together a team that would research investment opportunities in the natural resources sector.

As part of the team, Matt Badiali was able to travel the world in order to see firsthand how various corporations and the natural resources economy were ran in search of unique investment opportunities that would prove to be profitable. It was during part of this process that Matt Badiali encountered what he later came to call Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks is simply a term coined by Matt Badiali in reference to the payouts that are provided to shareholders by master limited partnerships. Read more about Freedom Checks at

A master limited partnership is a classification for tax purposes that a corporation can receive that allow the corporation to operate with zero tax liability. In order to be considered a master limited partnership, a corporation must meet the requirements set forth by Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F states that a master limited partnership is a corporation that can prove that it derives 90% of its income from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and natural gas domestically within the borders of the United States of America. Additionally, the corporation must periodically payout a portion of its revenues in a manner that is analogous to dividends from traditional stocks to its shareholders.


Ian King: The Era of Cryptocorns

Ian King has been investing since college where he first had an internship with famous investment company Merrill Lynch. From there he experienced success in the mortgage bond trading department of Salomon Brothers and later went on to become the manager of a hedge fund in New York. Over time he grew bored of working on Wall Street and decided to begin creating his own publications on investment advice. Today he is most popular for his advice column for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, Crypto Profit Trader. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

With the rise of the new asset class called cryptocurrencies, he has taken advantage of his investment and trading knowledge in order to educate the masses. He first invested in bitcoin in 2013 during one of the coins lowest value times. For every $1000 that was invested around that time Ian King was able to create $1.2 million as of 2018. He has invested in several other cryptocurrencies which have posted significant returns as well.

Now he has been speaking of a new trend in the investment communities which he has termed Cryptocorns. Cryptocorns is simply an amalgamation of the term cryptocurrency and unicorn. In the world of venture capitalism, a unicorn is a startup which quickly exceeds a $1 billion valuation. In the past with traditional companies startups which create this level of market capitalization are exceedingly rare. However, in the world of cryptocurrencies, the ability for a new coin to create evaluation in excess of $1 billion is becoming more and more common. While with typical companies there are only 275 around the world that fit this definition there are quite a few cryptocurrencies which could be considered a unicorn.


Bitcoin is by far the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency today with a market capitalization that has reached nearly $400 billion by the end of 2017. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency though. In fact, today there are over 1000 other cryptocurrency projects. Some of these projects have created profits returns in excess of 1000%, and sometimes all the way up to 10,000%. Overall, the supply of blockchain technology does not meet the demand which causes the price of blockchain projects to skyrocket. Over the last year, the market capitalization of alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin has grown by 25,000%. In total, their market capitalization has grown from 2.2 billion to nearly 500 billion in a very short period of time. While it is impossible to guarantee profits by carefully analyzing the markets you can create significant returns. Follow Ian on Twitter.


Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff New Novel

Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is not your typical celebrity novel. It is not an autobiography nor is it based on one of the characters Sean Penn has played over the years. Exactly what this novel intends to communicate can be hard to fathom for the reader.

The novel concerns a millennial named Bob Honey who takes on a variety of jobs to make a living. None of these jobs are the kind that most of us would want to undertake. They include selling portable toilets and being an assassin. Mr. Honey is quite disturbed that the United States is no longer the great country he expected from his childhood.

Mr. Penn has given up acting and turned to writing to make his living. This is his first book and he clearly takes aim at everything that is wrong with society. Bob Honey comments in depth on the current president although he never names President Trump. However, to quote from the text, “the violently immature seventy-year-old man with money and … cotton candy hair” seems to be clearly pointing to the president. He describes this character as permanently injured by the demonstrating women after his inauguration and then challenges him to a twitter dual.

Honey continues to comment on all aspects of the current political scene. He comments on Russia’s interference in the election, the increasing gun violence in the country, blames the media for increasing the hysteria about black lives and brings up false new quite a lot. He thinks the “Me Too” movement is reducing women’s issues to infantilism. He complains about the lack of proof and proper procedures before someone is fired. He wonders, “Did we really need to fire Charlie Rose?”

In the end, Bob is more than just a complainer. He goes to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He goes to help Puerto Rico recover from its storms. He even winds up in Bagdad at the beginning of the Iraq War and helps the refugees and survivors recover from the war. After all this, Bob heads to Miami to investigate his employee who hires him to tear down society as a hit man with a mallet. Bob is looking for why.

Read Vogues article here.

Let’s all give a Hand, for Dr. Johanan Rand!

Dr. Johanan Rand is a weight loss medical expert, powerhouse who also specializes in rejuvenating medicine and anti-aging alternatives for his patients. He currently has a bioidentical hormone replacement practice and currently is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center since 2010 located in West Orange, New Jersey. With his incredible training background from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine, an internship at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and obtaining his residency at the renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand is well resourced to bring the best centralized Healthcare service to his patients. Dr. Johanan Rand’s primary focus within his practice is to provide his patients with the best Individualized treatment specifically relating to aging. Dr. Johanan Rand believes we all have good and bad hormones in our bodies. He also mentions how the bad hormones within our bloodstreams become more prominent as we all get older, decreasing our good hormones within the same time frame ( Dr. Johanan Rand’s method of treatment revives the patient’s good hormones by applying bioidentical hormones to his patients and gives options regarding aging while also restoring hope, confidence and allowing the young at heart to not only feel but look more youthful.

Common concerns from patients seen by Dr. Johanan Rand are daily affected by conditions that affect them physically, mentally, emotionally such as weight gain, high blood pressure, hot flashes, insomnia, lack of memory, dryness in their vaginal area, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, panic attacks and depression just to name a few. Dr. Jonathan Rand’s medical staff is well-trained to assist each patient to focus on healthier nutritional options as well as exercise and therapies that ultimately helps decrease aging and prevent continuous illnesses and disease while also restoring their endurance and zest for life that they once felt in their earlier stages of life. After Johanan Rand’s treatment, his patients have noted to have more energy, tenacity, and resilience. Denouncing any ongoing anxiety, heart disease or depression as well overall improving his patient’s lifestyles. Dr. Johanan Rand’s incredible research proves how aging is significantly affected by bioidentical hormone imbalances, which he is rehabilitating one patient at a time. On behalf of all of us, who fear the inevitable regarding getting aging, Thank You, Dr. Johanan Rand, for giving second chances in more ways than one to a better life.


Where did you come from Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

There is a reason for everything. That has been my belief for as long as I can remember. Even if it (the reason) does not make sense to others, there is a reason for everything. That is the exact thought that comes to mind with Sean Penn’s new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The tactical misuse of proper grammar is a peek into this almost Alice in Wonderland like experience of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff! At first glance it is a loose fitting comedian worthy joke of extreme proportions regarding the somewhat dysfunctional image of current American life. Penn pokes wicked fun at the fact many people have to take on multiple jobs, sometimes severely unrelated to one another, to make ends meet. Bob Honey has quite a few odd jobs including assassin to the elderly! He also puts relationships, married relationships to be exact, on the roast as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has experienced the ending of his own marriage and the bitter aftertaste left by his ex wife.

Penn’s sly style of world view venting, is on display thru Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Complete with disdain for the person holding the highest office in the land, Penn’s heartfelt emotions show through the actions of our protagonist in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. In an attempt to laugh instead of crying about the state of everyday life in these here states, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff provides if nothing else, a reason to laugh. Though the laughter may be with out true mirth, the stark profundity of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff may have a real message or two lurking between the lines. Penn’s reason for writing the novel may simply be to provide several painfully comical views of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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NGP VAN’s MiniVAN Software is Time-Saving and Inclusive

NGP VAN is enabling more people to organize politically and bringing down the organization that is required, thanks to their new app. MiniVAN is a canvassing software that cuts and distributes turf for campaigners, so no one has to spend time figuring out who needs to go to what areas. It’s especially helpful in areas with limited resources, or areas where an organizer has physically located away from those who will be doing the campaigning.

Before software like MiniVAN existed, turf would manually have to be cut by organizers and different sections would be distributed to different campaigners. Sometimes, going to get your individual list of voters could be time-consuming. The first version of MiniVAN was Knock 10, a similar app that gave campaigners information on the 10 closest voters from their current location, however, people needed more customization. MiniVAN is more customized, and users can pick specific campaigns as opposed to being limited to one set campaign of ten voters. The flexibility of MiniVAN has been very helpful to many people working on campaigning, and although there is a learning curve when it comes to using the app it is a huge time saver.

As a company, NGP VAN focuses on providing technology to Democratic and progressive campaigns, including nonprofits. It provides its clients with many different products to make their lives easier and succeed in their campaigning, such as fundraising, organizing, and social networking products along with organizing and field products such as MiniVAN. NGP VAN’s software has been used by major campaigns such as President Barack Obama’s campaign, and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns. NGP VAN believes that “it shouldn’t break the bank to change the world”, and strives to make its products accessible to everyone, regardless of how big or small their nonprofit is. Recently, it hosted a “Day Without a Woman” celebration, to acknowledge the huge value that women have and their importance in the workplace. In general, NGP VAN finds it very important to emphasize equality in their workplace and has progressive beliefs. They have also recently added the option of non-binary identification labels to voter records within their app.

Watch NGP VAN’s Youtube channel:


GoBuyside: A Leader In Technology Aided Employment Recruitment

The landscape of employment has undergone a constant change since the inception of internet usage in the 1990’s. It seems like another lifetime ago when would be employees would have to make calls to agencies that recruited local talent to man positions at local companies.

But not only has there been a change in talent recruitment methods but job functions have also greatly evolved in response to the ease of acquiring information that is provided by the internet.

These developments and more are being carefully monitored by GoBuyside, a firm based in New York City that studies employment trends in the tech industry while facilitating the use of technology in the recruitment of job talent. Read more blogs at

One of the more noticeable trends in employment within the industry of finance is the ability to now perform job duties from remote locations. A report given by the Bureau of Labor Statics showed that nearly one-fourth of employed individuals performed at least some of their job-related duties from the comfort of their home with the use of the internet in the year 2015.

This benefits both employers and employees alike as the consideration of a job applicant’s location becoming a non-factor for employers leads to a much larger base of potential talent while also increasing the job search options for those needing employment.

GoBuyside has been able to use this increase in the number of available job applicants to exercise increased selectivity when evaluating the merits of job applicants and assuring that the cream of the crop is working for the company.

GoBuyside identifies these stellar hirings by utilizing information provided by a number of sites online including social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. In past times, it was the applicants themselves that were solely able to record, and when needed, produce information for employers pertaining to themselves. Today, employers have full access to many aspects of an applicant’s life in real time. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The fact that many jobs now are either part-time or for a single project has also precipitated the use on the part of GoBuyside of online job boards, artificial intelligence, and applicant tracking systems to satisfy short-term hiring requirements.

GoBuyside has used their modern approach to hiring talent to benefit many in the finance industry such as private equity firms, fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, and more. Job applicants are also discovering that GoBuyside benefits them by making employment available to them throughout the globe.

As a hiring platform, GoBuyside sets itself apart from the competition by collecting much more data about the companies with which they work which affords potential recruits to arms themselves with actionable information regarding potential employers.

One associate working at a private equity firm credits GoBuyside with the job he now has. The associate says that the updates provided by GoBuyside along with helpful reviews and connections made caused the job search journey to become much less strenuous even while working more than 80 hours per week. The associate is now managing more than $12 billion worth of assets at his present job.