OneLogin: Highlights from the Past Year

OneLogin has had a year of growth and progress: releasing new products, upgrades, and gaining big name customers. Their newest release of Adaptive Authentication uses exciting new machine learning technology to monitor the security. If a user seems suspicious, this technology will automatically issue an MFA request before allowing the user to continue. This technology analyzes a wide range of information from location to login time to device in use to detect potential fraud. The company has used this same machine learning to update the OneLogin portal and increase the speed of use for important apps. The program learns the top used apps, and places those at the forefront of the portal. The search option has also been optimized, making it easier for user to use keywords to find a needed app.

Recently, Airbus joined the over 2000 customers looking to digitally transform decision making processes. Effective security and management of digital information allows any company to react more swiftly to the ever changing market. It is the ease of access while still maintaining high levels of security that make OneLogin the choice of many companies when accessing cloud content.

Brad Brooks, who joined the OneLogin team as CEO in August, has made it a priority to focus on this digital transformation and to drive innovation in companies everywhere. He fully recognizes the importance of this technology not just for companies today, but for the decade to come. It has the ability to improve productivity by making access both easy and secure.

In the past, OneLogin has been recognized by Glassdoor, San Francisco Business Times, and Fortune as one of the top small companies to work for in the San Francisco Bay area. After winning it’s first two awards, OneLogin worked to empower employees increasing transparency and trust in the company.

With all the exciting changes, improvements, and challenges of the last year, OneLogin will certainly be a company to continue watching not only in this new year, but for years to come.

Every Female Figure Looks Better in Fabletics Althletic Gear Sold at Amazon

What if someone told you that every female figure would look better wearing Fabletics althletic gear sold now at Amazon? Likely, you would want proof. This amazing fashion company designed to make women feel terrific about themselves has a fun Lifestyle Quiz that takes short minutes to complete. The results will astound any woman that tries this. The information gleaned from this short quiz reveals mistakes that most women make when out shopping for new clothing. The quiz reveals the right size, cut, design, color hues, fabric preferences and what the woman wants to wear the clothing for. Fabletics makes varying forms of athleisure wear that work for different activity levels. Some fabrics are more suited for vigorous activity, while other materials are better for lighter types of activities. Also, some fabrics are made to hide those figure flaws that women feel embarrassed by.


This enlightening Lifestyle Quiz is not just informative, it is actually fun to do. Ladies learn more about their real fashion favorites. How many times have some women shopped for something a bit different thinking it would look stunning. Once home, the outfit might not fit well, it could be scratchy or it could look hideous when regular light shows the real effect. Fabletics has all of this covered. They have outfits that are geared for certain figures, specific complexions, varied cut versions and more. Taking the quiz simplifies the shopping experience. It actually makes it such a rewarding experience that women will wonder why it never seemed this way before. Fabletics has a reversed showroom format that really takes their special customer’s opinions to heart. They save these comments, anonymous quiz results, customer purchase penchants and customer reviews. This enables a fluid-like showroom that can be adapted if customers are changing their shopping habits.


Kate Hudson is famous in her mostly comedic roles as a beloved actress. When she co-founded this athletic fashion company in 2015, she was not laughing about what she had in mind for her new style of athleisure wear. She purposed to only turn out fashions that would sell in high fashion shops due to the high quality materials and workmanship that she demanded. While there were some delays when styles didn’t meet her strict standards, the wait paid off because now women trust Kate’s intuitive fashion sense and determination to keep styles affordable. Look for Fabletics on Amazon for proof.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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ClassDojo Changes the Classroom Setting

ClassDojo is an app that works with iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire that enhances the communications between teachers, parents and students. It allows real-time classroom monitoring by parents, messaging from teacher to parents and parent to teacher, and sharing by students of their work by photos, messages, and video.

In essence, it brings all of these three parties into the same room in order to form a better system of communication and collaboration. In the morning the teacher can check the parental messenger for any students who will be absent that day due to illness or any other reason. Parents can leave a message for the teacher if their child has any needs for that day. Students can share their latest math problem or project with their parents.

Grades for quizzes and projects are available in real time and schedules and upcoming events are made available digitally. Teachers can give out points for good behavior and take points away if a student misbehaves. By giving a “ping” for “Excellent Attention” or “Good Class Participation” the ping is heard by the other students which prompt students to be more alert and pay attention.

ClassDojo is actively in use in over 180 countries and is translated into more than 35 different languages. In the United States it is being used in 90 percent of the K-8 schools. Teachers rave about it and parents are excited that they can play a very foundational role in helping their children excel in the classroom.

ClassDojo works on the “soft skills’ that are difficult to measure, such as focus, empathy, and perseverance. A student’s will to learn and drive to succeed is enhanced by the subtle, yet powerful skills that come by gentle and persistent guidance from the app.

Parents can be aware of the homework assignments so they can be in the loop and be there to help if a snag occurs. When students know that their parents are aware of what happened in school that day, there is more accountability since everyone is on the same page.

ClassDojo takes a bottom-up approach, starting with the fundamentals of learning using a gamification that the students understand and the results speak for themselves.

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Susan McGalla a Shining Example for Women in Business

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a rich tradition of being a hard-working, blue-collar city. As a VP with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla takes the term “hard-working” to another level and has given an entire generation of women a female role model. In a recent interview with, McGalla explained how she has risen to the top in a male-dominant corporate world. She talked about how she became a trailblazer for her gender and the explained challenges she faced over the years, while stressing the importance of women in business. While she is a shining example of how women can excel in all types of business, McGalla understands that her success is not as commonplace as it should be, given that diversity in leadership is proven to increase productivity. Susan continues to pursue lofty goals and exceed the expectations that are unfairly placed on executives of the female gender.

Susan was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, the daughter of a high school football coach. She attended Mount Union College (OH), graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. After college, McGalla worked in marketing at the Joseph Horne Company for nearly a decade. In 1994, she left the Horne Company and joined apparel giant American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) as a regional merchandise buyer. She parlayed that opportunity into management, climbing the ladder and eventually becoming President and Chief Merchandising Officer. After leaving AEO, Susan took over as Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc. She then started her own private consulting business, P3 Executive Consulting while focusing her efforts to helping companies refocus their merchandising platforms. She currently works as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Her current position goes to show that women can bring unbelievable value to even a male-dominated business.

Barbara Stokes: CEO, Mother and Local Hero

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC also known as GSH. She and her husband Scott, work tirelessly for the company they both founded in 2008. Barabara’s husband is the COO and together they began a disaster relief company that caters to victims of natural disasters. They are currently operational in eight states and produce modular homes that can quickly be deployed to areas affected by natural disasters such as, Hurricane Harvey. The company began in Cullman, Alabama and quickly spread throughout the United States.

Barbara graduated with a degree in Biomedical engineering and physics from Mercer University in 2001. This is where she developed her passion to create modular designs using different materials to help victims of natural disasters. Her immaculate career kicked off by working with Pisces Corporation, which led her to join Boeing, where she gained valuable experience, knowledge and contacts. Barbara Stokes is also a strong proponent of green energy and using eco-friendly materials to construct Green Structure Homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara’s philosophy is to create and maintain jobs in the local community and support American quality and skills. GSH is helping to create jobs in Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana and of course Alabama where it all began. GSH caters to everyone in need, be it the government, private organizations or charities looking to help out. Recently, GSH was awarded an outstanding contract by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The $28.5 million contract is to produce high quality, efficient modular homes for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.


The Green Structure Homes are not only quick to manufacture, transport and reassemble, but also they are resistant to future hurricanes and other natural disasters such as wildfires and strong winds. The homes are eco-friendly; fuel and electricity efficient and most importantly they maximize the safety of their occupants.

Barbara, Scott and GSH are entrepreneurs, humanitarian aid workers and innovators. Barabara and Scott are parents of three children yet they are still able to balance their work and family lives. Some call them role models, innovators and even heroes. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Arthritis drug offers hope for Melanoma patients

A new arthritis drug might help melanoma patients , according to the medical journal Oncotarget. Melanoma is a rare form of skin cancer, but it is also one of the most deadly. Leflunomide, a drug designed to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis, triggers apoptosis in some patients. Melanoma is a condition where the body’s melanin producing cells mutate. Melanin is the pigment the body produces to help the body protect itself against damage from the sun. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune conditions where the body’s immune cells. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

As with many other drugs designed to treat autoimmune conditions, leflunomide is designed to repress the immune system. One of the newest treatments for cancers has been immune therapies. These therapies are designed to repress the immune system. Although the purpose of the drug in autoimmune conditions is to keep the immune system from attacking the body, these drugs have a different role in treating cancer. They are keeping the body’s immune system from developing a resistance to the tumor. When cancer spreads, the body’s immune system correctly recognizes the tissue as part of the body. The treatment works well for many types of cancers, but there is one drawback. Patients who go into remission and achieve a cure suffer a greater risk of developing autoimmune diseases later.’ Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The discovery brings hope for thousands of melanoma patients around the world. Even though this skin cancer may not be the most common form of the disease, it is the most deadly. The new drug promises to increase the remission and cure rates for melanoma. Any improvement of the survivalibility rates is welcome news for many types of cancer patients.