Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil makes it Big as an Advertiser

Jose Borghi is the founder and CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, a leading advertising firm in Brazil. He gains credit from creating some of the most influential promotional pieces that rattle the whole of the commercial marketing industry in Brazil. Among his greatest creations is the Mammals of Parmalat that featured children singing unforgettable jingles while dressed like stuffed animals.

Jose Borghi’s career was born during his high school days. The opportunity came after he accepted an offer from his sister to attend a show at Castro Neves Theater. The show entailed display of commercials organized by Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination where winners received golden lion awards. The performance created a burning desire and inspiration in Jose Borghi that he decided to follow the path of commercial advertising.

Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and attained professional qualifications from PUC-Campinas. After his graduation, he joined Standart Ogilvy group nurturing his creativity and performance gaining credit for his contribution. Later, he partnered with Erh Ray and created a new advertising agency named BorghiErh. With no financiers, the duo worked hard and offered services to clients whose satisfaction gave the new outfit fame and success.

In 2006, BorghiErh won recognition of Lowe partnering to form the new ad agency, Borghi Lowe. With continued success, the advertising agency attracted the attention of Mullen Group who sought partnership. The new merger created the current Mullen Lowe a leading Brazilian advertising agency. Jose Borghi rose to be a co-CEO of the new agency alongside Andre Gomes.

Mullen Lowe advertising agency has risen with time to be a leading domestic and international player. Numerous awards including the Cannes Lions that inspired Jose Borghi are among the illustrations of the agency’s success. The firm wins contracts from major international brands among them Fiat, Delta Airlines and Asia Motors among others and more information click here.

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UKV PLC Is Offering An Extremely Delicious Wine For All Of Its Customers

UKV PLC is not necessarily a winemaking merchant that is meant to be confused for any other ordinary type of winemaker. It is highly recommended for you as a wine enthusiast to ensure that you are taking an adequate amount of time with researching when striving to find a wine product that you may truly be able to depend on to deliver the taste and quality that you want. Unfortunately, there are many wine products available on shelves of stores today that are not necessarily properly fermented.

Meaning, the quality of the investment wine is possibly not as good as it could be. Do you not want to be satisfied with the wine product that you invest in? You absolutely do not want to have negative after effects from drinking your choice of wine. Unfortunately, that is a negative side effect of drinking wine, as it could have you feeling rather sick and uneasy.

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UKV PLC is a wine product that consists of having its fruit completely settled to where the sugars are converted into alcohol through the process of fermentation. Although it is not necessarily a product that has been renowned as being too popular as of yet, it is important to note that the feedback that it has received from its current and prior customer base have been positive, thus, deeming it as being a quality product of wine that you may be able to depend on to deliver the results of quality that you may need from a wine product time and time again.

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Creating Accessible Health Services for Sensitive Body Parts

Creating Accessible Health Services for Sensitive Body Parts


The spinal cord is a sensitive part of the body. It is the backbone of posture in the body. It facilitates motion in the body. The spinal cord is expensive to treat once injured due to its sensitivity. The medical practice and academic qualification that is required for one to become an orthopedic surgeon need time and dedication. Qualifying to practice treatment on real patients takes two years of real time monitoring from the main doctors. This is the reason why there are few orthopedic surgeons in the world. This makes their services expensive and hard to secure because the doctors are busy.


Greg Finch is a practicing orthopedic surgeon. He has managed to go through the whole training and has become a leader in the industry with time. He developed his career through dedication and commitment. His interest is in adult’s spinal cords. He is trained in the whole field of spinal surgery, but he has a particular interest in cervical spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and adult deformity of the spine. Many of the operations that he has developed are successful and have restored health to his patients. This has made him a role model to young surgeons in practice.


Greg Finch says that young people should learn to commit and dedicate themselves to one thing that will make them successful in life. They should develop interests in their hobbies and master them. This will enable them to build a brand for themselves and grow holistically. He advises that people must align their visions with like-minded individuals. This will encourage them and increase exposure in their professions. Greg Finch has a website where patients reach out to him and where he advertises his successful surgeries to enhance his credibility in the market. The site makes him easily accessible.


Highland Capital Management Working With The Family Place

Highland Capital Management is an asset consultant. It is one of the leading and most skilled worldwide credit executives. Highland Capital Management has been provided with a grant of $1 million. Highland Capital Management has been provided with this grant to assist The Family Place. The Family Place supports individuals that have been exposed to violence within the family. Highland Capital Management is helping The Family Place raise $2.8 million from The Family Place Legacy Campaign. The grant provided will help the community to be able to resolve the dangerous problem of viciousness in Dallas and provide opportunities.


The Family Place Legacy Campaign supports Central Dallas Counseling Center. The Central Dallas Counseling Center provides rooms for shelter, a health and dental treatment center, a central call area and hotline, numerous cloistered and group therapy rooms, and an area for training. Be Project is being put into place. The Be Project focuses on harassment and teenage dating viciousness prevention teaching. An animal shelter is being implicated as well. The animal shelter provides safety for pets that are exposed to individuals with abusive relationships. Since 1978 The Family Place has helped counsel over 225,000 individuals, provided over 22,000 means of shelter, and responded to over 550,000 help calls.

James Dondero is the president and co-founder at Highland Capital Management. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero has more than 30 years of experience in markets that focuses heavily on equity and credit. He graduated with high honors at University of Virginia. His double majors he graduated with were Finance and Accounting.


In the year 1984 James Dondero took on the career of an analyst. Between the years 1985 and 1989 he worked at American Express. At American Express James Dondero initially took on the position Corporate Bond Analyst. Eventually, he got the position of Portfolio Manager. Since the year 1993 James Dondero has been President of Highland Capital Management.


In conclusion, The Legacy Campaign is accomplishing success each and every day.


Vincent Parascandola: A Scion of Knowledge-Based Financial Practice

Success within the financial management industry calls for more than qualifications. Having years of experience operating in the industry gives financial advisor a deep insight into the industry operations and market trades. These are important tenets of an effective financial advice. This is why many clients prefer experienced financial advisors such as Vincent Parascandola: am industry veteran with over three decades of experience working for some of the largest financial advisory companies in the country.


Education Background


Vincent Parascandola’s reputation as a reliable and stable financial advisor is not solely built on his experience in the industry and wide industry knowledge base. He is also a well educated individual. He acquired his analytical skills, which have been important pillars of his success, from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. At the university, Parascandola specialized in computer analytics, an important tool for financial analysis.


Career Profile


Vincent Parascandola, one of the leading financial advisors in the Greater New York Area began his career as a system analyst in 1986 at Irving Trust Company. After two years at the company, he was hired in 1988 by Prudential Insurance Company to serve as an insurance agent. However, it was at The MONY Group that Vincent Parascandola made himself as a financial advisor to reckon with in the industry. Additionally, it was during his tenure at the company, which began in 1990 that he established his management skills. Joining as a financial professional, Mr. Parascandola gradually climbed the corporate ladder to become its field vice president. He served in the position from 1998 and 2005 having also served a sales manager then managing director of the company.


He ended his 16-year association with The MONY Group and joined AXA Equitable. At the company, he first served as the executive vice president before being appointed to head Advantage Group as its president. Advantage is an affiliate of AXA Equitable, which he joined in 2008. He was moved to the AXA’s northern and continental divisions as president on different occasions. Up to 2014, Parascandola served as chief sales officer for AXA’s Continental Division. He is currently serving as AXA US senior executive vice president following his appointment in 2014.




Securus Technologies Helps Jail Officials

I am aware of how the products and services that are being provided by Securus Technologies are helping jail official to nab criminals. This makes the community a safe place. I know of an incidence when the prison officials who were doing some investigation called up Securus Technologies. They wanted to know about the covert alert feature. Next, they made use of this feature to issue a search warrant and catch the suspect and take him into their custody.


There are other mails that I have seen. These are about jail officials listening to inmates talking to inmates. These calls help them to resolve many criminal cases.


There was one mail regarding a call between two siblings. The older sibling was instructing, the younger one about what exactly to answer when he gets questioned about some shooting which had taken place recently. This conversation was instrumental in solving that case.


Clients have appreciated Securus Technologies for the LBS software. It is used in conjunction with several other resources to aid in law enforcement. This way jail official has been able to recover millions in drugs, cash as well as other illegal assets. The software aids jail officials by making their job easier. In fact, just the LBS software is enough to make these prison officials come back to Securus Technologies again and again. Once this technology is used along with the Investigator Pro, it makes Securus Technologies as the best among the jail phone providers.


This is why Securus Technologies has extended an open invitation to all its facility customers and even the prospective investors. The company wants them to visit their Technology Center located in Dallas, Texas to check out their new products and services. Securus Technologies gives a presentation here on all their innovative features that can be used to solve and prevent crimes.

Jose Henrique Borghi: A Reputable Advertising Professional

If you are looking for an expert to help you advertise or promote your business to the Brazilian audience, get in touch with Jose Henrique Borghi right away.

A reputable advertising or marketing agency takes the time to develop and carry out the right advertising campaign for clients.

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the brightest minds in business promotion and advertising and has successfully guided numerous business owners and organizations to success. Jose Henrique Borghi is fully committed to helping clients achieve significant returns on their investment through successful advertising campaigns.

Advertising is an essential aspect of running a profitable business and any company or marketer that doesn’t take this serious is surely going to have a hard time succeeding. It is through effective advertising that you can reach a large audience and compel them to respond to your offer and learn more about Borghi.

If you are successful in getting them to take the action that you desire, you will reach your business goal. If you fail to get potential customers to respond favorable, then you will not have a chance to make it and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

As an experienced advertising professional and entrepreneur, José Henrique Borghi has the skill and resources to meet the needs of clients and implement a successful advertising campaign. José Henrique Borghi is well versed in a wide variety of business promotion and advertising techniques and strives to ensure the satisfaction of his clients. He conducts market research and plans marketing strategies that appeal to his client’s potential customers and more information click here.

Jose Henrique Borghi is a reliable advertising service provider and he has strategies that work perfectly to help clients promote their business and increase revenue. He can review your business objectives and work closely with you to craft the right advertising message for your offer.

The Medical Career And Accomplishments Of Jim Tananbaum

In an articleon INC42, Foresite Capital has announced Molly He, Ph.D. as their new venture partner. Dr. He has fifteen years of experience in her field and is extremely well respected. Jim Tananbaum, M.D. is the CEO of Foresite Capital and is thrilled she is joining their team. He believes her track record speaks for itself and she will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Dr. He worked for Illumina in scientific research and was responsible for numerous improvements regarding protein reagents. She was previously with Pacific Biosciences as the head of protein sciences. She has ten years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her focus is on drugs to help target immune diseases and cancer.

Dr. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the Nankai University in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in protein biophysics she earned while attending the University of California. She has written and published in excess of twenty papers and has issued patents and applications for patents in personalized medicine and next-generation sequencing.

Dr. He is excited about the innovative reputation of Foresite Capital. She has stated she is honored to become a part of such a dynamic team and is looking forward to the future. She believes they will make the next big breakthrough in drug discoveries and clinical research.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the CEO of Foresite Capital. Under his management he has acquired $1.1 billion in assets. Jim has been building and investing in healthcare companies for twenty years and his experience is substantial. Jim helped found two healthcare investment practices and two biopharmaceutical companies before Foresite was created. More  details can be found on

Jim attended Harvard Medical School and was the founder for GelTex Pharmaceuticals. The company brought the market two drugs for under eighty million. These drugs currently generate revenues of $1.6 billion. Jim additionally founded Theravance and their spin off Theravance Biopharma. Their market cap is $2.75 billion. Jim was also a partner in founding Prospect Venture Partners II and III. During an earlier time in his career he was one of the partners in Sierra Ventures and helped in the establishment of their investment practice for healthcare services. You can visit Insider Monkey for more details.

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Talk Fusion CEO Comments on HuffPost Re-Branding

Talk Fusion CEO & Founder Bob Reina has been an active contributor to the Huffington Post over the past two years. Reina’s focus as an innovator in his own career has been focused on his video marketing and communication solutions company. Reina’s success has been so apparent that his own advice has become something to be cherished by digital entrepreneurs. Reina has thus been writing frequently for the Huffington Post. His most recent works went live on the website just in time to coincide with the Huffington Post’s new branding effort.


The Huffington Post is changing the name of their game and the focus of their brand under a new moniker: ‘HuffPost’. The HuffPost will be focusing on giving a voice to those that need to be heard or feel that they haven’t been heard. The branding effort comes in response to a rapidly changing media world. Bob Reina has focused his newest content on this new marketing change. On HuffPost’s content section you can read Reina’s newest submissions: “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters“.


Ever since becoming a contributor to HuffPost we have watched as Reina’s grown his library of content. Reina focuses primarily on technology, philanthropy, lifestyle trends, and selling your skillset. Reina’s innovation has gone far beyond just the articles that he’s released. In fact, Reina’s expertise made him worth grabbing a comment from in response to the Huffpost’s new changes. Reina said simply, “I’m a firm believer in the art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.”


Reina has been a stalwart force in the digital entrepreneur world for the past decade so it makes sense that his comments on the HuffPost branding would be important to consider. Reina also stated, “I’m very pleased to see that this trending platform took a step back to hone in on the things that matter, such as culture and fulfillment, with the relaunch of their brand.” It’s exciting to see just where HuffPost and Reina go in the future of their corresponding careers — but either way we expect big things.


A Las Vegas Family Enjoys Free Services From Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning believes that a good business is based on having cordial relationships with the community. Over the years, the company has been supporting different community initiatives.

In the past holiday, Goettl provided heat for a family in Las Vegas. The beneficiary of the gift was Abana Stephenson. Mrs. Stephenson’s house did not have a heating unit, functioning air conditioning, or a toilet. According to the mid-aged woman, the family, including her daughters, was used to living under such conditions. She adds that the existing situation had forced the family to adopt a different sleeping pattern. During winter, the family slept in one room to stay warm.

The news about the family reached Michael Gamst, the manager of Goettl Air Condition, late last year. He sprang into action and installed a new air conditioning and heat unit at the family’s home. Moreover, the team from Goettl went ahead to install a toilet for the household. The company did all these services free of charge.

Due to the energy-inefficient home, the family’s monthly electric bill stood at over $600. Goettl’s contribution will improve the efficiency of the home and significantly reduce their monthly electricity bills.

Goettl ensured that the unit installed at the family’s home used ‘zone controlled heating.’ The system uses thermostats. This way, every room in the house will have personalized heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. The company is marketing the new system to its clients who always find their rooms heated at different levels. The system will also help home-owners to cut down on their electric bills and aid in stepping up their efforts towards conserving the environment.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a leader in the HVAC industry. Goettl brothers founded the company in 1939. Over the years, the corporation has continued to provide quality services to its clients. The recent acquisition of the company by Ken Goodrich has further improved the products and services provided by the corporation. The company has offices in Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas.

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