Peter Briger’s career in a nutshell.

When Softbank came looking for an asset management firm that they could confidently invest in they looked no further than The Fortress investment group. They were looking for a firm that had quality assets in its portfolio as well as a group who understood the kind of investments that needed to be made going forward. This would motivate them to make an offer of 3.3 billion to the management and shareholders in July 2017 a request that was accepted. This would lead to the eventual acquisition of Fortress by Softbank. Just before this acquisition took place, Fortress had gone through a number of transformations, one of them being the appointment of Peter Briger as its co-chairman of the board and the Co-CEO in charge of the San Francisco office. This was all at a time when the investment group was making quite a number of forward-looking investments. They had invested in Brightline which currently operates a number of private passenger railroads. This investment was doing quite well. Peter Briger had joined fortress in 2002 taking on the task of establishing fortress credit business. This would be a wing of fortress charged with making key investments in various industries and credit financing business concepts and have managed to give over one hundred billion dollars in asset financing. These levels of investment would make the department one of the most critical at Fortress and make Peter Briger one of the most influential people in the group. Before fortress, Briger had a career spanning more than fifteen years at Goldman Sachs, where he had been in charge of various departments as well as a member of various committees with a particular focus on the Asian market. This are some of the skills that would help him nurture the young credit business at fortress investment group to what it represents now. Even after the acquisition of Fortress by Softbank the Japanese investment bank Peter Briger continues to be the Co-CEO who now enjoys more decision-making ability given the lower amount of consultation he now does as compared to when the Fortress group was a public company.

Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Randal Nardone’s Top Position in Forbes

Randal Nardone is a well-educated and informed person on matters relating to Law and Business, having received a bachelor degree in English and Biology from Boston University School of Law and also a Juris Doctor degree from Connecticut University. After his academics, he eventually ventured into the corporate world where he worked for several enterprises and was able to gather a vast wealth of experience from them. Due to his excellent reputation and knowledge in this sector, Randal has always occupied the top positions in these institutions. For example, he had served as the president and chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings as well as the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings. Randal had also previously served as a principal for BlackRock Financial management and also had a short stint at UBS where he served as its managing director.

Currently, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, and apart from this role, he has also been one of the members of the management committee for over a decade. As the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress, he has the critical role of overseeing the financial and legal matters of the firm. Informing Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone had to team up with his colleagues both Kauffman and Wes Edens. Although, he was sure that Fortress would face stiff competition from several wealthy firms and it will be a situation for the survival of the fittest in the market. Therefore, they had to come up with ways of survival for Fortress to thrive in the competing market. Due to their hard work Fortress Investment Group has developed exponentially over the years thus becoming one of the leading investment Organizations globally.

Finally, Randal Nardone is a law and Investment guru, who has worked very hard in earning a substantial income for himself. He is also one of the countable billionaires internationally and has been listed in Forbes Billionaires Magazine to be number 557 with a net worth of over $1.8 billion. Fortress has provided a favorable environment to its workers, and thus they can fully utilize their potential in delivering quality results. The company has also adopted a reward system to reward the hardworking employees as a way of motivating them to work harder.

Milan Kordestani, The Modern Day Farmer

With the recent and exponential developments of technology, there has been a rapid increase in information and knowledge and the availability of it to the general public. For this reason, much of the population is now well informed and well suited in self learned knowledge. With the capacity of free learning, the masses have now become exposed and aware of the facts about the process of the food distribution and their atrocious methods of providing nutrition to the masses and charge money for it. The mechanical and inhumane ways in which many of the major distributors of foods such as eggs raise and feed their poultry is detrimental not only to the animals, but to the people who consume them.

A Niche Market For Milan

Many people would find out about this, complain, and leave it at that. This is not the case for the young entrepreneur, Milan Kordestani. Milan was able to spot an opportunity to provide a service of value to the general population while increasing quality. The use of chemicals and inhumane ways of treating and raising animals allowed Milan to provide something better, more efficient, and beneficial for his fellow humans. While only in high school, Milan started his company, Milan Farms. His company consists of offering saffron, mint, and free range and organic eggs. This method of raising and producing chickens and eggs has been proven to be significantly more nutritious and beneficial to a persons health than that of the major corporations. Part of the mission of Milan Farms is to provide and honest and organic option for their consumers. Milan’s company is set on transparency and always is ready to provide the methods in which they use to raise the chickens, distribute the eggs, and everything in between and after.

A Bit About The Farm

Milan Farms’ dedication to providing quality products is a staple of any successful and honest business. Milan Kordestani sees his community as his family and in doing so, places a great importance on each individual. Milan also believes in constant improvement and innovation and for those reasons, he continues his research into hydroponics and aquaponic systems.


OSI Group Lowering Their Carbon Foot Print

OSI Group is one of the largest food providers in the world and one four meat providers of McDonalds. However, they didn’t start out producing ground beef for the popular worldwide restaurant. The company started out as a small butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. By end of WWI Kolschowsky was able to expand into the wholesale business. The business continued to grow and became Otto & Sons in 1928.

Otto & Sons’ work with McDonalds began in 1955 when Ray Kroc opened the first McDonalds in Illinois. Kroc and Otto & Sons entered into a verbal agreement that the meat company would supply the restaurant with ground beef. Eventually, Kroc bought McDonalds from its original owners. This event would forever change the landscape of Otto & Sons as supplying McDonalds with ground beef became the company’s top priority.

The company, Otto & Sons, continued to grow at an astounding rate and officially became OSI Industries in 1975. The growth didn’t stop here. In 1977, OSI opened its first facility outside of Chicago in West Jordan, Utah and 1978 entered the international market in Germany. From this point on, OSI saw major growth on a global level. In 1987, they entered a joint venture with K&K Foods in Taiwan; in 1990 with GenOSI in the Philippines; and with the Beijing company Wholly Foregin-Owned Enterprise in 1992. More recently, in 2010 OSI opened a facility in Japan and in 2012 opened two new facilities in India.

While OSI Group grew globally, its growth also continued in the United States in a number of ways. First, new clients like Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John’s, and Subway were brought onboard. Second, OSI entered a partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods. Third, new plants were opened in Chicago, Illinois and in Oakland, Iowa that were responsible for the production of bacon, hot dogs, and sausage. Fourth, the company began producing poultry in the 2000s, which further opened up doors for the ever-growing company.

Not only is OSI group committed to providing various food products throughout the world, but they are also committed to lowering their carbon footprint. In 2016 the OSI Group won the California Green Business Award for their environmental efforts; the British Safety Council awarded the company the 2016 Globe of Honour for their effective and efficient management of environmental risks; most recently, the North American Meat Institute awarded OSI Group the 2018 Environmental Recognition Award OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

The Unique and Intuitive Alex Pall

It would be easy to enjoy the Chainsmoker’s music without realizing how different they are from the standard popular DJ’s we all know. If there’s one word that comes to mind about Alex Pall, it’s intuitive. Everything about his style, how he and his fellow DJ ended up together and the way they arrive at their music, is done by not just sharing his heart but listening to his gut.

To hear Alex talk of meeting his musical partner, Andrew Taggart, reads like a really good first-date story. They were introduced by his manager who thought they may want to collaborate on some music. Instead of a cringe-worthy meeting just to appease the boss, there was an instant musical chemistry that had Alex quitting his full time job and Andrew moving to NYC so they could begin crafting their unique style of dance music. Armed with the same core values, ambition and complementary strengths, they became the Chainsmokers.

Alex had always loved creating dance music. What started as a hobby, morphed into a side gig before it became a consuming passion that could allow him to quit his day job. Alex brings not only his creativity and talent to his music, he also brings personal heart.

Unlike many DJ’s, the Chainsmokers really want to connect with their audience. To achieve this, they use their real life experiences to write their lyrics and bring their music to life. This has allowed their music to be a living and evolving experience versus it sounding stereotypical. Their commitment to connection has also allowed them to collect fans that do not fit into one demographic. They have fans from all over the globe, of all ages and from various backgrounds.

Alex Pall is committed to not becoming complacent in his music or life experiences. His perspective is allowing him to craft music that touches as many people as possible while authentically sharing his own feelings. Alex wants to give his listeners a lot of new experiences and they will be anxiously anticipating his next song and their next connection to him.

Clay Hutson’s presence at the soul2soul tour will fuel its success to even higher levels than round one

Country music lovers now have a reason to smile after their favorite music duo, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently announced that their final series of Soul2soul world tour will kick off at the end of May 2018. It’s been a while now since the two did a tour together which is what makes Soul2Soul even more exhilarating for their fans. The entire tour has been a complete success with the first round having sold out on all seventy concerts that had been planned. Having been apart musically since 2007, the two say that the reception was surprisingly overwhelming and they expect to serve their fans even more great performances during the second leg. To make this possible they’ve added bigwigs like Clay Hutson a household name in the world of entertainment to the list and high profile artists like NEEDTOBREATHE and Caitlyn Smith.

Clay Hutson’s view on the matter and more about him


While commenting on the subject, Clay says that it is such an honor to work with such an excellent duo as the professional tour rigger and that he is champing at the bit to begin the tour. Clay is a big deal in the industry thanks to his top of the shelf skills in a diverse range of live performance areas such as stage management, sound engineering, and tour production.


His journey to the apex of success in the sector began two decades ago while he was working as sound engineer for the famed Billy Graham’s crew. His role here equipped him with the much-needed skills to set the ball rolling for his career, and his encounters with various artists have made him an even better tour rigger. Prior to that Clay Hutson had worked with different entertainment companies and even went to college to study theatre design. He then combined his entrepreneurial skills with his passion and established his own live entertainment company which has been seeing massive growth with each wake.


All these factors have helped mold him into a tour manager that every artist wants on board. He boasts a list of preeminent clients such as one Republic Gun n Roses, Kid Rock, Pink and many others which is sufficient proof that his work often meets and surpasses the set standards. Clay Hutson is no average sound engineer and tour rigger because his has been a journey of following his passion a factor that makes him a rare gem in this highly populated industry.


Even with all this success, Clay Hutson understands the value of family and appreciates the fact that he wouldn’t be where he is today without them. This explains why he is always with his family when he is not working. He also enjoys DIY woodwork and craft projects, and his presence at Soul2Soul will undoubtedly be felt throughout the tour. Learn more:

Robert Deignan: How to Succeed In Life and Career

Robert Deignan is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the great AYS Digital Services. This is a digital support firm helping customers globally through their concerns in technological matters. Issues may range from connectivity to general troubleshooting and many others. One firm handles all these. Robert Deignan was brought up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He proceeded to school in Purdue University through a football scholarship. He received a degree in the area of Organizational leadership from the university. He continued to engage with Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 and 1998 but later co-founded the Fanlink Inc. this became his first venture in the entrepreneurship world. Robert is currently a seasoned leader at ATS Digital Services alongside his involvement in offshore fishing tournaments. He is fun of sports, and so he actively engages in them.

Robert Deignan shares via an interview session how the idea of ATS Digital Services was birthed. He begins by saying that it all came from a previous firm that he served in. Before founding this business, he was working at Anti-Malware Software Company, but during this time the encountered several technical problems on the installation of the software in their machines. In the end, they were able to sort out the matter, and when he got out of the company, he collaborated with some other staff and utilized the remote connections technologies. This was an opportune time for him and team to be in a position to fix the problems in the computers of their customers. It became a business idea that was birthed successfully. Robert continues to narrate how he makes his day productive. He says that his day begins at around 5 am after which he finishes preparations and goes ahead to meet his friend in the gym. They work out on cardio activity and weight training. He quickly gets home after an hour for coffee and helping the young son take his breakfast. He makes all the possible arrangements in the house and gets to work. He engages in strategizing, answering all the emails, finish any unfinished tasks, and set out for more roles. Robert says that his ideas are born when he not glued to computer or phone.


Fortress Investment Group LLC is the leading, most diverse alternative investment manager globally. Fortress Investment manages a total AUM of $43.6 BILLION as of December 31, 2017, since its inception in 1998. Fortress Investment Group is in charge of more than 1,750 invested clients both institutional and private globally over a variety of real estate and credit, capital investment as well as private equity.

On December 27, 2017, SBG (SoftBank Group Corporation) announced the completion of the $3.3 billion acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group in cash. Following the end of the exchange, SBG together with its wholly possessed auxiliaries claim all outstanding Fortress shares. The fruition takes after the fulfillment of all conditions to the end of the exchange, including endorsement of the exchange by Fortress investors on the 12 of July 2017 as well as the receipts of all important administrative endorsements.

Following the acquisition, each extraordinary share in Class A was changed over to get $8.08 a share in real money, merger proceeds distributed as per installment systems sketched out in Fortress’ Definitive Proxy dated June 7, 2017. Its regular stock has ceased its transactions and is going to be deleted from the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Fortress’ financial outcomes will be united and diverted on SBG’s solidified budgetary articulations following the completion of acquisition date on December 27, 2017. SBG will report the effects of the union as necessary. Fortification will work inside SBG as an independent business with its headquarter in New York. Post Principals Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger, will keep on heading Fortress. SBG is focused on keeping up the with the authority, plan of action, mark, staff, procedures, and culture that have bolstered Fortress’ prosperity to date.

The SBG is a worldwide group with innovative players in technology who aim to steer the Information Revolution. The SBG is made up of the holding organization SBG Corporation, TOKYO: 9984, and its common arrangement of organizations, which incorporates propelled media communications, web administrations, AI, savvy mechanical technology, IoT and clean vitality innovation suppliers. In May 2017, the SBG Vision Fund, put all inclusive in the organizations and advancements that will empower the following phase of the Information Revolution, held their crucial first closure with over $93 billion in the submitted capital. Fortress is planning to make a significant push in the corporate loaning embarking on raising support under the responsibility of SBG, as per individuals comfortable with the issue.

The Japanese aggregate needed to give up specific controls to get the official endorsement for that arrangement. Fortress Investment Group is now putting crisp faces forward. It has advanced Drew McKnight and Josh Pack to managing partners, closely working with the Credit Head and co-CEO, Peter Briger. Joel Holsinger was the principal senior official to leave Fortress after its deal to SBG. He was an individual from Fortress’ managerial advisory group and the credit investment committee.

Fortress’ latest pool will suffice the next lending procedure it applies inside its Drawbridge Special Opportunities fund. The firm considers taking the direct lending fund open to the public shortly, however, no choices have been made according to one of the people. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

The Method Bob Reina Uses to Train Talk Fusion Users

When people hope to train others, it is important for them to come up with a plan on what they are going to teach. They also figure out the order on what they are going to teach. One of the reasons that this is important is because a chaotic training experience is not going to be very effective. It is better for trainers to be organized in the point that they are trying to get across. When they manage this, then they are able to help their students grow in the skills they learn from the lessons that they are taught.


One person who has figured out how he is going to teach people is Bob Reina. He is the founder of the Talk Fusion company  and the creator of the Talk Fusion app. He understands that with any device, people are going to have a hard time learning how to handle the product. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to create some tutorials that can help the marketers use this product. He describes the different features of the products in ways that are simple and free of jargon. People will understand what is being taught so much that they will feel confident about using it.


The main way that Bob Reina is going to train people is through video. He has tons of videos that have been released on his website. Therefore, people who want to go through the training program that Bob Reina callsTalk Fusion University, then they are going to have to not only look at all of the videos, but also study them so that they can understand what is being taught. One good thing about these videos is that they are available to be used for reference in case one gets lost. Learn more:


End Citizens United Fights the Campaign Finance Abuses of Rick Scott

Florida’s governor, Rick Scott may be in violation of the laws dictated by the Federal Election Commission. Apparently, a Super PAC he once the chairman of the group, but now that he is running for a Senate seat, the PAC is pouring money into his campaign. End Citizens United is alleging Rick Scott is going around campaign finance laws by getting the Super PAC, which was created to fund the president’s campaigns to pay his senatorial campaign bills and allowed Scott to bypass disclosure laws.

End Citizens United made note of the fact that Rick Scott has a history of unsavory business practices. In 1997, when Rick Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA, he was charged with Medicare fraud. After an extensive FBI probe, the company was found guilty of fraudulent billing and they were fined $1.7 billion. Rick Scott resigned then in disgrace. After leaving, he went into venture capitalism for a short time and reappeared in the healthcare industry after starting a 24-hour cable health care channel and co-founding Solantic, a healthcare company focusing on urgent care. In 2010, he ran for governor in Florida. After serving two terms as Florida’s governor, he is not eligible to run for a third term. His next stint will be an attempt at a seat in the United States Senate.

It’s Rick Scott’s choice to use the Super PAC to fund his campaign. It was also his choice to the be chairman for the PAC and it’s also been his choice to exploit that very close relationship with the PAC to funnel soft money into his campaign. All his donors have together raised $78 million for his senatorial race. It’s clear that Rick Scott’s finances are uniquely entwined with more than one of his donors making it difficult to separate proper campaign donations from abuses. Another good example of these abuses is his relationship with The New Republican. They share the same address; he raises money for them and the paper takes polls for him and campaigns for him. All these efforts cost money and represent financial support.

End Citizens United has been fighting campaign finance abuses since its inception after the Citizens United decision in 2010 giving corporations the same right to free speech as individuals. Ever since that decision, Republican politicians have been able to raise huge sums of money on the backs of wealthy donors and corporations. Rick Scott, like so many Republican candidates is not interested in campaign finance reform because he embraces the dictates of the 2010 decision. End Citizens United will continue to fight the abusers of campaign finance like Rick Scott and it will continue to support those who fight the kinds of abuses Rick Scott and so many from his party support.

For More info: