Use Wen by Chaz hair conditioner to realize a perfect hair day

If you are a lady who loves your hair, then you might certainly have heard of Chaz Dean. He is the mastermind of Wen Hair Care system. We are hair products that realize the best hair care system. He created the product with the aim of developing a natural hair care line. The result was that he created a product that leaves the hair healthy and moisturized.

Chaz Dean has taken some time to come up with the creative product. After a long time of product development, he came up with the product that includes a 5 in 1 formula. The entire product includes natural ingredients that make clean the hair naturally without damaging it. The Wen cleansing conditioner has been tested and proved to come with several positive effects. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair. The result is that the hair is easy to style and manage.

The product was introduced in the market, and the results were amazing. Many people have praised the product for its wonderful effects. Many reviews on the internet talk about the positive effects of the product. The Wen by Chaz hair care will always leave your hair looking thick and shiny. Additionally, the product has been designed to work on the hair roots and reduce greasiness. The benefits of the product ensure that you realize a perfect day. Wen products are available online on or at the popular Sephora store.

The use of the Wen hair care system removes the need and use of shampoo. The product works like a complete cleaning system. The entire cleaning process makes use of simple steps that are simple to follow. The cleanser includes a perfect mix of ingredients like botanicals and herbs. They do not come with ordinary chemicals you find in regular shampoos. Regular shampoos are known to come with sodium laurel sulfate that is known to have negative effects on your hair. The Wen by Chaz hair care system will not do any harm to your hair. You can find several videos on how to use the product on YouTube.
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Eric Lefkofsky- A Giving Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, business man and philanthropist. The co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky has had a hand is several businesses including Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean and Groupon. Throughout his career he has showcased an ability to create and sustain businesses.


Like many entrepreneurs, Lefkofsky has a great educational background that help to lead to his success. A Michigan native, Lefkofsky grew up with two hard working parents who believed in the value of education. His mother was a school teacher and his father worked as a structural engineer. Lefkofsky himself would graduate from the University of Michigan with honors in the early 1990’s. He would later go on to earn his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. This excellent education would prepare him for life as an entrepreneur.


Shortly after graduating, Lefkofsky began a series of businesses. He and a long time friend Brad Keywell went into debt to start their first business, an apparel company named Brandon Apparel. This dynamic duo would go on to create a number of businesses together including Starbelly, Echo Global Logistics and MediaBank. The combo had great success building companies.  See this


Lefkofsky would eventually move on to create his own ventures. He eventually created the website This collective action website would eventually become known as Groupon. Eric Lefkofsky would strike gold with this company. Groupon quickly earned massive success becoming one of the fastest growing companies ever according to Forbes. The company was so successful that it eventually earned offers from Google. Google offered a reported $6 billion for Groupon back in the early 90’s. The sale never went through however, and the company would continue on with great success.  Based on


Eric Lefkofsky is more than just a businessman. He is an avid philanthropist. He and his wife started the Lefkofsky Foundation a group that supports causes that help children. He also is a member of multiple boards including World Business Chicago and The Art Institute of Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky has made a tremendous impact. He is sure to be around for many more years to come.

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Why Karl Heideck is a Great Choice When Selecting a Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck has the education and experience needed to become an expert litigator.
Civil litigation attorney Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and Temple University.

If you are needing to file a lawsuit but are unsure of how to, you may want to undergo a consultation session with an attorney who specializes in civil litigation. Going through lawsuits can be quite a complicated process and the guidance of a qualified lawyer can be useful.

A civil litigation attorney is going to walk you through a process of pursuing and filing a non-criminal lawsuit. A litigation attorney with provide you with guidance in pertinence to whether your case should go to court, or if it will be a better idea to handle it outside of the courtroom. Some of the examples of civil litigation are:

  • Personal injury
  • Alimony
  • Dent settlement
  • Discrimination

Filing criminal cases will generally be handled by agencies of the government, such as the state or the police. If you are seeking to find a litigation attorney who you can depend on, please feel free to contact Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck is located in the Greater Philadelphia Area and specializes in compliance practices and risk management. He possesses skills in a vast array of areas such as corporate law, commercial litigation, legal writing, employment law, and legal research. He has been in the practice for more than ten years.

Some of his educational credentials are public speaking, Literature and English. Heideck graduated with honors from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law. If you are unsure about how you can contact Karl Heideck, please feel free to visit his webpage as his contact details are listed on there. You will find that he is very approachable and will happily take your case given you provide him with adequate details. He enjoys what he does and strive to give his best work to come out on top with any case he fights for. Contact Heideck for his services today.

Read Karl Heideck’s blog for more information and insights into the mind of a litigator.

Highland Capital Management Increases its Shares in Nexpoint Fund

In 1993, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management. The company is based in Texas and deals with structured investments, fixed income, and public equity. The latest SEC reports show that the corporation is valued at over $ 2.4 billion. Highland Capital has increased its shares in Nexpoint Credit Strategies. According to SEC, the company has upped its shares to reach 5.0 percent of the outstanding common stock. James Dondero is reportedly said to own 3.01 million shares. Highland Capital added 20,286 shares to reach a worth of $ 11.68 million. The institution became the largest shareholder after Morgan Stanley, who is said to own $ 16.77 million worth of Nexpoint shares.


Nexpoint is a closed-end fund and is ranked among the top 10 percent of Closed-End Funds (CEFs). The institution was split into two companies which traded differently in the stock market. The splitting of the company into Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund and Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. took place in 2016. Nexpoint Fund is responsible for doing business by investing in grade debt. The company’s portfolio is estimated to be over $600 million with an asset base of over $382 million.


Nexpoint Credit seeks to exceed the returns of the CS hedge fund. It is considered to be different from regular CEFs. After the split, the institution went on to pile up its real estate assets. However, the company’s funds are either registered under Highland Capital or James D Dondero. The fund recorded a 5.92 percentage growth rate in 2016 even after recording losses in 2015. The downfall was as a result of setbacks in Texas Competitive Electronic restructuring issues. The Enterprise announced that the shareholders would earn monthly dividends ranging from $ 0.24 per share.


James Dondero enrolled at the University of Virginia. He graduated from the school of commerce with dual majors in accounting and finance. He is the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has an experience of over 30 years in the credit and equity industry.

Before Highland Capital, he participated in the founding and developing over 50 companies. James began as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty training program. He holds the position of Chairman in NexBank. Additionally, Dondero has been involved in several philanthropic deeds.

Wessex Institute of Technology Careers

Having a great career is something that a lot of people dream about. Many people today feel like they do not have the job that they need to get to the next level. Come by and see the Wessex Institute of Technology today for more information on how you can get a great career. This is a school that has a lot of new opportunities for people who are willing to work hard. Not only that, but they have a track record of success in investing in their customers. We are excited about all of the opportunities that are coming down in the future. If you are ready to invest in this area, come by and see us today. We would be happy to walk you through the different career options at the Wessex Institute of Technology. Over time, this is a place that can offer you a great career opportunity.


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This Skin Whitening Cream Covers You in Radiant Beauty from Head to Toe

If you think it’s too late to recapture your youth, you’re wrong. With Makari skin whitening cream, you can glow with radiant health and vitality. Since it was founded decades ago in Switzerland, Makari de Suisse have provided men and women of color with skin care solutions uniquely suited to their beauty and health needs. In addition to providing gentle, hydroquinone-free whiteners, all Makari products are supplemented with luxurious moisturizers including caviar, carrot oil, and argan oil. Whether you are trying to erase stretch marks, fade acne scars, or brighten dark, dull patches, Makari de Suisse carries the holy grail skincare product you need to look and feel your best.

Since a youthful face looks so much better when paired with an equally youthful body, Makari’s got you covered from head to toe. In addition to facial products, Makari also manufactures a Body Beautifying Whitening Milk designed to provide your body with a gentle version of the lightening complex found in its facial products. If you would like added protection from environmental damage, Makari’s Multi-Action Lightening Cream incorporates SPF15 sunscreen into its patented botanical beautifying blend. With Makari face and body creams, every inch of your body can be beautiful.

Chris Burch Takes on Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch wrote a short think piece for Engadget on the synergistic relationship of fashion and technology. For most people, the world of fashion and the world of tech are somewhat antipodean to each other, fashion being a creative and artistic outlet while tech is a “right-brained” pursuit. However, Burch shows how the two are really intertwined with some fascinating historical and contemporary example.


According to Burch, many functional items end up becoming fashion accessories, and one key example is the rise in popularity of personal stereos, starting with the boombox in the late 70s and early 80s. The boombox begat the Walkman, which begat the iPod. Over time, these inventions began to take on a cultural significance and built up social capital as fashion despite also being technological innovations.


Sometimes instead of technology becoming fashion, the relationship is reversed and fashion propels technology. For example, what if there is problem in search of a solution and fashion turns out to be the answer? A recent example would be Frontline gloves, designed for firefighters to communicate with each other in dangerous situations. It’s likely that there could be other approaches to dealing with the need that this product meets, but applying fashion to technology turned a problem into one of the hottest start-ups in recent years.


  1. Christopher Burch, better known as Chris Burch, is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Originally from Wayne, Pennsylvania, while still a student at Ithaca College, Burch began his empire. He founded a sweater company by hiring a factory and selling his “preppy” sweaters door-to-door with his brother. This was the seed of what eventually became a multi-million dollar operation. He sold his firm in a $60 million deal and went on to found a new fashion label with his wife.


Since selling his first company, Burch has had great success as an investor. In addition to serving as co-Chairman of his wife’s label, Tory Burch, he has made a number of real estate and equity investments, which have made him a billionaire. He was an early investor in Internet Capital Group, one of the first venture capital groups to specialize in tech start-ups in the mid-90s. He currently resides in Miami, Florida.


Jennifer Walden Proves to be One of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in the US

Jennifer Walden is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the United States. She has done quite a commendable job of becoming a successful woman in the industry. By doing so, Walden has become a role model for many women in the US and across the world.




Upon graduating from Anderson High School, Walden went ahead to join the University of Texas where she earned her undergraduate degree in biology. Propelled by the desire to join medical school, she submitted her application at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She not only joined medical school but also graduated as salutatorian of her class.


After graduating from medical school, Jennifer secured a fellowship in aesthetic surgery thanks to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. For this reason, she stayed at the hospital before joining New York based Upper East Side for about seven and a half years. In New York, Walden took part in clinical trials, which resulted to the return of silicone breast implants.


Private Practices


After the birth of her twins, Jennifer Walden returned to Texas where she opened up a private practice particularly in Westlake Hills. Since then, she is popularly known as the brains behind the formation of several practices including Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC as well as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. She is preferred because of using top-in-line technologies at her private practices including Vectra, which is a 3D imaging technology that visualizes how a patient looks before surgery. ThermiVa is also another technology used by Jennifer, which is used for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening.


Other Roles


Aside from aesthetic surgery, Jennifer Walden has served as an expert commentator on cosmetic surgery on various media outlets. Some of the media stations that have featured her include VH1, E!, ABC News, Dr 90210 and Fox News. She is also a member of various bodies including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Additionally, she has written publications such as Complications after Autologous Fat Injection and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Textbook.


In terms of recognition, Walden has appeared as a spokeswoman in an article regarding labiaplasty surgery in the Daily Mail. In fact, American Way recognized her as one of the best plastic surgeons in America.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand Is Going Strong

Fabletics is an athletic wear line that has fabulous designs that are inexpensive to shoppers. They have done well in a world of retail that is dominated by the Amazon. Amazon is estimated to control about 20% of online fashion sales in the United States alone. Fabletics has still pulled through to be a top selling online fashion company. How have they done it? Fabletics achieved success in online fashion sales by creating a solid plan. They sell products for less than some athletic brands. They asked the big name actress Kate Hudson to be a co-founder and an ambassador of sorts of the athletic fashion brand. It also helped them to create a repeat business model by offering a VIP membership program.


Athletic brands have begun to sell products for perhaps more than what it is really worth. Fabletics dumped out that idea. The founders decided to create products with high-quality fabrics. They were able to grow the company by selling online. This way they didn’t have to pay for rent or pay retail workers. Fabletics is now in the process of opening a few brick and mortar stores across the country.


Kate Hudson is an actress who is well known for her iconic roles in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She was asked to be a co-founder by the other Fabletics co-founders: Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. She heartedly agreed because she liked that the company had affordable and beautiful active wear for women of all sizes. Kate Hudson is additionally really into her fitness routine.


Repeat business is the desire of every store in the world. The method of creating repeat business used to rely on excellent customer service and perfect products. In today’s world where people can shop for products from any store. The Fabletics company realized they had to up their repeat business game to get long term customers. They decided to create a VIP membership option. This VIP membership allows customers to buy a full outfit for $49.95 a month. The membership is always able to be canceled. The helpful customer service will help you cancel your membership easily. Consumers may even skip a month if they so wish. Shoppers may shop as a guest first. This way they can wear the Fabletics clothing and decide if they wish to join as a member. Shopping as a guest means you have to buy an outfit for the regular price though.

How Eric Pulier Has Helped Shape Entrepreneurship And Technology

Technology and entrepreneurship are two areas that have seen massive changes over the years and many professionals who invested their energy into these specialties are now happy about the results. Eric Pulier is one among the successful entrepreneurs who have ventured into technology and emerging trends as a way of offering solutions to challenging problems. He has been in the industry for more than two decades and most of the projects he handled were meant for humanitarian support and to uplift the human race.


At an age as young as fourth grade, Eric Pulier had already developed interest in learning about computer programming. He searched for information about the subject to educate himself, which allowed him to launch a computer database at high school. Pulier attended the Teaneck High School and when he completed in 1984, he already had prepared well to face the complex world of business and technology.


After high school, he proceeded to the Harvard University to pursue a degree in American Literature and English. At the same time, he took Computer Science lessons at neighboring MIT College. His ideas were well defined and he would work his way to becoming a successful technologist, which he achieved halfway the journey.


Education and successes

His success started to show up while still in campus as he was picked to contribute to a column in The Harvard Crimson. His column, called Pulier Leg, offered reviews and comments on leading technologies and emerging trends in business and technology. He offered insight into the challenges that startups face and was a great asset to the rest of the student community. Upon graduating in 1988, he proceeded to develop People Doing Things, which he launched in 1991.


Later in 1999, Eric Pulier was included among the professionals who would handle the technology exhibition that showcased the things the government had achieved in different sectors. There presentations were a success and a great milestone to his career as she was able to win over the hearts of many with the perfect way he arranged the information and arranged for a live event with space shuttle astronauts.