Fortress Investment Group LLC is the leading, most diverse alternative investment manager globally. Fortress Investment manages a total AUM of $43.6 BILLION as of December 31, 2017, since its inception in 1998. Fortress Investment Group is in charge of more than 1,750 invested clients both institutional and private globally over a variety of real estate and credit, capital investment as well as private equity.

On December 27, 2017, SBG (SoftBank Group Corporation) announced the completion of the $3.3 billion acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group in cash. Following the end of the exchange, SBG together with its wholly possessed auxiliaries claim all outstanding Fortress shares. The fruition takes after the fulfillment of all conditions to the end of the exchange, including endorsement of the exchange by Fortress investors on the 12 of July 2017 as well as the receipts of all important administrative endorsements.

Following the acquisition, each extraordinary share in Class A was changed over to get $8.08 a share in real money, merger proceeds distributed as per installment systems sketched out in Fortress’ Definitive Proxy dated June 7, 2017. Its regular stock has ceased its transactions and is going to be deleted from the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Fortress’ financial outcomes will be united and diverted on SBG’s solidified budgetary articulations following the completion of acquisition date on December 27, 2017. SBG will report the effects of the union as necessary. Fortification will work inside SBG as an independent business with its headquarter in New York. Post Principals Randy Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger, will keep on heading Fortress. SBG is focused on keeping up the with the authority, plan of action, mark, staff, procedures, and culture that have bolstered Fortress’ prosperity to date.

The SBG is a worldwide group with innovative players in technology who aim to steer the Information Revolution. The SBG is made up of the holding organization SBG Corporation, TOKYO: 9984, and its common arrangement of organizations, which incorporates propelled media communications, web administrations, AI, savvy mechanical technology, IoT and clean vitality innovation suppliers. In May 2017, the SBG Vision Fund, put all inclusive in the organizations and advancements that will empower the following phase of the Information Revolution, held their crucial first closure with over $93 billion in the submitted capital. Fortress is planning to make a significant push in the corporate loaning embarking on raising support under the responsibility of SBG, as per individuals comfortable with the issue.

The Japanese aggregate needed to give up specific controls to get the official endorsement for that arrangement. Fortress Investment Group is now putting crisp faces forward. It has advanced Drew McKnight and Josh Pack to managing partners, closely working with the Credit Head and co-CEO, Peter Briger. Joel Holsinger was the principal senior official to leave Fortress after its deal to SBG. He was an individual from Fortress’ managerial advisory group and the credit investment committee.

Fortress’ latest pool will suffice the next lending procedure it applies inside its Drawbridge Special Opportunities fund. The firm considers taking the direct lending fund open to the public shortly, however, no choices have been made according to one of the people. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

The Method Bob Reina Uses to Train Talk Fusion Users

When people hope to train others, it is important for them to come up with a plan on what they are going to teach. They also figure out the order on what they are going to teach. One of the reasons that this is important is because a chaotic training experience is not going to be very effective. It is better for trainers to be organized in the point that they are trying to get across. When they manage this, then they are able to help their students grow in the skills they learn from the lessons that they are taught.


One person who has figured out how he is going to teach people is Bob Reina. He is the founder of the Talk Fusion company  and the creator of the Talk Fusion app. He understands that with any device, people are going to have a hard time learning how to handle the product. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to create some tutorials that can help the marketers use this product. He describes the different features of the products in ways that are simple and free of jargon. People will understand what is being taught so much that they will feel confident about using it.


The main way that Bob Reina is going to train people is through video. He has tons of videos that have been released on his website. Therefore, people who want to go through the training program that Bob Reina callsTalk Fusion University, then they are going to have to not only look at all of the videos, but also study them so that they can understand what is being taught. One good thing about these videos is that they are available to be used for reference in case one gets lost. Learn more:


End Citizens United Fights the Campaign Finance Abuses of Rick Scott

Florida’s governor, Rick Scott may be in violation of the laws dictated by the Federal Election Commission. Apparently, a Super PAC he once the chairman of the group, but now that he is running for a Senate seat, the PAC is pouring money into his campaign. End Citizens United is alleging Rick Scott is going around campaign finance laws by getting the Super PAC, which was created to fund the president’s campaigns to pay his senatorial campaign bills and allowed Scott to bypass disclosure laws.

End Citizens United made note of the fact that Rick Scott has a history of unsavory business practices. In 1997, when Rick Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA, he was charged with Medicare fraud. After an extensive FBI probe, the company was found guilty of fraudulent billing and they were fined $1.7 billion. Rick Scott resigned then in disgrace. After leaving, he went into venture capitalism for a short time and reappeared in the healthcare industry after starting a 24-hour cable health care channel and co-founding Solantic, a healthcare company focusing on urgent care. In 2010, he ran for governor in Florida. After serving two terms as Florida’s governor, he is not eligible to run for a third term. His next stint will be an attempt at a seat in the United States Senate.

It’s Rick Scott’s choice to use the Super PAC to fund his campaign. It was also his choice to the be chairman for the PAC and it’s also been his choice to exploit that very close relationship with the PAC to funnel soft money into his campaign. All his donors have together raised $78 million for his senatorial race. It’s clear that Rick Scott’s finances are uniquely entwined with more than one of his donors making it difficult to separate proper campaign donations from abuses. Another good example of these abuses is his relationship with The New Republican. They share the same address; he raises money for them and the paper takes polls for him and campaigns for him. All these efforts cost money and represent financial support.

End Citizens United has been fighting campaign finance abuses since its inception after the Citizens United decision in 2010 giving corporations the same right to free speech as individuals. Ever since that decision, Republican politicians have been able to raise huge sums of money on the backs of wealthy donors and corporations. Rick Scott, like so many Republican candidates is not interested in campaign finance reform because he embraces the dictates of the 2010 decision. End Citizens United will continue to fight the abusers of campaign finance like Rick Scott and it will continue to support those who fight the kinds of abuses Rick Scott and so many from his party support.

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Heal And Soothe: A Safer Way To Pain Relief

When it comes to living life, pain is a part of the game. The very things that you do on a daily basis can cause your body to wear down. The very things that you don’t do can also cause your body to wear down. Physical pain can come from a host of issues such as injury, surgery or inactivity. As the old saying goes, “a body in motion stays in motion.” Over-the-counter drugs are very popular in today’s society. These drugs are fairly cheap, and they can be purchased without a prescription. Tylenol, Aspirin, Motrin and Aleve are just a few of the top competitors. Unfortunately, these drugs can cause issues with the your body because they’re made from chemicals. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


When talking over-the-counter drugs for a consistent basis, these drugs can cause ulcers, can cause irritability and can cause a host of other uncomfortable issues. For those who are seeking a safer approach, mother nature provides the perfect solution. This solution is known as Heal And Soothe, and this supplement can therapeutically relive the symptoms with regular use. Heal And Soothe is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. This particular company has a solid resume of producing progressive natural medicines. The key formula for Heal And Soothe’s success comes from its 12 natural ingredients, including:



  • Rutin


  • Papain


  • Ginger Extract


  • Citrus Bioflavonoids


  • Vitamin E


  • Turmeric Extract


  • And more



When these powerful ingredients are absorbed by your body, they’ll immediately go to work by targeting the body’s inflammation. Heal And Soothe achieves this by neutralizing the biochemicals that are present in your system. This progressive action is known as systemic-enzyme therapy. The vital nutrients will actually flood your system as well as flood your organs. When this happens, the body’s soft tissue will start to experience gradual regeneration and repairing effects. View Related Info Here.


Heal And Sooth has hit the ball out of the park and there are numerous studies that provide rock-solid evidence of it doing so.


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The Best Way to Complete a To-Do List Involves Upwork

If you have a ton of things on your agenda at the start of the day it is going to be to your advantage to work these things off with a to-do list. It is senseless for you to try to remember everything that you have to do. It is much better to take time to create a list where you can break down the things that have to be done.

One good thing that you can do when it comes to managing your to-do list is delegate responsibilities to others that may be able to help. If you are in a position where you have the funds to hire someone from a freelance website like Upwork it is going to benefi you.

The good thing about a website like this is that there are ratings and testimonials from customers that have tried these various workers out. They give scores and they have the ability to give precise comment on how these workers are doing. This gives you a better feel of who may be able to help you get certain things accomplished during the course of the day. It is always good if you have a friend or family member that can help with various things that you need to do, but do not let it stop you if you do not have friends that can help. There are always people that are looking for a chance to do freelance work that may have exactly what you need in concerns to skills.


Another thing that will help you complete a to-do list in a timely manner is your ability to put a timestamp on when you want these things completed. If you have a random list with no start or end time you may find yourself less inclined to make the time to get that task done.

If you know you only have a small window like lunch time to complete a task you are going to be much more mindful of what you are trying to do. Scheduling things within a certain time frame increases your chances of getting this task completed.

Talos Energy: Artical Recap and General Information

This will give information around “Talos Energy”. An article by Christopher Helman will be recapped from the “Forbes” website”. This article is called “Deepwater Wildcatter: MeetTalos Energy, The New Gulf Of Mexico Pure Play”. Two days passed of the disaster of Tropical Storm Harvey. The streets of the suburban enclave of Tim Duncan the Talos Energy chief executive had been unnavigable. It was during the night when it was declared there was more floodwaters coming. Also, the power had been out. Duncan put his six year old son, Christy (wife), and their two dogs into a FEMA rescue boat.

For four months Duncan age forty-five had for four months been balancing the merger of Stone Energy for $2.5 billion. This was bankrupt and traded publicly. The acquiring of an outfit that was troubled it was almost big as his would contain risk. The main thing was this would make Talos a public entity minus public offering expense.

In May, Talos upon the merger’s completion will overtake the listing of Stone. Also, Duncan will be presiding over an oil company that has $900 million in an annual revenue. About all of the assets of Talos will be in the Gulf of Mexico. The low-risk balance sheet of $700 million in debt over $2.3 billion in assets will be scarcely offering the huge operating risk. This is that water, where a drilling platform would cost dollars in the hundreds of millions this is while the idea of a catastrophic spill would be present.

Talos can be thought of as a “classic wildcatter”. This takes on a chance on wells that aren’t just in the waters of America but also in Mexico. The new company is able now to make barrels amounting to 48.000 each day. However, it aiming to completing more than that.

Now, some general information on the company. TELOS has been active since 1971. It supplies advanced technology solutions protecting tactical and strategic systems for businesses. It’s located in Ashburn, Virginia. Some customers they have include agencies of the federal government that are civilian, military, and intelligence.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Emergency Specialist

In the world of health and medicine, there are numerous specialists that are in dire need. From surgery specialist to cardiologists and many more, the medical industry would be so chaotic without this specialist. Worth noting, it takes more knowledge and talent to become a medical specialist that just a regular medical expert. Not that being a medical expert is easy, but there is no denying that medical specialist is more highly-regarded throughout the entire field. Well, the reason we need to understand the significance of this specialist in the medical industry is that we can learn to appreciate their amazing work. Having said that, one such specialist that has made a name for himself is the successful Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. As for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and his specialty, he has been successful as an emergency medicine specialist. Without getting too technical on what he does, just know the fact that emergency patience sees more of him than any other specialist. With that said, here is more on Dr. Eric Forsthoefel and the importance of his profession.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel & The Importance Of His Profession

In many ways, being an emergency specialist is more demanding than any other specialty. Given the fact that he has to be on the tips of his toes for every hour of his shift, it is no wonder Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is so respected for what he does. Furthermore, it’s not that easy to see how he has built such a distinguished reputation as professional considering he has put in over a decade worth of experience. In addition, having earned his educational experience in the field from the distinguished University of Louisville, his career can only get better as he continues to succeed in his career. Also, there is no doubt that his educational experience prepared him for his career as a professional. As a specialist, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of only 26 emergency experts in the entire health industry. If that does not show how special he is, there is not much more Dr. Eric Forsthoefel can accomplish that will show that.

End Citizens United Gives the Power Back to the Individual

Politics today is characterized by big corporations pouring millions into the campaigns of Republican candidates. Corporations were once banned from doing this, but it was made possible after a Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United. The ruling made it possible for corporations to exercise the First Amendment as if they were individuals. As a result of the ruling corporations could give huge amounts of money to campaigns through advertising dollars and never have to reveal their contributions to the public.

End Citizens United was formed five years after the ruling on March 1, 2015. Its goal was to put an end to the unfair advantage gained by those backed by huge corporations and big money. The U.S. government was designed by our forefathers to be of the people and by the people. Corporations are not individuals and they shouldn’t be given the same rights.

The Supreme Court however, disagreed with this concept. Now, the billions of dollars available to corporations are being employed to help Republican congressional and presidential candidates win their elections. The Republicans have fostered deep ties with the wealthy elite and were positioned perfectly to take full advantage of the Citizens United ruling. Corporations like Wal-Mart, Amway and Koch Industries are known to be Republican supporters and they have billions at their disposal.

Those billions regularly fund advertisements for the Republican Party. Consequently, the fight for campaign reform intensifies. End Citizens United is one of the most adamant forces fighting back. They have backed many Democratic candidates that agree to fight the Citizens United ruling and to fight for campaign reform.

Including End Citizens United, these Democratic candidates are backed by the public-at-large and the following organizations: American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU), The Sunlight Foundation, the League of Women Voters and the Center for Political Accountability. The ultimate goal of all these groups is to change the Amendment to read that free speech is confined to the individual and not to be bestowed upon corporations.

This will once again level the playing field in politics, so that big money cannot sway opinions with a bombardment of advertising. Another goal of End Citizens United is to shorten the campaign term. The last presidential campaign lasted a total of 597 days. The average congressional campaign lasts well over six months to a year. In that time, the public is bombarded with advertisements, debates and polling. End Citizens United simply wants to level the playing field between all candidates, shorten the campaigning period and give the governing power back to the individual U.S. citizen.

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Things You Need to Know about PSI Pay

PSI-Pay has helped many firms in the country to manage and monitor their programs through their provision of secure MasterCard. Their FCA regulated entity has highly contributed to the security services that they offer to their clients, most of who are delighted by the friendly relationships that the firm has established with them. PSI-Pay, which has been in operation since 2007, prides itself on their highly experienced team of professionals, who possess a vast knowledge in alternative payments and banking. The firm also operates under legal regulations and has since 2011 received approval from FCA to issue electronic money throughout the EU.

The firm has since its establishment focused on innovation as well as the adoption of new strategies to ease the mode of transaction for firms as well as independent individuals and business owners. Besides, their ability to facilitate the opening of digital accounts as well as provide payment card facilities has seen many people seek their services as they save them time and cost. The firm has also collaborated with other firms in the banking sector to facilitate easy payments and transactions to people around the globe. Their recent partnership with Kerv has highly boosted the digital mode of payment and the number of applicants seeking such services has risen to a pleasing figure. The two companies are highly determined towards adopting the most modern modes of operations and cash transactions and their success have been associated with their ability to adopt unique strategies as well as bring new ideas to life.

PSI-Pay is also proud to announce the launch of their new digital payment device, which is set to perform, more tasks as compared to the old model. Together with Kerv, the two firms have successfully created a payment device which will be majorly used in data sharing, access control besides many other tasks that the company’s customers need to perform. The numerous challenges and changes that the banking sector experiences have served as a motivation to PSI Pay and through this, they have learned and adopted stronger strategies to keep moving and outshining other forms of its kind in the market.

Sean Penn Unapologetic in face of #MeToo Scrutiny in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Critics are panning the new novel by noted actor Sean Penn, specifically because of a six-page critique of the #MeToo movement. So far comments made in those six pages have irked the New York Times, Rolling Stone magazine, and an army of angry social media posters. The actor shows little care for the tub of hot water he floats in. In fact Sean Penn is enjoying his foray into the literary world so much he wants to stay awhile. As for the backlash, he assures all effected parties that is just a satire.

Sean Penn is well-known for many things. He is a celebrated actor, a talented director, and an accomplished correspondent. He is no stranger to headlines, and his political activism is no surprise to anyone. Over the years he has become disenchanted with film, a condition many actors/actresses go through. Now he has decided to join a list of fellow performers who dallied in the land of fiction. His first attempt is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and is unconventional romp through a patch of artsy insanity. The story follows a disgruntled septic tank salesman named Bob Honey, who takes out his political frustration by whacking old people in the head with a hammer. The plot is that he becomes an assassin, who targets old people to lessen the population. It has many satirical element within it, and the author definitely uses it to proclaim his personal feelings. Naturally, being Sean Penn, the Trump administration is the subject of much scrutiny. But Penn also takes aim at #MeToo.

In the book Penn compares the movement with adolescent squabbles on a playground. He compares the #MeToo’s platform to bullying, and basically states that they are hurting the cause. He believes that their actions will not change anything, but rather cause relapse. In his book he calls them warrior women.

Penn notes that most of what is said takes a shot at individualism, and the value people put on “we”. He claims that readers will take away what they want. So far a good number are taking home his book.