“Honey Birdette” Hot new ligerie trend

Man of many is known to spend countless hours researching to find the best gear for men looking on the net and beyond. They state that they are known to have one of the best jobs in the world but that there is one setback. Writing about the same stuff for them can get a little boring and they love to shake things up a little time to time. They state that it feels great to be able to give back to the fairer sex but more then anything love to be able to keep everybody happy. In 2006 two friends were talking over a glass of wine about how they were tired of not being able to find provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories. So they set out to bring a sense of sensuality into Australian bedrooms and thus Honey Birdette was born. Honey Birdette is able to guide you through everything you would need for the bedroom from high-end toys to carefully detailed lingerie. All of the Honey Birdette’s boutiques are known for their playfulnes, flirtyness and have champhange served to every guest. Their Honeys have the kind of exaggerated playfulness that alot of the fashion brands are lacking. Eloise Monaghan is the founder and Creative Director of Honey Birdette. Everything they create is designed in house at the Honey Birdettes headquarters also known as (Honey HQ). Honey Birdette finds a thrill with the development of every collection, each ranging from their softer textures to their hot n heavy textures. Regardless of the type of lingerie you are looking for Honey Birdette is there to please.

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Selling Gold: New Player In Town

U.S. Money Reserve is run by a former United States Mint Director, Philip Diehl was the 35th Director and built his career based on public service and financial freedom. Diehl is now able to continue his mission by serving as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve.

He brings experience and knowledge to the precious metals field and increases customer service expectations in a field overrun with low cost, low expectation business models. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority and the goal is to establish long-term relationships with all customers.

The U.S. Money Reserve was recently featured in the PR Newswire in an article highlighting the new and improved features of the online USMoneyReserve.com site. The site reflects the U.S. Money Reserve’s

Superior customer service and product knowledge, there is a significant increase in the coin photography on the new site which educates consumers and enhancing the buying experience of precious metals. The website allows the company to be completely responsive to their clients and offers the best product in the precious metals marketplace with their online store.

The U.S. Money Reserve has begun an online competitive marketplace so that there is truly competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion bars. One-on-one consultations, offline releases, assistance with purchasing and secure transaction processing has created a one stop website for those in the precious metals market.

The team at U.S. Money Reserve is knowledgeable and well trained in the unique field of precious metals. The professionals are skilled in coin research and have the market knowledge required to find products offering the highest progit potential for buyers at all levels of the precious metals marketplace.

They go well beyond the standards in the industry by providing an unsurpassed customer service experience that is intended to convert all customers into long-term relationships. The U.S. Money Reserve offers a full refund on orders at the current market rate for 30 days.

They also provide insured and expedited shipping. These are some of the main reasons why U.S. Money Reserve has begun exceeding customer expectations and gaining market share as they company continues to increase the capabilities of their offerings in both experience and technological advances.

Crunchbase said that The U.S. Money Reserve will be on many watch lists as they advance as the largest distributor gold, silver, and platinum products with increasing market share due to the technological capacities enabled by the new website launch.

Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/

Sawyer Howitt, the World’s Racquetball Icon

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneurial athlete whose primary emphasis is on racquetball. He has always admired to be racquetball player ever since he was a child. Sawyer Howitt lives in Portland. In the past, Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) worked for various companies including KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout. Having the knowledge and expertise in both the business industry and the sports sector, Howitt utilizes his business knowledge in the racquet court. This has contributed to Howitt’s recognition as a professional player. Sawyer Howitt is recognized by the U.S Racquetball Association due to his business knowledge in the profession.

The following are tips on ways of becoming a pro in racquetball just like Sawyer Howitt. It is important to note that the urge to become a professional in racquetball is amazing. You should first carry out research regarding the best path to follow. Most athletes do not carry out sufficient research before starting their profession. At the end of it all, their poor performance leads to quitting and disappointment.

If your urge of becoming a professional in racquetball is motivated by intrinsic desires, you have to work towards self-accomplishment. To become an expert in racquetball, you should also make a plan and be dedicated to it. A plan helps athletes maximize their performance in the long run. For excellent you athlete motivated to work harder and to push your limits. A coach will also help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths. In other circumstances, it is recommended to look for professional coaches in the local racquetball clubs who will help the athlete attain their goals.

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To improve your skills and become a professional racquetball player, you should not compromise on physical training. To attain the right physical shape, an athlete has to engage in the right and appropriate workouts. Afterwards, the athlete should make the racquetball skills better by carrying out consistent practice. During the practice session, you should stay focused to learn how to incorporate new skills learned into the routine. To attain professionalism in racquetball, the athlete has to look out for jobs and sponsors to fund his career.

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The World Event Awards Grants Omar Yunes the 2015 Award

Sushi Itto is a franchise owned by Omar Yunes. The franchise won the award for the best franchise in the world in December 2015 in Italy. Omar said in an interview with the entrepreneur that he is very proud of the award. He continued to note that his 400 employees in the 13 units he manages are the source of the success as they have allowed him to be innovative. Representatives from 34 countries attended the 2015 best franchise in the world. They came from Mexico, France, Italy and Brazil among others. The effect of the franchise was evaluated, and its impact on networking and contribution regarding employee motivation was among the key elements. According to Diego the organizer of BFW Mexico, Omar won the highest award as he was an important change factor in a franchising-franchisee relationship. Omar also won the first place in the national qualifier. He has concentrated more on implementing control boards that aid in enhancing clearer measurements of each unit. Benjamin Cancelmo, the COE of Sushi Itto, noted that they regard the awards as a manifestation of their joint effort in providing customers with excellent services and unique hospitability. The award was a strong indicator of the success the sector has gained internationally. It leaves behind the days when franchises in Mexico were considered regional events.
The BFW is a worldwide event that recognizes the effort of franchisee of different brands across the world. Selection is carried out in each country and brings together best franchisees. Omar was selected to represent Mexico with his franchise of Sushi Itto the case of the professionalization of the role of the franchisee. Also representing Mexico was Ivan tamer with the prendamex brand and the case of implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles.
About Omar Yunes
Omar is the leading Mexican franchisee innovator. He was recognized through the award of best franchise of the world in 2015. Yunes is known for his contributions to the brand he represents. He became the franchise of the Japanese food chain when he was 21 years old. He now owns 13 franchise units all located in Mexico. The franchise represents about 10% of the brand he owns.

Avaaz Is Uniting The World Towards More Awareness

Avaaz is an organization that helps to bring awareness to issues like climate change, animal rights, human rights, poverty, corruption, and conflicts. The name Avaaz comes from a Persian word that means “word” or “song”. Former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, Executive Director for MoveOn Eli Pariser, Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Australian entrepreneur David Madden, Purpose.com’s co founder Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse are the individual co-founders of Avaaz and have contributed to its creation and success.

One of their most well known stunts included a human handshake from the Dalai Llama to the doors of the Chinese Embassy in London encouraging dialogue and discussion. The World Health Organization was greeted by Avaaz carrying herds of cardboard pigs asking them to investigate further into the swine flu.

Avaaz has successfully raised money to help with multiple global issues, the civil uprising in Syria before the civil war began, smuggle healthcare needs into Syria as well as 24 journalists from around the globe. They also created a software during the 2016 election making it easier for overseas Americans to vote, hoping it would help turn the tides towards a different President Elect. Avaaz brings together practical idealists from all over the globe to come together and make our world a better place for our future generations. They produce technologies that simplify communication between nations to avoid exclusions.

Avaaz also works hard to help refugees that are in need of a home. They petition and call for more participation in helping refugees find solace in a safe place. They have also worked hard against Monsanto and what its doing to our environment and future.

Much of their support comes from online activism. Signing petitions, sending emails, obtaining letters, and being knowledgeable about what’s happening in our world. Avaaz refuses to sugar coat the hard truth and the reality for millions of people around the globe. The only way to produce positive and effective change is to actively participate in the change you hope for.

Why are Success Academy students so successful?

When it comes to New York-based Success Academy, one thing many people know about them is that their students tend to be very successful. So much so, most of their schools now test in the 90th percentile in a variety of subjects, and are out-testing students from much more affluent school districts.


How are Success Academy students so successful? What does the network do differently in their charter schools that other schools do not?


Success Academy students are taught to think — While many schools in New York teach by instruction, much of how Success Academy students learn is by doing.


That means, along with the 80 minutes or so of teacher instruction they get daily, Success Academy students also learn by collaboration with other students and by completing projects themselves.


The school places emphasis on reading, math and science, as well as on things like art, playing chess and learning about other cultures. All of this is taught to them in an environment that values critical thinking, and teaches students to think for themselves.


Parent involvement — Students are accepted into Success Academy schools every year via a lottery system. Any child can apply, and who is taken is then put down to chance, as this is seen as giving every child an equal opportunity for acceptance.


Once a child is accepted, the schools under Success Academy ask the parents to commit to being involved in their child’s education. That means they are tasked with ensuring homework gets done, that the child arrives at school on time every day, and that they read books to their children every night.


Parents are also expected to help with clubs, come to school functions and be willing to serve on things like the Parent Council or be a chaperone during a school field trip.


What all this parent involvement does is boost the child’s interest in learning, and give the parents even more investment in the school and in their child’s future.


This system is working so well, Success Academy now plans on expanding in New York City with more schools so they can reach even more children, and positively affect their education lives.



Equities First is Setting the Pace in the Alternative Loan Market in South Africa

Equities First Holdings is a financial services company that provides stock-based lending solutions to institutions and individual borrowers. The capital lender was established in Indiana in 2002. The company has steadily grown to a global presence including offices in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand and many other global offices.Equities First South Africa, the firm’s branch in South Africa, is setting the pace with alternative lending solutions in the country. Borrowers are increasingly looking for contemporary sources of funding that are quick, flexible and affordable. Equities First is a pioneer of stock loans in the South African loans market. The firm empowers investors with customized solutions that enable quick access to funds.

The process is simple and straightforward. Your stock portfolios are held as security for the loans provided. Once you present proof of ownership of the securities, an evaluation is carried out and a loan proposal drafted. Your collateral is held in a custodian account. The loan funds are then made available on the next day. The loan is charged a low, fixed interest rate.The disbursement of borrowed funds is quick. The securities are transferred back to the borrower one-time upon maturity of the transaction. The loan is protected from market volatility that may affect the value of the securities held as collateral. The securities held as collateral are kept in safe custody away from excessive or reckless trading and third parties.

Equities First provides a quick way to obtain non-purpose loans. It is an excellent option for institutions and individuals looking to avoid the red tape associated with traditional lenders. The loans are non-purpose and non-recourse. This means you are not required to declare the intended use of the funds. Additionally, the loan liability is limited to the value of the securities held as collateral without attracting penalties on default.

Source of the article : http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141102005020/en/Equities-Holdings-LLC-Continues-Growth-Acquires-Sydney-and-Perth-based

Jose Henrique Borghi; Taking the Advertising Industry By Storm

The success of any advertisement is solely dependent on the creativity and ability of the advert to capture prospective clients through addressing their needs and offering a workable solution, through the product being advertised. This has and continues to be the major driving force of the Brazilian advertising industry. Today, Brazil boasts of having the most creative advertising industry. This is evidenced by the numerous companies eg; American express, Honda, Unilever; outsourcing the expertise of Brazilian citizens.

José Henrique is one of those individuals solely responsible for the growth of the advertising industry in Brazil. Henrique graduated from PUC Campinas, started his career in 1989. Full of Business ideas while lacking financial muscle, Henrique sought employment and landed it at the Standard Ogivly where he worked in the capacity of an editor. Henrique met Erh Ray while working at the Talent & Leo, upon exposing ideas the brainchild of what is today known as the Borghierh advertising agency.

2006 was an iconic year for the advertising agency, having lacked financial help from credit giving institutions, Jose sought to bring in Lowe as a partner, thus creating Borghi Lowe. This partnership offered the much needed financial muscle, since then then the advertising agency grew like a wild fire, receiving numerous accolades.In a bid to conquer the global advertising industry, Borghi Lowe has recently partnered with Mullen and Lowe agency giving it new name Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi and Andre Lowe serve in the capacities of CEO’s in the company. Jose who is a firm believer in hard work has his sights set on making the advertising agency the best agency in the world.

The Leader in Stock-Based Loans, Equities First, is Offering Financial Business Help

Managing the finances of your small enterprise entails more than dealing with accounting records. There is the need of handling your business resources well to ensure that your firm manages costs and profits without compromising its key objectives. Dealing with funds affects the whole aspects of your business. Any company that seems to do well but without proper financial guidelines does not go far. In the current economic hardships, Equities First is one of the few experienced companies that will stand with your startup to the end.

Potential investors have the chance to borrow low interests stock-based loans to ensure that their business functions do not stall. After contacting us, we do the evaluation that will determine the right product for your business with most of our clients benefiting more from high LTV (Loan to Value) ratios and fixed & low-interest rates of between 3 to 4 percentages.After signing the agreement and the approval of the loans, a client’s security is shifted to the lender’s custodian account until the entire agreed amount is paid within a span of three years when collateral is transferred to client’s account. Equities First Holdings offers stock loans, applying delivery-versus-payment method- meaning that loan security and proceeds are shifted into the holding account concurrently.

Clients pay interest during the reimbursement period, and some of them benefit from the non-recourse feature where they walk away from repaying their loans and are not held responsible by the lender. Another great feature at Equities First is the non-purpose benefit that permits investors to use their borrowed loans according to their desire.For businesses that cannot manage their finances well, they fail to cater for business costs, thus influencing the entire firm’s operations. Currently, Equities First fills the gap that was left by many traditional lenders- by assisting SMEs to grow and at the same furnishing them with modern financial guidelines.

Source of the article : https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Equities-First-Holdings,-LLC-1

Bruce Bent II’s Influence On The Success Of The Money Market

Bruce Bent II is an entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge in the money market. He has experience in creating limited asset management, cash related results for broker-deal, financial institutions, certified plans, and the retail market. He is the reason for the success of various products in the technological development and for the growth of FDIC-insured programs. He holds over 60 patents. His inventions have helped to shape the outlook of the FDIC-insured cash management.

Bruce Bent II was the manager and Chief Executive Officer of The Reserve, which is a money market mutual fund and FDIC cash management company. The Reserve was one of the largest privately held money market companies, and also provided the second largest money market fund worldwide. He was responsible for it’s growth. He was mainly in charge of the orderly liquidation and acquisition of some of the company’s subsidiaries and partners. With Bent’s direction and guidance, he grew the products to a revenue of more than $133 billion, over a period of 17 years.

Bent became the Vice Chairman and President of the Double Rock Corporation, a financial services and technology institution. He serves as a senior executive to each of Double Rock’s six owned and subsidiary companies. The companies include Access Control Advantage LLC, a creator of the retirement market and Island Intellectual Property LLC, which involves patent licensing within the financial services market.

A well known figure, Bent has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the New York Times and many other publications. He previously had a column in the World Journal and China Press that discussed the subject of investing. Bent was featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs and on the back cover of The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice.

Bruce Bent II has had great success in his entrepreneurial journey. He is an active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. It is a peer network group that joins close to 10,000 young business professionals all over the world.

Bent obtained his B.S. in Philosophy from Northeastern University.